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This video, I show you how to earn $6,000 by just 
copy and pasting, which is one of the easiest ways   to make money online. How to do it? We’re about to 
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These people right here are making thousands upon   thousands of dollars in complete passive income. 
And today, I will show you how you can do the   same, how you can set up a passive income stream 
that will allow you to earn thousands of dollars   without having to invest hours and hours of 
your precious time and doing any hard work at   all.

Now just before we get to the exciting 
part, comment down below, I am from blank,   a.k.a. your country. In that way, I will know 
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a special bonus for you at the end of this video,   so make sure to stick around and keep 
watching all the way until the end.   With all of that said, let's now jump straight 
into the video so I can show you everything.  The main platform that we will be using today 
in order to make money online is actually going   to be Amazon.com, a site I reckon 90% 
of you watching have heard about before.   And as such, most of you will probably think that 
this involves selling something.

But let me make   it clear right away that that is not the case 
whatsoever, you will not be selling anything, and   you won't be doing dropshipping or whatever. You 
will see how we will be using Amazon to get paid   because I will explain everything to you in just 
a second. But first off, what you’ll need to do is   go over to Amazon's official website and create an 
absolutely free account. To do so, just hover your   mouse right up here where you’ll be able to see 
it says New Customer, and then click on the Start   Here button right next to it. That will then take 
you to this page where you’ll need to enter your   name and email address, create a password, retype 
that same password, and just click on Create your   Amazon account. Now that you have your Amazon 
account, let me explain how and why we will be   using Amazon in order to make money. The way we 
will be making money is through Amazon Kindle.   For those of you who don't know, on Amazon Kindle, 
people are selling various eBooks and making   mind-blowing amounts of money in the process. 
For example, this eBook is selling for $15   and has had over 6,000 reviews, meaning that at 
least a minimum of 6,000 purchases have been made.   And so if you do the math that's like $90,000 made 
which is just crazy.

And do keep in mind that this   is far from the only eBook that has made that much 
money. There are many more eBooks with similar   numbers. This one right here is selling for $12 
and has had over 31,000 reviews. In other words,   we're talking about $372,000 made at bare 
minimum, even more than the previous example.   Here's another one I found, it cost $10, and has 
had over 5,000 reviews.

So we're talking about   $50,000 made at bare minimum, which is once again, 
a lot of money. There are tons of examples I can   go over here, but I think you get the point. By 
selling eBooks, you can make outright ridiculous   amounts of money on Amazon. Furthermore, 
the sheer popularity of Amazon as well,   will allow you to make a lot of money selling 
those eBooks. Take a look at this, Amazon is   being visited by not hundreds of thousands or 
millions, but literally billions of people per   month. More specifically, around 2.7 billion or 
so visited Amazon in the past month. It's one of   the most popular platforms today by far, with 
only a handful of websites having more visits.   In any case, the point is that this has a huge 

There's a lot of money to be made   by selling those eBooks on Amazon simply because 
it's so popular. And another great thing is that   once you upload that eBook on Amazon, it stays 
there forever, and Amazon will promote it for you   and get customers to purchase it. You won't have 
to advertise yourself anywhere. As such, you don't   need a social media presence either. Once you 
upload the eBook, your work is basically done.   However, if you were to sell eBooks, you would 
need to be a writer which of course requires a set   of skills, right? Well, you actually don't, this 
is because I will show you in this video a website   that will allow you to grab finished and done for 
you eBooks that you will then be able to sell on   Amazon Kindle to make a ton of money without 
lifting a finger.

So make sure you keep watching.   Before we get to that platform though, there is 
one last thing you will need to do. And that is   to go over to KDP.Amazon.com and then click on the 
Sign In button right here so that you can actually   publish your eBooks. And by the way, down here 
you can see further benefits of selling eBooks   on Amazon. For starters, it takes literally five 
minutes to publish an eBook on Amazon. So it will   basically be published instantly. And as you can 
see below, you will retain 70% of the profit if   the person who purchased the eBook is from the US, 
Canada, UK, Germany, India, France, Italy, Spain,   Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, and many more 
that are not listed.

And for those wondering, this   indeed is available worldwide, there's no place 
where Amazon is not available, that's for sure.  But real quick, if you guys are enjoying 
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you guys exactly how to make even more money   online doing basic stuff like this in the comfort 
of your home. Now let's get back to the video.  With all of that said and done, now that 
you've seen how much potential this has and   how much money everyday people are making 
selling those eBooks, it's finally time   for me to show you the platform I was talking 
about from the very beginning of this video,   a platform where you can get done for you eBooks 
that you can then sell for a big profit.

That   site is called PLReBookClub.com. This is a site 
where you can find over 21,000 digital products,   as you can see right here, but more importantly 
for us, with private label rights eBooks,   a.k.a. PLR eBooks, you have the ability to add 
yourself as the author if you wish, and sell them.   So as you just heard, on this platform you can do 
basically whatever you want to with the eBooks,   you can claim you're the author and indeed sell 
them on Amazon to make thousands of dollars   even though you haven't written the actual 
eBooks yourself. Moreover, as you can see here,   there are over 400 niches, meaning that you can 
find an eBook related to just about anything   that you think would sell best, whether it's 
weight loss and fitness, gaming, or whatever,   you will be able to find it on this site.

To be 
able to grab an eBook on this site, what you will   need to do is click on Get started Today right up 
here, and that will then bring you to this page   where you can see that you need to invest $15 a 
month to be able to download 20 eBooks a month.   Now, before you click off this video, I 
want you to think about that for a second.   You've seen previously that a single 
eBook can make you literally over $50,000.   So when you think about it, being able to sell 20 
eBooks per month doesn't sound that bad now does   it? Moreover, there's a big reason why I'm showing 
you this site despite the fact that it isn't free.   And that reason is that this platform has unique 
eBooks that you can't find anywhere else online.   If you were to use some other PLR websites that 
offers you eBooks for free, you would find that   you cannot sell them on Amazon because they have 
been used so many times before.

Thus, you can’t   earn any money selling them. But by using eBooks 
from this site, you can actually make a lot of   money because they are as I said, unique, and 
you don't have to do anything whatsoever once you   download them and upload them into Amazon. Lastly, 
you can see that they offer you 60-days Money Back   Guarantee. So this essentially removes all of 
the risks for you.

If you don't like the site   or whatever, you can just ask for a refund, and 
that's it, you stand to lose nothing in the end.   In case some of you still want a free website, 
what I would recommend you do is search for PLR   eBooks on Google and then use some of these that 
you find even though they are overused as I said,   but you can sometimes find newer ones that 
you can use for free and sell on Amazon to   make some decent amounts of money passively. 
And that wraps it up.

And now if you want to   earn even more money, check the first link in the 
video description below, to discover how I earned   $1,082.56 in just 24 hours using only 1 app, which 
anyone, even without previous experience can do.   Yes, it’s possible and I’ll show you exactly how 
to do it in that video right there, check it out.  Thank you so much for watching and be sure to 
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always, I will see you in some of the next videos.

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