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Out of all the online gigs from which you can earn money did you know that you can earn money by just doing Google searches or Facebook searches? So this is what we'll be talking about today. Hello everyone! My name is Mimi and welcome to my home-based story where we always share new videos regarding work from home. So if you're new to this channel, please consider subscribing. So guys what do you do when you encounter terms that are unfamiliar to you? Because I always go for the GMG Google It Girl Usually, guys, Google's search algorithm is very smart, it offers you what you're looking for. It offers you tons of information.

But there are some that are not useful for the researcher. Their system still has to learn how to properly filter the search results. That's when there's human intervention. So the human filter is when a person filters search results. This person is called search engine evaluator. What you'll do as an evaluator, as a rater, is rate search results. If it's accurate, if it's useful, is the research thrust-worthy using those keywords? This is what we'll be talking about today. What are the requirements to enter this kind of job? What are the websites? Today I'll not share only one website but more.

Which are the websites where you can become a search engine evaluator? And I'll also share how much money you can make. So stay with me until the very end of our video. By the way guys, if you're looking to build a career online in the creative, like the on-demand graphic design or learn how to create powerful visuals for social media marketing you should check out Skillshare. Skillshare is an online learning community that offers membership with meaning. I have been with Skillshare for a while now and they had been my go-to when it comes to freelancing classes. I especially like this class about freelancing for creatives where they share the whole process from setting expectations, building portfolios, pricing your work and even managing your cashflow. Skillshare is also incredibly affordable compared to pricey in-person classes and workshops. An annual subscription is only less than $10 per month. Get 2 free months of premium membership, by just clicking the link in the description box and pinned comment down below. Make sure you grab this opportunity to explore new skills, deepen your passions and explore your creativity with Skillshare's online classes.

What you find might just surprise and inspire you. Okay guys, back to our topic, which is being a search engine evaluator. How you'll be basically called is rater. The only requirements here are that you have to be at least 18 years old, because your salary will be sent to your PayPal. And of course, you need to have access to high-speed internet. You need to have a smart phone. Because that's where you'd be working from and it's a plus if you have a laptop or desktop. You need to have an active email, preferably Gmail since it's Google. You may also be required to have a Facebook and Twitter account. Don't worry because it's easy setting up a professional Facebook profile and Twitter profile, right guys? It is free, you don't have to pay anything. Same with the email. It's preferable to have at least a high school diploma. But they are not gonna check it. It's non-voice so it's fine as long as you understand English because the instructions would be in English. That's that. You need to prepare your resume because that's where they'll base the skills that you'll need in this kind of job.

Let's talk about the hours. It depends on the platform that you'll choose. They have minimum required hours. So before we go into that, I'm going to share with you the platforms where you can apply to to be a search engine evaluator. Number 1 is Appen, which I already shared about in my previous videos. It offers a lot of different types of jobs and one of them is being a search engine evaluator. Another one is Lionbridge. So very similar to Appen. based on your country, they will show you the available jobs. I already tried applying at Lionbridge but I still can't talk about them because I'm still waiting for their response. Whether I passed or not. So to have more complete details I'm saving it for another video. Stay tuned for it. And the third one is Raterlabs. Raterlabs is like a subsidiary of Appen. So when you go to their website you'll also see the available openings of Appen. And the last one is WorkMarket.

WorkMarket is similar to Appen and Lionbridge. Actually, when you visit the website, you'll see that most of them are Lionbridge's openings. They can source jobs from other different portals. So there you go. All of them pay through PayPal. Based on the portal you'll apply to the requirements differ. But for the ones I previously mentioned they generally require what I said. For the application process, they are all similar. You'll go to that portal, click on "apply", fill in your information, then you'll submit a resume some of them make you do short quizzes so you need to answer those to be qualified for the tasks. It's that easy. They'll then email you if you can start working. How is work? You won't find anything online, with exact screenshots, because there's a privacy and confidentiality clause. That prohibits you from sharing online. They might sue us. So I'm going to share with you the process. They'll send you a query and with that query, you'll run a search, and once you get the search results you will rate if those websites links are useful, trust-worthy or accurate based on the search results.

That's how easy it is guys. The only challenge, based on what I've read on Glassdoor, Reddit and those who reviewed about it on YouTube is that there are websites that are in the grey area, they're not that useful but neither irrelevant. So it's up to you as a rater on what to do with the results. Most of the people who got in say that it's really easy and the pay is good for an easy job.

Of course guys this is work so you can't underestimate it, okay? Let's talk about the salary. It depends again on what portal among the four I mentioned before you're going to choose. Your hourly rate can go from $6 to $20. So it depends on the challenge or the skill requirement of your judgment in rating because some make you rate Facebook ads or search engine results. So it depends on what you'll rate and the required minimum ratings. That will be your salary. So that's its range. What are the pros and cons of this kind of work? Pros, the salary is high for a simple job. You can work from home and you will earn dollars. You can do this sitting on your sofa and still earn dollars. What are the cons? What's not good about it is – based on people's reviews who worked there – the work's stream is not always steady. If the work is irregular so is the pay. And like most of the other work from home, this doesn't have any benefits.

Other than the pay on the work you've done. You need to provide for yourselves. My conclusion is that this is a good side income job. And although it's a good side income job I recommend you another job with a verbal or written contract. Because that'll help you on surviving to work from home. The income's regular and you have paid vacation leaves, you can ask benefits from your client And one of my top recommendations for these stable online jobs is being a virtual assistant which we'll cover more on our upcoming videos.

So hopefully you'll stay tuned for it. I'll make an updated video on how to be a virtual assistant this 2020. So there you go guys! Hopefully, you learned something from today's video. I'll link all the portals' websites in the description box and pinned comment down below. If you've enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs up. And I will see you again in our next video. Thanks for watching! Bye-bye!.

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