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in the next couple of minutes i will show you 
step by step from scratch how you can make your   first four or five hundred dollars in the next 27 
days this video is a challenge not only for you   also for me maybe this video is one of the best 
videos i have ever published here on my channel   what i will show you works from any country 
worldwide you don't need a website you don't   need audience we'll start from scratch and what's 
really awesome it is totally free all the tools   you are going to use are totally free so you 
don't have any excuse if you are ready let's start hi everyone i'm hassan from hdk and today i'm so 
happy to publish this new awesome video if it's   your first time here on my channel here i publish 
videos about digital marketing online business   real case studies i think you'll love my content 
so don't forget like the video subscribe and let's   start together without wasting any single second 
so i don't want to explain concepts let's go like   to my screen and start implementing our strategy 
today open your web browser and go to system dot   i o you'll find the link in description below 
anyway why i chose this application this service   because simply it's free forever and no credit 
card required so you don't have any excuse to   start just go and sign up now in my case i have an 
account because i already started the strategy so   i will log in to my account you can see i have 
some data here because i started two days ago with   this strategy i am sharing with you a real live 
case study real data real strategy i am testing   and i am challenging myself with you in this 
strategy so what is system i o it is simply a   marketing automation system you can do everything 
in one place email marketing building sales   funnels managing your contacts automations even 
building blogs selling products building courses   it's really an awesome service i tested it last 
week it's really awesome it's totally free just   sign up here and go to funnels so now we did the 
first step we have now a free account in system   dot i o the second step is to pick your niche 
and what niche you are going to work what is your   topic about in my case i chose digital marketing 
online business affiliate marketing it's my niche   it is my world in your case you can pick whatever 
you want or simply follow up with me in the same   niche it's up to you so what i did is i created 
this small pdf the affiliate marketer toolkit   please don't tell me i don't know how to write 
and so on you will not write anything you will see   now how easy is to build something like this it 
is like 18 pages showing some tools and services   that helps affiliate marketers so the second step 
is you have to build a toolkit like this one now   in my case i use simply powerpoint you can use 
powerpoint also you can see it's in powerpoint   here i just created this small affiliate marketing 
toolkit so what is a toolkit it's not an ebook   we're not explaining anything here we just share 
tools for affiliate marketers in my case tools   for digital marketers tools for wordpress tools 
for online marketers tools for email marketing   resources for health and fitness resources and 
tools for financial services and so on so whatever   your niche is you have to build a small 
toolkit like this collect tools in your niche   and create a small toolkit like this one you can 
see like this service here link dot me then cb   snooper for clickbank then we have analyzer then 
we have canva then we have grammarly all these   are services and tools that help affiliate 
marketers to manage their business and get   more sales like constant contact like bluehost all 
these are services that help affiliate marketers   so you are going to create a toolkit like this 
one how to do this to make things easy for you   just go to google and search as an 
example for wordpress tool kit let's go   this one wordpress toolkit let's say here 
affiliate marketer toolkit let's see this one   let's say this one let's say this one we will have 
a lot of articles online sharing tools resources   for a specific niche or topic like in this 
case about wordpress toolkit you will see here   these are the tools that are mentioned and helps 
people who are working with wordpress you can just   copy the same tools the same kits the same thing 
and create a pdf or a powerpoint uh throughout   these articles like this for affiliate marketers i 
use these articles to build my kit i use them you   can see here flip pasteur sales semrush each all 
these are tools that will help affiliate marketers   you can see other websites so you collect tools 
and resources in a certain niche and you create   this small affiliate or this toolkit in my case 
it's affiliate as i told you it's up to you you   can follow up with me and create an affiliate 
marketing toolkit or simply go with your niche   it depends if you have a business if you are a 
newbie i don't know it depends it's up to you just   create a toolkit in a specific niche but after 
you create this toolkit you have to be careful   what you are going to do is to fill this 
toolkit with links like in my case let's say   here we have a grammarly this tool will help you 
by creating or writing emails writing blog posts   it will help any affiliate marketer if you hover 
over this link you will see it is my own short   link h dash y dot me if you are following you know 
these are my links for my business again here is   my link all these are affiliate links so you will 
fill this toolkit with affiliate links maybe links   to your website if you have one the idea is to 
fill it with links especially affiliate links and   to track these links and to track these links 
it's better to use a link shortener now in my case   if you are following me you know i use my own 
shortener it's called link dot me now link dot   me it's not free as an alternative you can use 
simply bitly which is a free link shorter service   you just need to shorten your links so you can 
track them in my case you can see here all these   affiliate kit affiliate kit affiliate kit all 
these are short links to track the links inside   this pdf or this affiliate toolkit we got 
the idea so you create a toolkit fill it with   links with affiliate links till now i think the 
idea is somehow simple we created a small ebook   we signed up for simple i o we filled up with 
affiliate links and now we are ready to start   scaling and promoting and building our money 
making machine our automated business now before   we continue you may ask me from where i will get 
the affiliate links i'm a beginner i don't have   any affiliate link till now i explained this in 
detail on my channel but it's enough to watch   three videos in my channel i published maybe 
two of them last week you can see this one   best affiliate marketing programs for beginners 
i showed you some programs that are the best   programs for beginners doesn't require approvals 
you can sign up and get the links directly   or simply add up ten dollars per sign 
up with these seven affiliate links   or the seven affiliate marketing programs watch 
it and then go down and watch this video how   i do affiliate marketing my strategies it will 
help you a lot to understand how to get affiliate   links how to track them and much much more these 
three videos are enough for you to understand   how to do affiliate marketing of course i have 
a lot of case studies here and video tutorials   you can watch them if you want to learn more 
about affiliate marketing and see real case   studies and real case scenarios anyway we have 
now the kit the pdf and this is our account in   system io so what i did please from now on you 
have to focus very well because i'm going to show   you is very important stop before we continue 
i have a small giveaway for you as i mentioned   link.me is not free it costs around 99 lifetime 
access in this video i will give three of you   full access to link dot me if you are interested 
just comment below that you are in this giveaway   not only that in this video we have other 
interesting giveaway so stay tuned and keep   watching and please do me a favor if you find this 
video helpful till now you learn something new   anything just smash the like button this will help 
me grow my channel and reach more people worldwide   let's continue what you will do here is to create 
a new funnel the funnest section click on create   and then click on build an audience and let's name 
it toolkit anything you can name it toolkit funnel   say build an audience create 
and now we have the funnel   we have the squeeze page which is the main landing 
page where people can enter their emails and get   the affiliate toolkit or the toolkit you have 
and then the thank you page very nice so here   you can simply pick a template we have a lot of 
templates i use this one click on select this one   simple and here you can click on edit page we will 
have the editor here you can change this book page   in my case i added this page here you will see now 
in a little bit enter just change this title and   keep everything like this that's enough then what 
you are going to do is to go to automation rules   here let me show you my funnel that will make 
things easier for you let's go to funnels back   here this is my affiliate funnel case study that 
i started two days ago you can see let's open it   this is my toolkit and this is the opt-in 
box here okay so when someone clicks let's   go to automation rules when someone subscribes to 
this form what will happen is i will tag him with   affiliate marketers tag then i will send him an 
email to download the affiliate toolkit super easy   so if you go into contacts contacts you will see 
that those emails here are tagged with affiliate   marketers so i can categorize my contacts my email 
list let's go back to funnels again to my funnel   then after that they will go to the thank you page 
the thank you page automation rules i simply say   subscribe this person this contact the affiliate 
marketers campaign you will see how this is very   important right now because if we go back here 
to emails campaigns you will see i created also   a campaign if you i open it you will see 
i have eight emails inside it and i got   and i sent the first email i got only to 
open five percent open rate it's okay so   you will also create a campaign a series of 
emails that you will send to your contacts   to anyone who is subscribing so how to 
do this simply go to campaigns again   create say testcamp now anything save campaign 
then open this test campaign and add an email you   can use the classic editor or the visual editor 
to create an email at the subject line whatever   you want let's say like this create and you can 
edit the email like this at whatever you want   in the email save changes now we will have in the 
campaign section test campaign we have this email   then another email and so on till you build a 
list of emails that will be sent to your contacts   automatically like every other day as you can see 
here in my campaigns and my affiliate marketers   canvas that i launched i have around eight emails 
that will be sent every two days and in each email   i have links to affiliate mark products to 
my web pages to my products to anything you   want or simply can just give value give value to 
build trust with your audience with your contact   list remember that till now i have around 100 
let's say let's see how much i got in the stats i   have around 145 opt-ins so in the last two days in 
the last 48 hours i built my email list with 145   emails the conversion rate was around 25 
not bad so i think now you got the idea   how to build this system so to sum things up you 
build a toolkit field of tools and affiliate links   you go to customer io you sign up you build a 
funnel with an opt-in page to collect emails   and then you build a campaign to send emails 
to your contacts to build trust and relation   with your new contacts and you keep going to build 
your email list in this way you are promoting the   toolkit giving value and promoting the affiliate 
links inside a toolkit and inside the image you   are sending but not directly always make sure to 
take them to a landing page that you can build   inside system io or simply what's nice you can 
create a small blog here inside system.io create   a blog look at this view blog you can create 
a small blog and send your users also to your   small blog insights with io it's totally free 
can do everything for free just think about it   be somehow creative and apply this awesome 
strategy now the main problem of course   the main question you will ask now okay this is 
my landing page how i got traffic to this landing   page how i get people to see this page to get 
their emails and build the email list to answer   this question let's explain the strategy why i 
said 27 days because simply i gave you seven days   to understand strategy to implement it set 
up your system to create the landing pages   to shorten the link to sign up to affiliate links 
and so on you don't need more than seven days   after you build the system and you have this 
system ready automated you just need to get   traffic to this link here from now on the second 
20 days is about only getting traffic you just   work every day for two hours to get a traffic 
how to get traffic i always repeat the same   in every video everyone is asking about traffic 
and in my channel here i have a full free course   about traffic please go and watch it it is a full 
free course showing all my strategies you can see   here how to get traffic to your website 2021 all 
my methods explained in 30 minutes everything   you have to know about getting traffic is in 
this video you also have another video here   you can watch it how to increase website traffic 
in one week i explained everything please go and   learn watch and learn just somehow some discipline 
just try to learn negate some time to learn   ask me join our telegram group ask me i'm active 
almost every day ask questions i will try my best   to help you comment below i will try my best to 
answer your questions let's just do some work   stop again it's time for the second giveaway 
in this video to help you i will pick also   three people who are interested and i will give 
them a free promotion you know i have this service   promoting any business with cpm based banner ads 
i will give it for three people in this giveaway   interested comment below again don't forget if you 
like to help me help my channel grow more help me   reach more people help more people just smash the 
like button subscribe and turn on notifications   to get every new update so the next 20 days about 
getting traffic you can go with only three methods   or you can pay for traffic if you want 
like in my case like yesterday i tested   yuri me solo ads i ordered two solo ads from 
these two sellers i got around 300 or 570 clicks   because in this challenge i don't want to use my 
audience i don't want to use my website i want to   get traffic from outside my audience from outside 
my website so from now on i will try my best to   get traffic from pinterest from cora and and 
all the other traffic sources and you will see   the next week then we two weeks later till we 
reach 27 days how much i will earn from this   strategy i will share with you all the results on 
my telegram channel week by week so if you want to   follow up you can join our telegram channel i hope 
you enjoyed this video i know it's somehow fast   i try my best not to make it boring i hope you 
got the idea again if you have any questions   anything you want i will be waiting for you in 
the comment section below or on the telegram   group don't forget if you got some benefit hit 
the like button this will help my channel grow   and don't forget to subscribe to get every new 
update almost every other day see you later you

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