Earn $400.00 With Just 1 Click! [Make Money Online]

Earn $400 with just one single click.
What's going on everyone Attan here and that's exactly what we are going to have
a look at in today's video how you can earn four hundred dollars in one single
click. To find out all the details all you have to do is stay with me but first
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all right before we dive into this opportunity here today this is going to
be a quick one so make sure you watch the whole video here so you don't miss
out on any important information and if you're interested in making a full time
passive income online build real sustainable online business
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end of this video of course but for now let's have a look at this opportunity
which is another great way to make money online let's get started alright so the
site that we are going to have a look at here is a snap wire you find it on snap
WI dot or e actually and by having a closer look here first you can see that
it says your visual custom content machine snap wires custom content
platform makes it easy to get the unique photos and videos you need big or small
snap wire has the platform to create quality visual on your terms so
basically there is companies there are agencies that are coming here the search
for custom content custom photos and that is where you can come in here and
make the money of course so let's have a closer look first here at a detail as
you can see that it is a global reach it's a cost effective on brand for
agencies as I said earlier here for enterprises for brands
all the content you need in one place localized marketing is of course a key
driver so that is why this is a great worldwide opportunity actually so you
can see here 30% increase in conversion rate from custom content is where they
tell you that the custom content is definitely much better than just using
some royalty-free in overall general picture or something like that
trusted by brands everywhere you can see that it is trusted by really big
companies here over 54,000 plus successful assignments and Counting so
we are interested actually in the shooter's section ok so let's go first
to they'll learn more here all right so earn money with your shots showcase you
unique style to buyers around the world you can see here shooter on you take on
snap why challenge read the creative brief and submit your best shots
favorites or nominated and the best ones are both you get access if buyers
nominate your work you'll you level up so if there is some levels here actually
we're going to have a look at that these earns you access to live by requests and
commissions assignments and of course you build your portfolios or your best
shots you can also be selected to move into the marketplace making it available
for their buyers here to purchase directly so the next sections would be
the payouts there is a section about the leveling let's have a look at the
payouts first you can see here as a snap wire creator you will earn income each
time one of your approved shots is downloaded so you keep 100% on custom
requests and challenges and 50% on subscriptions now I'm not going to go
into details here because you can have a look at this for yourself actually
there's no need for me to just read through everything and there is the
leveling section also here so you can see here quality control levels levels
to and creativity a passion to livelihood and it explains
everything on how the levels works and how you can earn these points here so as
I said earlier have a look at it for yourself actually no need for me to just
read through and go ahead now basically this is available here you can see on
the App Store and Google Play so we can have a look at it on Google Play here
so snap wire is a platform that connects a new generation of photographers with
brands and businesses around the world photographers get access to real-time
paid for the requests and challenges photographers can also sell photos
directly from their own portfolios in a growing stock photo marketplace snap
wire is your home for selling all your creative photography alright so here
also they explain actually it has been proven to boost engagement and increase
conversion so your best authentic photos are in high demand ok exactly as we have
had a look at earlier here by having a look at the screenshot look at this you
can see here you basically participate in the challenge here and this has been
paid out four hundred dollars look at this mom and child with grocery bags in
kitchen four hundred dollars okay the next one here is two hundred and fifty
so you can clearly see that they do have paid out pretty good amounts look at
this holiday season three hundred dollars okay this challenge is about the
holiday season the best photo gets three hundred dollars and the most creative
and so on here so I mean there is tons of ways and opportunities here it's all
about just taking pictures here with one single click and you can make this
amount and even more there now of course you probably won't make money with all
the challenges for sure because not everyone wants all your photos there but
it's definitely a good way to actually upload from your gallery
of course if you have photos just upload them it doesn't cost you anything it
will only take your time you can see here submit folders from your gallery
camera or cloud and you will have a chance because when someone needs that
photo you can make money on it of course if you win the challenge you will make
even more money so as I said earlier here
this is not something that you can rely on probably and make a passive income
online a full passive income online build a real sustainable online business
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