Earn 33.29$ Per Post – The Easiest Way To Make Money Online With Instagram.

If you publish a story you will earn $ 7 If you post a photo, you will earn 18 dollars if you post a video .. 33 dollars In this video the easiest way to make money online With Instagram, stay with us You don't need a website You don't need to sell any products, and you don't need to make a video And the camera is turned on, it works from any country Only with your Instagram mobile phone you can make money online on this Video You have no excuse to start working with your phone I'm Hassan from H-educate and it's very cold here So let's start directly with our topic, and don't waste any more time but please don't forget if you are Would you like to watch more videos like this about Digital Marketing Online Internet business, and make money online Please do not forget to subscribe Now in my channel and turn on the Notifications button To get almost every new update every day Let's start our work right away, now you know me, frankness She is the main rule in my channel, to make money On Instagram, it's not that easy I explained in the introduction only once you post, you need to do some work But I'm sure that's the way I'll show you In this video, one of the easiest ways anyone can do it All you need is your mobile phone just my instagram so please Go on, I'll explain everything how it works How to get started and I'll share some with you Free tools I developed for you to grow on Instagram.

So please don't miss a minute, this video may actually change your phone Change your Instagram account into a money-making machine Let's start, I guess everybody here has an Instagram account If you do not have an account, you can just go to instagram.com Create an account it's free is very simple, here is my Instagram account It opens to my desktop, my browser and you can see that I have 1,200 followers So the idea here is about this video She is creating an Instagram account to get some followers like 1000 followers And you have good interaction with your posts in your account Then you can simply advertise to other people like posting In a post, sponsored photos on your personal account So in this case you just post a picture and you You earn money, post a video and you earn money, as simple as that The first step here in this strategy is building up.

Instagram account GBD, this is what I will share with you right now In detail how to create an instagram account how to create Publications easily and for free, then how to find others To publicize them and how to know the value of your personal Instagram account So that you can sue people with it, so I'll explain everything, this video Really very exciting, so this is my profile and whoever These posts that I post on my personal account get at least a Around 40% or 30% of the interaction, so at least 300 or 400 people Out of 1200, so I think that's a very good engagement rate, so how do you create posts like this Which gives you a high engagement rate.

Let's see together, let's say I want to create such a post It's a little quote with a background image, now you might tell me I don't know Which metrics I don't want to search and find, whatever I don't know how to get free photos, don't worry I'll show you how to create these posts now in a minute What you will do is simply go to canva.com Now it's completely free and you don't need any prior subscription All that will be explained is free, go here to create a design and click On Instagram posts it will give you the optimum or better size for instagram For an Instagram post, what you'll simply do here Go to pictures and choose a free picture you can see Here is my free photo, I'll put it in, right click on it and click on select image As wallpaper, incidentally canva has a Mobile app you can do all this on the phone, so just add this wallpaper Very simple with one click, now that you might tell me where I can get these quotes, by the way the quotes you see here I write them, but I don't need to think And looking a lot, I'll now give you a free site L Get possibly hundreds of thousands of free quotes to create In your personal account so let's open a new tab and open a website called brainyquote.com That is, by the way all the links are in the description below So don't worry about the link, it's brainyquote.com You will find a lot of quotes here, let's say you want to add a motivational quote Open this and now you can see that we have a lot more Motivational quotes here, we can just copy and paste it, to say I want to have this, just open it, and by the way, you can too Create it here in brainyquote, it also gives you a free photo But we'll be using Canva because I think it's more professional So just copy it, like this, copy, go to canva and ctrl + v To paste it, in this way let's change the font we make For example 71, put it here and let's change it Font type and set for this example or this one Very nice, that's how I finished the picture You can resize it like this, if you go over here you can see Love icon or Like icon Go to the elements, I will say love anything You get it here, and it resizes like this And here we are, we have the post, we have the photo For posting on our personal account.

Simply press to download the image Download and post on your personal account, what you will do Posting at least three to four or five times a day In your personal account, something people love to get Some interaction in your personal account to get a higher engagement rate So later when you want to post a teaser image The price will be higher and you can earn more money If you have higher interaction in your personal account Now you have your Instagram account and learned how to create Instagram posts very easily with Canva and brainyquotes and by the way If you have some ideas you can use them, and you can use whatever you want Just make sure to post three, four or five times each day To get higher engagement in your personal Instagram account Now we have a personal account, we have a post and it's starting to post Now the main question is how to grow your Instagram account How to get at least a thousand followers so you can get like ten Dollars or twenty dollars for each post in your personal account Go to my youtube channel then go to videos Here you will find this video Which shows how she got 920 followers on Instagram in just 13 days If you want you can watch this video To take some ideas but generally two major bases for growing your personal account at Instagram has two main rules to keep in mind, number one You should post on a daily basis, be persistent I post on a daily basis, and add Add appropriate hashtags, now when you post to Instagram Let's say I want to post something I'll add photos of anything now Just to show you this, let's say I'm posting Go to downloads, this post, we click next here, you can add hashtags You can see measurements like or whatever And when you write on Instagram, he'll give you some Related hashtags and suggestions will be presented to you How many posts are in each hashtag so you can see here with us This hashtag has 117 million posts, so it is very difficult to get promoted on this hashtag You have to somehow get a less competitive hashtag To help you, I've created a free tool that gives you a big list From hashtags with post numbers so you can choose Best for your account as a beginner to get started To upgrade the account on hashtag easy In the description below, you will find a link to download my free tool, I will open it now To show you how it works.

Please focus well It is very important to follow up with me, after downloading the tool You will have these files, just open, you don't need Install anything, just open the app, and you will find it This simple application, what you will do is simple Let's say you want to post about quotes, so say Measurements and hit On a search and you can see in approximately two seconds it will give you A large list of hashtags, simply describe them by post or sort by post Download and search for hashtags with fewer posts You can see here like 200,000 posts we have 1 billion or 11 A billion I don't know how much it is, it's a big number, so use this free app For a list of hashtags, let's say you want to search For example, anything about dogs, click Search And again it will give you a complete list of hashtags About dogs, sort, and get the fewest posts on hashtags for you to use In your posts, find whatever you want in my case Maybe I'm looking for digital marketing, for email marketing, for business online It depends on your needs, but if you have a personal account, generally about For quotes or anything you can search for quotes Find whatever you want, but as a little advice too go be Specific, choose a major, target topic, so when You want to publicize for someone, you will have a targeted need Where would people want to advertise their photos and videos in your personal account? So get the hashtag list, using my free simple hashtag tool Now that's an important little point that you need to know Sometimes this tool does not operate directly with this button This search button gives you an error as an example If you click on search now occasionally, it gives you this Wrong, something went wrong, don't worry just go here Get extract from json and enter the keyword here again as an example Dogs, dogs and copy this url Step 2 Copy it Open your browser Just paste the url here is very simple Then copy this response here ctrl + c and copy all data Then paste it in the output section here And click read hashtags, the same process will read everything Sometimes he somehow has an authentication issue with Instagram So you can fix this using this manual method, however, it is Very simple to use and will give you A complete list of hashtags.

You can also export to CSV And put it on your computer so that you can create it A library of hashtags using this app so you can use them anytime you want So just go to the bottom, to download the app From the description below and use it to create a list of hashtags to use In your personal account, so this is how to get started on Instagram creating a profile Create posts with Canva completely free, using brainyquotes Get some quotes if you don't have any idea This will directly give you some quotes to post on your personal account Watch my video on growing up in Instagram And you can watch more videos about Growing up on Instagram I'm really honest with you that I'm not With that Instagram experience, but I am sharing my knowledge You can watch other videos, you can watch maybe any course you want Just increase the number of followers of your personal Instagram account to reach at least 1000 followers Specific competence and somehow get a high engagement rate Now that you do this it probably takes you like Two weeks Three weeks Four weeks It depends on your business And by the way, it doesn't take more than three minutes a day so please Just give it a try, just try to do this, then you'll be taken to a site called socialbluebook.com Check Your Value So Post Registered And link your platform as an example here to my Facebook page A custom post costs only twenty dollars, based on your personal account This is my youtube channel, you can see I can post a video and earn up to $ 1,300 For every video this, because my channel has it Somehow a bigger audience and a higher engagement rate This is my personal Instagram account I have 1200 followers I have 7.6% engagement, and I have nearly 92 likes for every post So my suggested price for 1 post is $ 33, per video Per image is $ 18, so you can see that it is somehow simple to get started Do these actions online using only your Instagram account On the phone, so I think the idea is clear Almost everything you need to know, now is the last question you might ask.

How do I find ads, how do I find people They want to post on my profile, before I tell you This, just an important point not conveyed Your personal Instagram account into an ad directory or simply an account Full of ads, no, don't post someone else's story or photo every day No, keep things natural, make people love Your content, you can do this maybe once a week, maybe twice a week Maybe three times a week but not every day or every other day A few posts, just make things real and keep people engaged On your personal account, at a later time when you grow more and more And you have more followers, the more you can earn Just one post as you can see on my channel I can make a thousand dollars with just one video Now how can we find someone who might be interested in posting on our personal account How can we communicate with others Let's see together Number one is something you can do, you can reach out to people and ask them if they are They want to advertise something on your personal account, how using two main methods By using cold mail you can call the mail Of targeted people as I have explained in my other videos Or, you can just contact us on Instagram So you can simply search for people in your specialty And ask them if they would be interested in posting to your personal account Promoting something in your personal account, the second way It is somehow automatic when your personal account is visible On Instagram we have services like socialbakers.com Where people can find influencers, so people will find you automatically So please don't worry too much, now from day one How will you get your first ad How do you promote someone Just focus now on promoting and growing your personal Instagram account Achieve a high engagement rate, get a high number of followers Then you will see later how people will automatically contact you To promote something on your personal account, I tell you this From my experience, every day validate me on my email On personal messages, people ask me to promote something So please do not worry about this step from now, just go and start the first step Create posts, post every day, build your personal account On Instagram and you'll see how you'll succeed later Hope you enjoyed this video, from your class if you have any questions, anything you want to share I'm here almost every day to answer For your questions in the comments section, please Don't forget to subscribe, like the video and turn on alerts To get almost every new update every day See you later

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