Earn $308.11 Per Day & Make Money On Youtube Without Making Videos 2022 💲

How to make money on Youtube without making
videos in 2022? This video made me over 300 dollars of pure
cash and I didn't even show my face once in it. I didn't record anything. I didn't film anything. And creating a video like that took me literally
less than 2 hours. In this make money online tutorial I am going
to teach you, step by step, how you can replicate that and make loads of money on Youtube without
showing your face at all. From scratch, 100% for free and with just
a few clicks. Plus: I am also going to show you, how to
scale this entire method up, set everything on complete autopilot, so that you don't have
to lift a finger anymore, make more of those faceless videos and as a result make even
more money from them. So, if you're curious, make sure, you watch
this tutorial entirely till the end, guys, to not miss out any essential step of this
method, take some notes, leave a big thumbs up and enjoy.

This is Passive Income Revolution with another
easy and free to use make money online method for you. If you want to learn more strategies how to
make money on youtube without making videos, with youtube shorts or with cash cow channels,
subscribe to my channel and check out some of my other tutorials. Alright, guys, so without further ado, let
us dive into today's tutorial. Now, before I show you step by step, how you
can make money on youtube without making videos, let me first outline in a few words, what
I exactly mean by saying "without making videos". Well, I suppose, most newcomers on Youtube
assume, making money on Youtube is complicated and hard. They think, if you want to earn tons of money
on this super cool platform, you need to become the next Mr.Beast, having fancy, viral ideas
and showing your face into the camera.

However, that's not the case, guys. In fact, you can make a lot of passive income,
I mean real big money, on Youtube with so called "faceless" videos, where you don't
show your face at all. Meaning, you can stay 100% anonymous while
still having the opportunity to monetize your content. And in addition, you don't need to have millions
over millions of subscribers to do that.

This one single video here, for example, brought
me almost 800 subscribers….generating at the same time over 300 bucks of pure cash
on one of my channels, that has only a few thousand subscribers. So, you can definitely make a lot money even,
if you have a small channel on Youtube. And creating a video like that took me literally
less than two hours of my time. So, let me show you, how you can replicate
that, step by step. Well, step number one would be to find the
proper niche for your channel. Well, I can assure you, you will most likely
NOT achieve numbers like that, if you start your channel in the wrong niche – like, for
example, the funny prank or cute cats niche. Simply due to the fact, that niches like that
tend to have a much smaller average CPM, which makes them less profitable for online entrepreneurs
like us.

CPM stands for Cost Per 1000 Impression and
defines the amount of money, you make on average from ads, that are shown per 1000 clicks or
views of one of your channel's video. So, to find the proper niche, I would recommend
you to go for niches, that have a less entertaining, but more educational or informational purpose
for the viewership, because advertisers are usually willing to spend more money on ads,
that are shown in videos, that teach the viewer something, rather than in videos, that have
been recorded mainly for entertainment purposes. Plus: the higher the CPM of a niche, the less
views you will need to gather in order to make decent amounts money from adrevenue. Profitable niches, where you don't need a
lot of views in order to make money on youtube with are the following: finance, weight loss,
fitness, cryptocurrencies, luxury, motivation and business / make money. So, once you have picked a profitable niche
with a high CPM it is time, to write a script for you video.

Now, don't worry, you will not have to write
anything yourself. I mean, you can, if you want to. But there is an easier and less complicated
way to create scripts for your faceless videos – with just a few clicks. Simply head over to youtube, search for a
hot trending keyword within your niche, for example….."luxury". next, sort the search results by "creative
commons license" and additionally by "view count". Scroll down to find a video, that has somehow
gained virality status…for example, that one here….open it, click on the three dots
here, select "open transcript".

Now, since this video has been equipped with
a "creative commons license", meaning you can re-use it for your own videos as much
as you like, you can copy and re-use also the script of that video, here, without getting
into anykind of copyright issues. Well, just to go for 100% safety, I still
would recommend to not copy the text entirely, but to somehow paraphrase it. Don't worry, you don't have to do that manually
yourself. You can alternatively use re-writing tools
like spinbot to paraphrase and rewrite texts completely on autopilot with one single click
of your mouse. Alright, now it's the time to record your
voiceover. Simply grab your script and read it out loud. Use either your microphone or your smartphone
for that. If you, somehow don't like your voice or if
you don't like being recorded, you can alternatively also use some free to use voice recording
apps, that can do the job for you.

Before we head over to step number 4, let
me ask you for favor. Please be so kind and hit that like button
as hard as you can, guys. Also, if you're new to this channel, don't
forget to subscribe and to tell me in the comments down below, what you think about
making money on youtube without making videos – is it still a profitable business on Youtube
in 2022? Share your thoughts with me. Alright, next, head over to stock websites
like pexels, pixabay, storyblocks.com or canva, where you can download copyright free footage
for your videos – completely for free. Simply search for niche related clips and
photos you would like to use in your videos, download them and that's it. Alternatively you can also re-use footage
you found online, for example on other content creators' channels, without getting copyright
striked, as long as you stick to fair use policies. In step number five you have to combine the
clips you downloaded in the previous step with your voiceover and compile all of that
content into one single video.

Now, you don't have to be an expert in video
editing for that. It is totally enough, if you use, for example,
a free and beginner friendly video editor like openshot and put all parts of your video
into a specific order. Finally export your video and that's it. So, once you have done that, you can upload
your video on your youtube channel, add a nice title, a description and some tags with
strong, niche-related keywords.

And that's pretty much it, guys. To increase your chances of getting more views
with your video I would suggest to use the help of a research tool – like for example
"VidIQ". VidIQ can help you find more keywords with
a higher search volume for your videos. You can download the free version on their
homepage and purchase the pro version later, if you decide to invest some bucks into your
youtube business, in order to get even better research results with that tool. Now, let me tell you, how you can speed this
entire process up in order to have more time to publish even more of those faceless videos
on youtube and thus, to make even more money with them – with just a few clicks. The trick is pretty simple: let others do
the job for you. You can outsource and automate almost every
aspect of this method – from research to the upload process. Simply head over to a freelancing service
like fiverr.com, for example, type in "youtube script", set the budget you would like to
spend, and hire a freelancing script writer, that will be writing scripts for you.

So, that was my step by step tutorial "how
to make money on youtube shorts without making videos in 2022". If you want to learn more strategies how to
make money on youtube without showing your face, check out some of my other tutorials
and cash cow niche recommendations for 2022 on this channel, subscribe and make sure you
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below, what are your thoughts about this make money online method. Stay tuned and have a good day..

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