Earn $300/Day Simply Watching Videos – Make Money Online (2021)

In this video I will show you the latest method you can use to earn up to $ 175 a day just by watching videos, using the first secret method and of course making the most money before the secret goes viral, as you can see. to make money on this site and here is my account proving that this method works. I recently withdrew $ 75.00 I made in a few hours as you can see the other users coming from around the world in the comments section below i would like you to comment on the country from where are you watching this video so that I can make better videos in my future videos that work especially in your country, make sure you keep watching this video until the end and do not continue because I'll be sharing your bonus points that you will make even more money using this method step one to get started I want you to go to this site which is one hundred percent free you can not see any advance investment of any kind as you need here you can earn a minimum of $ 1 per ad.

All you have to do is click on ads and you will be able to earn up to one dollar per interaction, but this is not the only way you can make money using this site as you can see here. this site will pay you to click on banner ads and also just to see ads now. I want you to click this sign-in button here so we can create an account. You will be taken to this page, all you have to do now is enter your username password and email address as a bonus tip, make sure you enter your correct email address as they will send you a verification link to to verify account, so do not post a random email when signing up. not a robot and then click on an account here right step 2 now that you have an account let me show you the first method you can use to make money on this site.

The first method is to click on banner ads or watch ads so that this is a banner ad and it is also a banner ad that you can make no by just clicking on this, so basically you just click on it and then you just have to wait five seconds and then close the page and you will get your payment as you can already see, my account has changed, these are very simple guys, the name of this site is called ptcshare.com.

Now let's go to step three another method you can use to make money on this site is by watching video ads, so let's go earn , then click on the ads here and it's going to get you here take this page with real ads you can watch and then get paid varying amounts of money in return depending on the type of ad you are visiting so all you have to do is just click on this view activation ad here and you will go to ' a page is taken that looks like this, then you have to prove that you are not a robot , you solve the recording here, then click on confirm and all you have to do is wait 15 seconds and then the window now to include in this example we were on a website e but mostly you will have video ads to watch and this is how you will earn money and here you can see that my balance is financed with money, so every time I after watching an ad, my balance is financed with money, here's another bonus tip if you click on Click and watch an ad, you can just continue to watch multiple ads by right-clicking on this button, it means your ads will binge and make more money and if you're still watching, I'll show you even a better site where you can make money watching videos this site is called here hideouttv you can even choose what type of videos you want to watch as you can see there are quite a number of categories to choose from and enjoy coming we say for example in the adventure category, these are all the videos that are in this category, and the good thing about this is that you can just watch the videos and make money from it and the same as before, you can come down here and on the next video click to watch and make more money, and here's good news if you keep watching videos in the same category , for example, you do not change from adventures to celebrities, your money will double.

This site will double your earnings because you stick to one category and that's a great thing, so if you watch 15 videos a day that will make you 23 and if all the videos are from the same category , it's 46 every day, means it's 1 300 every month when you watch simple videos on your computer or on your phone It's amazing that it's so easy and free and that you do not even do anything, and yet you earn more than 1 000 every month.

By the way, you do not have to watch the whole video, but you only need to watch at least 30 seconds each video and that will be enough to get money in your account. Another bonus tip is to just open multiple tabs at once and let the videos run in the background, and this will triple your earnings if you have multiple videos at the same time. For 30 seconds you will be paid for each one, and then you can even watch more than 50 videos a day, and that's worth more than $ 1300 dollars a month!.

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