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By the end of this video I would have shown you how to earn 75 per hour by simply listening to music on soundcloud the first thing I want you to do is head over to soundcloud.com basically on this website you can discover and find different music and songs to listen to this is absolutely free you don't have to spend a dime to sign up on soundcloud as you can see here there's a lot of different trending music that you can listen to and all this music right here is available in different languages the good thing is that you can download soundcloud onto your phone and it doesn't matter whether you're using an android phone or iphone you can still download the app for free if you are using an android phone you go onto google play store and you search for soundcloud play music audio and new songs the app will look like this just make sure you download the right application if you're using an iphone you can go onto your app store and download the same app as you can see here now i want you to comment down below and let me know the type of device you are using are you using an iphone or an android phone once you have downloaded soundcloud onto your phone you're now able to discover and explore various music to listen to what I usually do is I scroll down below and I click on this button right here which is explore trending playlists from there you will be taken to this page as you can see this is where you can find all the trending music classified into different categories for example if you want to listen to this one in the workout category you'll just click on it and from there you will be taken to this page the next thing you do is just click on this play button right here to start listening to music there is actually a playlist associated with this song as you can see there are 24 tracks in this playlist and you can listen to all this music on your phone or computer now that you understand how you can find music on soundcloud i want to introduce you to azlyrics.com where you can look for different music lyrics there is a lot of music available on this platform say for example if I want to look for the lyrics of this song nick carter 80s movie I just have to click on the title from there i'm going to be taken to this page where I can just listen to the music i want you to take careful note of this next part so that you do not make any mistakes as you can see here this is the name of the song and these are the entire lyrics of the song this is an incredible opportunity for you to actually listen to the music and transcribe the lyrics so for a very simple song like this usually ranging from two to four minutes long you can easily make some dollars over and over again by transcribing now take a look at this for every single audio minute you will get paid 1.25 cents by just simply listening to music and transcribing it into lyrics the standard length for a typical song is about 3 minutes so based on these earnings you can earn 3.75 cents per song the next thing that I want you to do is to go on to this next website which is rev.com on this website you can find different job opportunities to transcribe a lot of music there are different categories of jobs that you can do there is transcription captioning and foreign subtitles make sure you keep watching this video because I will be showing you several softwares that you can use for free that will do all the work for you for example once you listen to music right here and you transcribe it into lyrics you will get paid for every single minute of the audio you transcribe let us go back to rev.com I want you to scroll down to the very bottom of this website and I want you to go under the about section and click on freelances from there you will be taken to this page you can earn money online by simply transcribing or captioning from home the good thing about this website is they allow you to work as much or as little as you want whenever you want you also have the independence of selecting projects that actually interest you you will also receive weekly payouts straight into your paypal account for all work completed when you scroll down you will see that there are basically two categories of jobs on this website transcriptionist and captioner I want you to select transcriptionist and click on the learn more button you will be taken here where you can just read around the website for more information for example how you can sign up and get approved to start transcribing all you have to do is just fill in your name last name email address and your country as you can see here when I click on this tab they're basically accepting people from all over the world it doesn't matter from which country you're coming from you can join this opportunity from wherever you are right now I want you to comment down below and let me know from which country you are watching this video from so that I can create specific videos for your region in my future videos now i'm going to show you another website that you can use to transcribe so that you can maximize your earnings and earn double the money another website that you can sign up on listen to music and get paid by simply transcribing the music into lyrics is go transcript.com go to the very bottom of the page and click on work basically they pay competitive rates for online transcription jobs as you can see here for every single audio or video minute you get paid 60 cents this means that for a typical three-minute song you can earn one dollar and 80 cents for listening and transcribing it as you can see here there are quite a number of benefits that come with working with gotranscript.com so if you want to sign up for a free account and start making money all you have to do is just click on this apply now button right here from there you will be taken to this page next you click on sign up and you go ahead and you can create your free account you just put in your email address and your password and click on the sign up button as simple as that a bonus tip that i want to share with you is that you should sign up on multiple platforms such as gotranscript.com and rev.com so that you can get more job opportunities worldwide now that you have signed up on both websites and are ready to make money transcribing music into lyrics here is the next step I want you to go on to otranscribe.com this is a free web app that will make the transcription job very simple now I want you to click on this blue button right here and you can start transcribing all you need is a link or the downloaded music file to start for example if you go to soundcloud.com to get music to transcribe you should be able to find a share button when you click on this button it's going to open up this new box where you can actually find a link to this music track this one here is the entire share link of the music you can grab this link right here and you can download the music file the next step is click on this button right here to upload the music file that you have just downloaded from there this free tool will automatically help to transcribe the entire soundtrack but sometimes they'll have a little bit of grammatical errors that you have to correct right now I will share with you another bonus tip that will help you to multiply your earnings when you go on to rev.com as you can see here a typical transcription job will earn you 1.25 cents per minute but when you look at foreign subtitles they pay three dollars up to seven dollars per minute these are very high earnings so basically what you have to do is this go on to soundcloud say for example you can find different kinds of music in foreign languages that are not in english the reason why they are paying you a much higher rate is that it is a bit challenging to transcribe music in different foreign languages into english this then brings us to the next website which is a free software that you can use the name of the website is dpl.com on this website you can use the translator to translate from whatever language that you want say for example german music to english it also works the other way around that is translating english music into any language that you want like portuguese italian dutch or any other language

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