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And you can reach 270 by using instagram if you have a computer or A smartphone you already know Instagram is one of the largest social networking sites Media platforms around the world With millions of users every day It gives you a chance to win Hundreds of dollars from the platform and In this video I will show you Exactly how to start making money in Instagram without becoming an influencer or embarrass yourself online [Music] And if you are someone who likes to make Money I want to quickly invite you to Subscribe below On my channel my name is John and I Create videos that show you how to make Extra money online, so if you hit Like the Subscribe button below You will be one of the first I get notified every time I post a new brand Video guys, it's John here Today I will show you how to make it the money Using instagram, this would be A step-by-step tutorial I will introduce Here are some additional tips along the way It will help you earn more money So make sure you stick with me end of this video So don't miss any of these Money making tips the first step that What you need to do is go ahead and create instagram page so you want to create Instagram page for whatever you want Maybe you like sports Financial freedom for cars just like me leading businesses Create an instagram page for whatever you want Actually I'd like to give you a little Ideas Check this page out real fast You can create an Instagram page on take photo The text you know about fitness while traveling the estate Let me your luxury motive Many options to go ahead and create instagram page So go ahead and create an instagram page Whatever you want I will show How to earn money with this page There, so the step will be number one Now for the second step and pay soon Pay attention to this step Here you will be one of the The most important steps of this tutorial Want to go ahead and start creating The content of your page that you want to publish on Maybe at least 10 maybe about 5 or 10 jobs in a day on content related to This Instagram page is usually The hardest part when it comes to work money with instagram People don't know what they're posting right I will make you guys bigger The secret is now in the making money with instagram facebook youtube how people actually These pages grow here In order to create content It will give people the pleasure of entertainment Or it will help people who have There are two types of content You can create one number Leisure or second pleasure Help and problem solving So let me give you a quick example of Exactly how would it look? Check this page here clearly This is a valid entertainment page People come here like cars Who enjoys the right beautiful cars So check it out every day Post pictures that they can send randomly find online Some of these videos are as viral as you You can see here these are kind Posts you want to publish publicly Giving people amusement or giving They are really happy with everything Such as So you need to know now Will your page help or not This page will provide entertainment Here's another example page He offers help here so how do you take it Check this out helps people Bake here they give recipes View tutorials and help people bake new Products they can make at home So obviously you can see the two Differences in this content here One is to help people and the other is for entertainment And again you can use this strategy to Grow on any platform Obviously if you look at Channel I help people achieve more So I am able to Develop my YouTube channel because I Helping people with something Whatever you want to do with anything The platform you want to grow on is either youtube facebook instagram want to do two Things either give people entertainment or Help people just like that It can grow and build an audience It will eventually be made money with Once you have completed the second step and set up your instagram page and Created and you are posting content now You will do the move Number three who came to this The site is called here socialtredia.com And you guys if you enjoy Content don't forget to go down and hit This is the subscribe button because all In one day I post a free video showing فيديو How to make some for free Money is online, so hit the like button That subscribe button And again you will be one of the The first people I report to every time Post a new video socialtradia.com guys check this out Insta can be bought and sold It is very clear that small instagram accounts We won't buy any of them It is true that we will sell So check it out instagram page here with only 2 000 followers only 2000 followers They sell one hundred and thirty dollars or look at that right Here with 8000 followers only 250 Obviously if you can reach over 50 000 followers you can gain some followers Serious money with more than a thousand dollars here 450 vs 22000 Obviously you need followers Followers have to move forward and be able to Sell ​​your Instagram page now I'll show you exactly how Start getting followers So what you will do next is move Go back to Instagram and start interacting With some communities that have On your page, it is clear that Your page is the shopping cart page you are going to Interact with the automotive community Start following the pages you are talking about Cars start following people they like These pages are here So obviously they can start following You can come back and they can start noticing Your page now I know this will be Take some time to start following Followers like this but this is one of the The easiest way to get started Urging people to start noticing Page just go ahead and follow a few Pages start interacting with the society Leave comments that you clearly know Keep creating posts and get started Follow people in the community So you can start getting followers back right Now This will take some time so now I am I want to show you another way You can start getting followers To start gaining followers Hurry up I want you to move on to this The site is called here Infencercard.com Then click here where Says Browse Influencers and Check This Out Here you can go ahead and Start buying shoutouts from the pages that You have Big sequences for three people only dollar 10 25 max so this is one of The cheapest way to go ahead and get started Get followers instantly because Obviously if you have some of these The really big pages here give you shout outs Their followers will go and follow you Especially if they are in the same position So you want to go ahead and choose Category Here on the left side either You are creating a fitness page or quotes A luxury car page just as we were I'm just talking about or which page it will be Go ahead and choose it here Then scroll down to the bottom and tap Here is where it says Apply Filter Basically what you will do next is Drag all pages into your niche You can buy a shout out of it if You had a place dedicated to games check it out You have six 10 different channels on Here you can buy a shout from thousands and thousands Followers for just $30 up to five dollars so if you have five dollars Just to start getting your followers The account continues because I guarantee you Once you get more than 1000 followers Instagram will help you naturally Create your page now if you come back to Obviously, the social tree deal page You have its own guidelines so you can't To have any of these fake followers any of these Back comments so you want to make sure Have real followers to be able to sell your page They will check it out Willing to give away 100 coins Security If they can't complete a real account Again, you want to make sure that you have Real followers so you can follow another page Go ahead and get real Followers Is this page here called viral Race if you scroll down check it out you can buy Real followers buy real likes and buy Real opinions all on instagram which is literally like Cheap so check this out for a hundred Followers three dollars five hundred and six A thousand and twelve dollars so I I hope you can see the power of this Because all of this will be real they don't follow fake not bad no fake followers Leave weird comments like that me You have it in my comment section These will all be real followers Here, start building Page with again Content to be entertained people or go to help people Then go back to socialtritia.com and Click here on the right side Oops where it says sell right click here and fill in your information Here, go ahead and write instagram account go ahead and Choose Category Click Next So You You can start the process To sell your instagram account again Take a look at this you can sell it Instagram Two thousand accounts only Followers a hundred dollars two A thousand to one hundred and twenty again A check for one hundred and thirty dollars That is if you have more followers For example this here is four One hundred thousand followers eight A thousand dollars per person Instagram Page so I hope you can see Obviously you will do this Gotta do a little work To start getting your Instagram page And off the ground and start to get Some followers, but it is a serious way to ل Start making some real money in Instagram Using this site here called socialtritia.com And that's it for this video you guys I hope You enjoyed it don't forget to hit it Hit the like button on the subscribe button and I hope you'll share this video to help More people earn some extra money Subscribe below and I'll see you Guys the next day

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