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Okay, so hello guys! I'm Jhazel de Vera and welcome back to my channel. So if you're new to this channel, click on the
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types of home-based jobs videos and anything from which you can earn online. For today's video, I'm going to
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just using one mobile application. So I want you to stay with me until the end of this video so that you won't be missing any information. Of course this is one of the most– This is one of the most awaited every month. Apart from the salary. It's our top month of the month! Let's not chat anymore, we are going
to announce our top fan of the month this August.

Here he is! Alright, so congratulations Kyle Shanley Delfino! You're the new top fan of the month this August. So Carl will be passing his crown to Kyle. You will get featured on our videos this September. You will also get ₱700 worth of GCash So that is what our top fans receive of the month. So make sure to be active this September, be
noticeable, your names have to be marked on my mind and faces. Again, congratulations Kyle and I hope you
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The mobile application from which I
got the PayPal money I showed you earlier, is here on Givvy. Well, actually, I've already featured
this mobile application before but this video is just to give you an update and
to also to teach how to get our earnings here. First of all, you can earn here
by joining the contests here. But I don't recommend joining because the
coins you earned from the games will decrease. It's like a raffle. But you can win big stuff here. There's no assurance if you join their contest. Alright, another way of earning here is
of course through their check-in bonuses. If you sign in or login in their mobile app every day you will get Givvy coins. This increases if you login every day. They also have surveys. You can earn here up to 300 Givvy coins. This is one of their feature. This survey, since this is my first time seeing it. They have mini-games like memory. So you just have to remember all of it. You need to have a photographic memory here.

It's better to have big eyes when playing this. Oh! I lost. It doesn't work. One more time, I want to play one more time. I don't remember anything. Promise. I don't want anymore, it's getting awkward. They have a mini-game tic tac toe. We can play it. Here I can say that our enemies here are ignorant. You already know when you're an expert. I admit that I'm an expert in this one. Double the coins earned by just watching a video. Let's watch. Laplace again?! Isn't there anything else? Rise of Kingdoms, Laplace… It's always them. Here is the game I hate the most, which is calculate. But let's give it a try, to make up for the other video.

82… We're experts today. What? We won! I didn't practice! Also, you can earn here by inviting a friend. Copy your link and you can paste it to your social media accounts. You can also paste it to our comment
sections, our comment section is totally open so that our new viewers that
want to sign up on Givvy can see it I won't steal your referrals, I
won't put any in the description box. Don't worry. Right now, I'm going to show
you how to request a withdrawal. As you can see on the top, we already have 56765 coins and we still don't have USD. At first, I was wondering how to get it in USD Then, I saw there's a converter. You have to go this page and
convert your Givvy coins to USD. We have to tap this "+" but it'll
take forever to reach 56000 I thought you needed to always click
on the "+" but you can convert it multiple times. Like this one. There. The 11242 I converted became $0.96 So that is what we need to do,
you can convert it multiple times. There, we now have 4.80 USD Next, we'll go through the withdrawal process.

So let's just tap on this withdraw. Tap on this dropdown, we have Revolut and PayPal Of course, we'll go for PayPal. You have to provide your PayPal email address and right now, we'll request for a new withdrawal. Here is says:"You have successfully
made a wtihdrawn request" Right now, we are going to proceed with our
honest review regarding this mobile application All I can say that this mobile
application is okay since it is paying. In 1 business day I received my withdrawal request. As I said, this can't be our source of income. Okay? Because with these earning mobile
applications, we can only get extra income. Let's not complain "It's so hard to earn" "It's just inviting" We must be thankful that we now have these
mobile applications that there weren't before. If you're looking for a main source of income online, I do recommend the home-based jobs.

In home-based jobs, we need to work for them. You need proper equipment,
schedule, skills as much as possible. You can visit my YouTube channel, you can see in my playlists if the videos indicated are stable or extra income You're free to look at our YouTube channel as our reference for what home-based job is suitable for you. That's all and thank you so much for watching this video. If you've enjoyed it, give this video
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