Earn $200 Per Day To Watch Videos 2021 (Get Paid FREE PayPal Money For Watching Online)

This video, I show you how to earn $200 per day 
to watch videos which is a new strategy to get   paid free PayPal money for watching videos online 
this year 2021. How to do it? We’re about to find   out. This is, how to earn money for watching 
videos! Also, only a small percentage of people   that watch my videos are actually subscribed. So 
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Enjoy it.  So step number one, login to this website 
that will pay you to watch videos.   Step number two, watch the most popular videos. 
And step number three, collect your profits   straight into your PayPal or bank account. So 
check this out right over here. As you can see,   this payment was sent to me for literally 
less than 30 minutes of watching videos.   So make sure to stick all the way through 
and do not skip over any of the steps   because if you don't follow the exact steps 
throughout this entire video, then results like   this will definitely not be possible for you. Now 
right before I explain you how you can do this.   Comment down below, I am from blank, a.k.a. 
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So first and foremost, I want   you to go on this website which is 100% free, so 
you don't need any investments to get started.   You can earn money from this website by just 
watching short and entertaining videos.

As you can   see here, connect, click and earn. Discover how 
easy it is to advertise and earn at the same time.   So they’ve got over 3,700,000 registered users on 
this site who are already earning decent money.   The best thing about this website is that they 
have a mobile app that you can download in both   the Apple App Store or in the Google Play Store. 
And what really amazed me is that they paid over   $9.3 million to their members like me and you. 
It is very easy to get started with this site.   So once you register for a free account, 
this is what your dashboard would look like.   Now I'm going to show you exactly the three 
categories to focus to earn the most money.   So the very first thing you're going to do 
is click on Games. This is the first method,   not the highest paying method, but 
there's a game here that pays pretty high.   So once you click on Games, it's going to 
take us right over here.

When you scroll down,   you can see that they're giving away points called 
Baps. And these Baps can be exchange for real cash   and then transferred straight into your PayPal 
or bank account. As you can see right here,   they have many payment options. In continuation, 
what you're going to do is scroll down till you   see this game right here called Minesweeper. This 
pays out 400 Baps. So this is the game you want   to play to earn the most amount of money in the 
least amount of time. Now let's go ahead and go   over to the next way of earning which is with PTC 
walls. So this is paid to click walls, literally,   they're going to pay you to click and watch 
these YouTube videos and sometimes it leads to a   website, all you have to do is just click and you 

The payouts are very small, as you can see,   but they're easy to do. You literally just click 
on this, and then it will open up a page. And   you could do that for all of these. And then just 
refresh the page, so that you could do it all over   again. So this is something you could do in your 
spare time, while you're eating or while you're   taking a break from work to earn extra income.
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drop a brand new video next week to show you guys   exactly how to make even more money online doing 
basic stuff like this in the comfort of your home.  Now let's go over to the next way of earning 
with this site where you will get paid for just   watching short videos which is with Paid Ads.

let’s click Paid Ads up here. And that's going to   take you to the actual advertisements that you can 
watch and then get paid 15 Baps in return, which   you could then exchange into real money. So all 
you have to do is just click this View Activation   Ad right here, and it will take you to another 
page where you will watch a short video and then   whenever the ad timer stops you will earn Baps 
straight into your account balance. But there's   a way here to get other people to actually login 
and start watching videos for you. So you could   earn on a complete autopilot while you're sleeping 
or doing whatever you love to do. There are many   people on the internet that are doing these things 
and you're going to earn a percentage of their   earnings.

So what you’re going to do is click 
your Username up here on the right hand corner,   and then select Refer Friends. And that's going 
to take you right here where you can see your   special link. So every time someone clicks on this 
link and registers for a free account and starts   watching videos and earning money, you are going 
to earn 5% of whatever they earn. Through this,   we will earn money in completely passive income. 
We won’t have to work for it. Other people will   be working and watching videos while we are 
earning on autopilot. But before any further,   this website is called Paidverts.com. Now, I'm 
going to show you where you can share your special   link and get thousands of people to register 
and start watching videos for you. So what   you're going to do is copy this link, and then 
search Make Money Online on Facebook.

After that,   go to Groups and switch on Public Groups so that 
we could join any one of these groups. So I’ll   choose this group right here with 116,000 members. 
Right now I could literally just click and join.   I like this one because this group allows you to 
post your special link, like this guy right here.   He is posting his link to this group. Now that's 
exactly what we're going to do. We're going to do   the same thing as this person and get thousands of 
people clicking on our link in this group because   we have access to 116,000 people.

So that's the 
number one way. Another way is using this site   right here called Udimi. So this is a site where 
we can get access to people who have millions of   people on their email lists that are interested 
in business opportunities and making money online.   So we can pay someone here to send emails 
with our special link to their email list.   And we are for sure going to get thousands 
of people to click our link, and potentially   register. That wraps it up. That is exactly how 
you earn money for watching videos this year 2021.   And now if you want to earn even more money, check 
the first link in the video description below to   discover how to get paid free Bitcoin by watching 
YouTube videos using the best apps for beginners   to make money online this year 2021, which 
anyone, even without previous experience can do.   Yes, it’s possible and I’ll show you exactly how 
to do it in that video right there, check it out.  Thank you so much for watching and be sure to 
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always, I will see you in some of the next videos..

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