Earn 20$ Per Day From Google (Step By Step For Beginners)

I want to share with you step-by-step, how to earn around $ 20 a day From google this method is 100% guaranteed if you follow Watch this video and do what I'm going to tell you You can get to at least $ 20 a day I will share with you everything you need to know, tools and secrets I do everything until I succeed with this strategy Also in this video I have a great gift but with one condition To join him, you must watch the entire video Stay tuned and stay tuned Hi everyone, I am Hassan from H-educate Today I am very excited to share this with you The new video, which I think might help many of you To change their lives and start earning money online From home, the idea in this video is to simply create a blog, mini website Check income from the site and get visitors The good news is that you don't need to sell anything You can work from any country you don't need Paypal account You can get your money in your bank account directly at any Country also you can even work from your mobile phone Just so I think this method is one of the The best and almost 100% guaranteed For anyone to work with, please focus well with me Never miss a second, even if you already know the idea Don't leave the video, it's very important I will share with you many details, tricks and tools that will help you make Things are easy for you, and get started today Now you know that being honest is one of the main keys here on my channel So to be honest with you, until you get to $ 20 a day You need to work at least like three or four Months but in this video I will share with you a little tip or trick It will help you make these four months like two months Just so please stay put and focus well in this video So the first step in this strategy is to create Website and to be more specific to creating a blog And post some articles in it, now you might tell me I don't know Programming or development I don't know how to create or web sites Blogs and so on, just some patience I'll show you Everything in detail, it only takes five minutes to create Blog if you now go to my youtube channel , Scroll down here in the video section you will see Video on how to create a wordpress blog Like educate in roughly 25 minutes I explained Step-by-step How to Create a Blog Like This blog is like my blog like this one here and you can then start publishing Articles on it, believe me it takes five minutes Just to create a blog like this, only five minutes So the first step is to create this blog, so please if not Have a blog if you don't have a website then go watch this video and create Your blog now, it's very easy now maybe to ask me Blog or website that requires hosting and I don't have money can we get started Free in this strategy simple answer yes You can start for free so you have no excuses If you go again to my youtube channel And I went to this video here how to create a free wordpress website I shared with you three ways to get started for free without paying anything for it You can create a wordpress blog completely for free, okay so here it is The first step, I think is fairly simple, is create a A blog, some of you or a lot of you might have it We already blog, that's cool, so you finish with the step Number one is creating a blog by the way I also explained in my other videos like this here How to use blogger to create a website so if you go here To blogger.com, a free company by Google that lets you create Blog post or blog post for free go here and click new blog And create a free blog and start publishing articles, click new post and you can Simply start writing your articles here and Publishing them is very simple so it's up to you Go Blog With WordPress, Do What You Want, Idea here Having a blog is creating a blog and all The videos are here on my channel and I will share them With you in the description below, so you don't need to go anywhere else You only need to find the videos, watch them and implement the strategy Now we have a blog, the second step is to publish Some articles, okay and here please focus very well because I'll mention some Really important tips and tricks, which you must know To be successful with this strategy, so is your plan Now she is posting the blog articles on your website The main question here is how do I choose the topics Needs, how to choose which articles and any topic I want to write about On my blog, simple answer write about something you like As simple as that, you love psychology to write about Psychology loves philosophy.

Write about philosophy You love digital marketing. Write about digital marketing Love health and fitness. Write about health and fitness Write about whatever you like, but keep the two points in mind Next two tasks, okay please focus very well now I will now give you two examples. This is a site I own computech21.com This is a website I do some testing with So I am posting some little articles about technology Games etc. And do some tests about getting traffic and how I can earn money Online via CPA, Affiliate, or With google adsense etc, now please look good I will go now and open my google adsense revenue please focus very well I will open a computech account And let's see the revenue from this site I don't have a lot of hits It's only for testing but look at this, go through the reports And you will now see that I earn six, one, two, one, two, three dollars, Daily from this site and by the way, it has maybe 500 or 1000 views in So today just so, this is another indication of that strategy It will work for you, this simple site, with a little bit of Your visitors a day, you can get you like five, six, or three Or two dollars a day I know that's not much, but not much Of you, five bucks a day is probably too good To start online, to change their lives, etc.

Anyway now, that's the first example if you go to the second example here And it's the prime example in this video, I'm making $ 28 $ 40 $ 25, $ 22, $ 24 and so on So it's about twenty dollars a day Now the main difference other than the hits Content selection is topics, here we have technology and games While on my other site, h-supertools, it is about digital marketing So let's see this if you go to h-supertools.com My free platform, go to the SEO tool for keyword research And let's do this simple search, if you search here for Email Marketing as an example and I clicked Search You will now see that the worldwide CPC is $ 12 So whenever someone posts an advertisement on your website they might be It pays $ 12 per click for email marketing related topics While if you are talking about cooking For example, you see $ 0.37, so the topic you choose for your blog is Very important when it comes to profits when it comes to it Make money from google adsense or google So just keep this tip in mind, with articles or topics That you write about them, is very important and has an impact Directly on your earnings, another example if you are You write about games, let's say, you can now see your CPC is 0.57 You can also select countries like the United States to watch it Specifically, here is 1.13 as if you go back to email marketing And press Search in the US you will see it is 46 dollars This is 100% real and true, and I can explain the evidence from My youtube channel if you go here to my youtube channel Youtube studio please focus this information well Very important to know, and if you open up now My g Suite video, this one, to show you this Go to My Analytics and then Go to Revenue, you'll see in this video CPM is $ 52, I am making $ 26 per 1000 views In this video while if you go to any other video, let's say even with Good topics, like making money online, let's say that To say this how to make money from youtube and go to Analytics then into revenue, you'll see that CPC is the cost per thousand impressions $ 13 that's simply because of a topic The video, the topic of the articles, so keep in mind that the topics you Choosing it for your articles will directly affect your earnings however Once again I tell you to do what you love, it's better than you do Something that you do not like and do not know about Just for the money so a little advice do what you love, now if the topic is The one you love has a large CPC, so it's perfect It's up to you, or maybe you want to learn more about these Topics, topics with high CPC and write about them It's also fine but you need some more time and some More hard work to learn about them, for example If you go with insurance, such an insurance company is the keyword in the United States And looking for it you will also see that it is quite high $ 54 So we have some topics, you can do me Search here at h-supertools absolutely free It is unlimited, you can search for any keywords you want For any topics you want and start searching and checking cost-per-click The higher the CPC, the higher your earnings will be Above, this is why at my other website I get a lot more money every day Because digital marketing tools and email marketing tools in addition to these two Certain themes have a higher CPC than games And the technology from this site, okay, so keep this important in mind And do your keyword research for free with My tool and see high CPC keywords to use In your article, so your earnings will be higher, well, the second important point Or advice you should know too if you want Make more money with google or from google ads Or google adsense something we call microblogging niche what is this A simple example let's say you want to create a blog About email marketing, well, your blog will talk about Only email marketing if you go to my blog as an example You'll see that I'm talking web hosting about email marketing About digital marketing, affiliate programs Make money online etc.

So I'm talking about digital marketing and business Across the internet, it is somewhat a broad or big topic that we have a lot of Children's topics within it you have to go with something called A subtle specialty or topic to pick and talk about a specific topic As an example again if you choose email marketing You can do this, go to h-supertools go to youtube here, youtube, keyword tool Just go ahead and let's say look up email marketing here This tool will help you get keyword ideas And ideas for content to write about So you can see here I got nearly 250 keywords Every one of those keywords here could be an article And they all talk about the same topic Email Marketing, so this is what we call a niche that fits into a topic Selected and made all of your articles or your blog You talk about that, so email marketing strategies It is an article, an email marketing program is an article, Email Marketing Best Practices Email Marketing Courses, How Email Works Email Marketing Tutorials For Beginners Email marketing tools and so on all these keywords Topics related to this keyword are this main topic and all Your blog will talk about it so when you start your blog today or Maybe tomorrow or whatever, just focus To publish content on specific topics Related and connected to each other in this way Your blog will get more visitors automatically from google Since it is talking about a specific topic, to which people answered About him once before, so this second tip Go with the microblogging, okay So the first tip is high CPC keywords The second tip is microblogging niche If you can combine both tips with what You like, that'd be perfect, okay, so here's the step The second is publishing articles and what you should know You need to publish at least 10 to 15 articles in the first 30 Day, so you can get accepted by google To post ads on your website so now we have our blog like this or Like this or whatever, the second step is posting Articles Our Articles Now you can tell google hello I have a blog please add some ads on my website For I could make money that simple, now many of you It might tell me google adsense won't accept my website, it's too complicated It's too hard and so forth, that's simply not true It's more than simple to get accepted by Google What you need to do is to register on google adsense Simply go here google adsense ok open google adsense site Here, simply start and subscribe Your gmail account, very simple, then you have to add Your website, so here if you go to the sites it will get It will tell you to simply add your website now I have my website here Verified, this one is ready just say add site Add your site here and it's simple, now To help you, I want to give you three important tips To be verified within two days with Google Number one I told you to create a blog with it Somehow its wallpaper beautifully looks good and looks professional and explained This is in detail as I told you in my video here just watch it And creating a blog is very simple using wordpress like Five to ten minutes you can create a blog Number two is creating what we would call a privacy policy page if I moved to My main site is H-educate.com and go down here You will see the privacy policy, terms and conditions If you go to my other website here, this test site you will see too Privacy policy and terms, you have to add these two The two pages will also help you verify you Directly by google and very easy to create this page by the way Let me show you this if you just go here looking for Privacy policy creator on google go down here you can see termsfeed.com I open such a site and you can Generate this page for free or use any other We have a lot of sites like this one that I also use privacypolicygenerator.info Quite simple.

Enter your company name Name the following website and you will have your own privacy policy You copy and paste it onto your website so be sure To post like 15 articles have a good design And add the privacy policy and terms page within your website You will be verified, okay, and this process will prompt you to 30 days to build a good website, add some articles, etc. I think 30 days is more than enough to do this if you are She works one hour every day. It's perfect Now someone might ask, is there any faster way L Do this process for getting website and checking google adsense etc.

So I can start making money directly, is there any Something like this, simple answer yes, you can simply buy a blog With content that is monetized through ads So you can start straight and earn money From day one but the only problem here is that you need Money to buy this site, so this video I am sharing with you Free strategy starts from scratch but in case you have a small budget If you want to buy this site, you can do so by going to sites like flippa.com, flippa.com by the way all the links Everything I share with you will find it in the description below so no Worry about links or anything, here you can simply browse for any A website and simply buy it, go to the web sites To the content, to the blog and you can start searching Monetization-enabled websites like this one You can see this adsense income streaming site is activated, it gets At $ 139 a month so you'll be able to buy a website that works And he's already earning money, you just buy it And expanding its scope, that is, you can see the monetization of the ad sales At a cost of a thousand dollars, she earned seven dollars a month You can check them out at our cheaper sites Like this $ 65 My AdSense Monetization You can find some cheap web sites made They are monetized and you can buy them directly from flippa.com and start your business straight away You just need to expand it, to publish more articles and get more Of hits so that's a little trick for some people Those on a small budget who want to buy and get started But always make sure to check the site thoroughly before purchasing it Usually flippa checks all sites but just like this one Just click on it and read the information.

Check out the site. Check ads. Contact With the seller and so on, just check everything Then you can buy the website if you want anyway that's a little tip Maybe someone wants to buy a website and start right away Okay, so now before I go through the second major step which is Getting visits to our site, I want to share it with you first My gifts for this video, by the way, in this video We have three gifts and this is the first Today I will give a gift and I will give it $ 20 for 10 winners of this video so you have a big chance To win with us today, to join the unforgettable gifts Watch the video to the end and go to the description below You will find a link to join the gifts, it is very simple Click on the link and join the gifts and I will announce the winners at The comments section in my channel is here, if you go here To my channel in the comments section, you will see I advertise all The gift winners here, like this check out the gift winners Like to see here this, like this here, this is the winner All of these, this is here, so you can check if you want in the community section Almost every week or every 10 days I announce the winners To join the gifts, click on the link in the description below Now let's move on to the second step which I think is the most important step It is bringing traffic to your website because anyone as I mentioned now It's very easy to blog and post some or maybe even articles Buy one from flippa and have a website with ads The second step is to get traffic but as I told you By what is beautiful about this strategy is that you are You don't need to sell anything when you get visitors People will see ads, like this one And you'll make money as simple as that, now for access to $ 20 a day needs an average of around 5,000 To 10,000 views per day and no users, so views I guess It doesn't matter that you get 5,000 views per day Because if you go to my channel now again If you go here to the videos and scroll down my channel here you will see Here's the video, how to get traffic to your website I have shared seven ways, it's free In no time, you can get visits from the first day After following this video, the 15 minute video This and start getting visits, will not Now waste your time again and again sharing the same video, go watch it And start making money online today from day one The nice thing about google adsense is that you can see your earnings day by day You can see every day you can see earnings every day you can see The profits are as much as you get visitors to Your blog to your website will earn more money So go watch this video, also you can watch this video about About commission visits, it will also give you more ideas to attract visitors to Your commission links or to your website a link By the way, you can also watch this video how to get free traffic From google I explained step by step as well So I have a lot of videos here on my channel all of them will be in Descriptions below you can check them out and get started Visits to your website, so let's summarize Create a blog, post some articles, apply to google adsense Post some ads like these on your website Then get visitors, everything shown in this video, all videos or The tutorials are on my channel, go watch them and start implementing From today I know a lot of you, maybe like 80%.

Or 90% wouldn't try this Although this method is 100% guaranteed and it works perfectly With so many people, I really don't know the answer Why 90% don't do this, I really don't know However, to help you more, I will now make second gifts if I go here To my website services.h-educate.com you will see I am providing this service here so I advertise any link to One month for a hundred dollars I'll give this service to the two of you Again in this video a second gift Two winners will win this gift, so if any of you You have a website that is monetized, through ads, and you want visitors I'll get you visitors with this service Free for winners, also to join these The gift, go to the description below you will see The second gift link, join it and hope you win I hope you win and see first Earnings in your account As you can see, I am doing my best to help you The first $ 20 might help someone get a domain, to get hosting, buy a theme Or whatever to start the business, then this gift is for you On some visits I try my best to share it with you All I do is to help you get started and make money from Your Home Trust Me This method works, 100% guaranteed, only You need to work from your computer Or even from your mobile phone you can Start with your mobile phone, as you can see everything is online So you can start working this way on your mobile phone Please get started, do it now and you will see You will start earning at least five dollars to ten dollars Like only 90 days from now, it works, believe me, it works well, Now before I finish this video I want to share it with you One little secret about how to scale this business, or two little secret The number one is to increase your articles' rank with SEO to get free traffic This will be 100% positive income, I'll show you this now, if you go to google web master tool let me show you this Get started now, log into my account and I'll open up Let's say computech21 as an example you will see that the last three months I got 16000 clicks google membership, believe me I swear I haven't done almost anything for this site Six months ago, it was the first time they had opened in six months You can see here that my daily earnings are not that big of a deal but they work It's completely positive income and that's my performance from Google If I open my second website h-supertools.com look at this now Over the past three months, I've had 31,000 clicks from Google Free membership visits if you go, let's come back to The h-educate main site, you'll see again You've got 21,000 clicks from Google All of these are free membership visits Completely free membership visits so just so Think about it you have a website It's monetized by ads, you get Free visits, so you and you sleep at home Earn money that's perfect, please do it, please do it Well this is the number one secret which is to increase the rank of your articles and get Visits for free and I explain this in detail at My channel, please go here for the playlist and continue My SEO Playlist Let's see here how to get SEO tutorials Free visits from google, please follow this series It will help you turn your business into a positive income 100% positive income for work, so this is it The first trick, the second trick or the second secret On how to scale this business is doing something called google adsense arbitrage What is that, it is simply buying visitors It is promoting your articles and people will come to your website, paid visitors But they will remain on the site In a way you will be making higher profits than You paid ads, so you buy ads, for example, with twenty Make Thirty Dollars With Google Adsense Your net profit is ten dollars like this Some people expand the scope of work How to do this as an example go to networks Like outbrain or native ad networks Mgid networks, these are outbrain so go to local bot ads Promote your posts but you need to promote Diffuse post, something rampant, something people will love They'll read it, they'll share it and so, that's also mgid The ad network is original and by the way on my channel also you can go here And see some videos about the original ads I have like three or four videos I think this, maybe this, I'm talking about how Create campaigns with native ads, so please go Also checking them I'll save the links in the description below So after you get paid traffic, you should Publishing popular articles, how to find out about the published articles We have a site called buzzsumo.com.

Open this site and you can search for Spread content, for example, by the way is not Free site but you can use it for free In beta, let's see this, if looking for an example here Anything, whatever dogs, you will see articles On the internet you can see an interaction like this he got on 1.2 million interactions on Facebook, on twitter 35000 on pinterest you can see Top performing publications, you can grab this content and write content Similar to it on your blog and promoting with paid ads This is what we called Adsense arbitrage, and I know that in a way A large subject that requires a full educational course Post this maybe later after I run some tests etc. I guarantee it will It works perfectly and I will share the case study with you Next, this is how you can scale this up Working with adsense and SEO arbitrage to convert To field positive income, I hope you enjoyed this video I have shared almost everything I know about google adsense, what do I do what to do You know, to make money online and reach at least $ 20 a day Now the last gift for this day is the third gift I will give you a free wordpress theme if you go here for the background To my Invato account I'll give you a diffuse feature, let's wait a little Only to show you this if you go to the last page I think I have this wordpress boombox theme This is one of the best features of creating fast-paced articles And the publications spread on wordpress I will present to you Free for one of you also you will find a link to join this gift In the description below you name it, $ 20, and visitors to help you With this business it costs $ 59 I will give Totally free, please join the three gifts In the description below, that's the end if you have any questions you can Comment below anything you want to share with me Or simply you can go to H-educate.com/forums where you can post Questions and we will follow up with you almost every other day To answer your questions so I created this forum To help you especially, you can find a lot of themes here Just post your questions on the forum and we'll be here to roughly help you Every day I thank you for following up and see you at Upcoming videos

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