Earn 2$/Day Online With No Skills, No Website, No Money, NOTHING!

You don't have any skills, you don't have money to invest and you don't have a website You are simply quite a beginner and want to make money online Want to see dollars come from your computer, this video It's yours. Stay tuned How to make money online for beginners Hello friends I am Hassan from h-educate and today I am very happy to post This video I think will help a lot of people All over the world and especially today at this difficult time So what is covered in this video I will simply share with you Five websites you can start working with today Starting today without any investment or skills And you can start making money every day Not much like two or three dollars but I guess Many of you will benefit from this, now to be honest with you usually I don't post videos like this if you follow me, you know I am Post real strategies, case studies, online business and something really It takes time and effort to build a real business But two days ago I posted this poll on my channel and you can see 87% Vote YES for this video and that's why I'm posting this video today, BEFORE I We start with three important points for you Know her number one in the comments section below We have a lot of scammers who may use my name and photo To reply to your comments, so be wary of these people not only here In my channel it's scattered all over youtube The second point I want to remind you that We have running gifts of $500 cash, it will expire In a few days, so if you haven't joined yet, go now Join it, you will find the link in the description Below, the third point today I need a little favor from you I think this video could really help a lot of people around the world so do me a favor Like and share the video so we can reach you More people and help more people if you don't want to implement strategies Maybe you can help someone else apply it and maybe He changes his life and starts making a few dollars every day At this difficult time, so without talking too much Let's go and start with the number one website so we have picoworkers.com And microworkers.com Please even if you know these sites stay with me I want to mention some important tips and other sites that May it really help you, please It's only a few minutes Stay with me and have some patience, here are Picoworkers and Microworkers Allows you to do some small services Small tasks and get paid for it, now as Learn here on my channel, do my best to test It's all before I post it so what I did was I hired one of my friends To test this platform for nine hours, he worked on the platform for nine hours To see how much we can make so I can share this with you Like a real case study with real numbers so my friend worked nine hours in picoworkers and finished about 41 of Tasks in picoworkers and five tasks on microworkers and here you are The results, you can see them here we have Earning $0.47 and $1.14 pending, so it About $1.7 and microworkers on $0.1 So in total, nine hours can make a profit of two dollars, so what do you think? Is two dollars worth working nine hours in a row so it's like Working a full day for two dollars I don't know if that's It will help you or not in my opinion I think it is a waste of time, why? Because in nine hours you can do so much From things, you can build a real business You can start a blog for monetization with Adsense, you can start affiliate marketing Sas start something real that happens to you At least $10-50 a day, so I guess those sites It may help to get some money to start a business, so you might want to Get hosting, buy a domain for your business This will help you earn $20 and $30 In 10 or 20 days so you can buy a domain and buy a website to start Real business online, so that's my opinion, it's up to you You can try and test this site and do whatever you want This is real, I tested it and these numbers are not many But I'm sharing a real case study with you so you know how Things work how things really work Don't let Anyone who tricks you and tells you you can make hundreds of dollars This is the earnings from this site for about 50 missions You earn two dollars, you work nine hours, now let's move on to the sites Other, I think it's better in some way but it takes some More work like two days I was surfing the web I'm looking for some sites to share with you Found this site rev.com if you go to rev.com/freelancers You will see here you can make money with caption jobs from home What is the caption simply to watch a video and write what is said so it is like a data entry job Just listen and write what is there And you can see here this site gets about 3.5 million hits from the United States We have 30% so this site looks legit, to be honest With you I haven't tested this, I didn't have time to test it but if Want I can do a full case study about it Let me know in the comments section below or if someone is interested Just test this site out and share it in the comments or in our Telegram group To help others, by the way we have a Telegram group Where we can chat together and help each other We can join and the link is in the description below So this is the first website and little trick you can use this other website الموقع It's called gotranscript.com so you can buy Caption from here and post it on this site So it's like selling a service, you can test it too if you like and share The results are with us, the third site is called cambly.com cambly allows you to teach English without a degree, we go Here to become a teacher, you will see that you can get paid to chat with people Around the world, just chat with people around the world, so if you are good at English, this site is really perfect You can make around $10 to $12 an hour On this site you can see that you do not need any A certificate of teaching any degrees anything, you just need Chat If you are good at English, also you can test this Share the results with us here in the comments section or in Our Telegram group so we can help each other and share experience, so these are the five sites, I hope You got some benefit from this video, please don't forget To join the gifts, share this video, it has It helps a lot of people around the world Don't forget to subscribe and like the video to see And you see all my upcoming updates See you later

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