Earn 2$ by sleeping !! Tamil | make money online| #makemoneyonline.

hello everyone!!!!
in this video i will show you how to earn 2$ every hour
friends please note this is not common for everyone
you can even earn 3$ , 5$ evry hour first we need a paypal account
if u dont own one please create its absolutely free
[background music playing] now go to goole
and search for top niche in 2020 in the list of suggestions
health,love and beauty are common niche which has more audience retention
so now iam going to choose health now choose any topic in that niche
i chose how to get six pack google docs is more convinint so i use it
if you wanna know why iam saying you to do this
then the ans wer is we
are goin to create a e-book
ya!!!!! we are going to use gumroad platform for this
just fill your preferences now just upload an attractive cover
this will attract the audiunce
now to create the cover
of e-book visit Canva.com
its free choose the template u need
e-bbok successfully created now
to promote \ first i suggest social media
youtube creator contact or else you cann use instagram
just contact DM microinfluencer = 10 k followers

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