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With just a few simple clicks you can be Earn $2,65 cents and Over and over again you know How to use your computer for as long as possible Mouse click and open Internet Today I show you how to put it all together so you can start making some real Money and all you have to do is register To my website that I will showعرض You are in this video for free Because you don't need any experience You don't need any technical knowledge And you don't need any investment for Start making money just follow all three The steps I show you in this video and Sign up for two websites I will go today And if you want to make money, go down And press the subscribe button my name John and every day I post videos Shows you new website strategies and Tricks to help you make more money And help you escape from nine to five If you want to earn money Hit the subscribe button and hit this like Button and you will be one of the The first to warn them Every time I post a new video and If you want the best way to make money Online Click this first link in my description I will send you my number one Recommended income and you I'll see exactly how to build six Input number using my computer hey what's up guys it's john here and Today I will show you how to get money again and again by setting Special automated system so we'll get I started with one of two websites Either you want to go to the cpa lead Or you want to go to maxbounty.com Both here are cpa networks and what will happen is It will give you access to some One of the best offers on the internet These offers here you can start Promote them every time you get Sell ​​or get someone to sign up You can earn commission from it for that What you want to do first is to come to cpa lead Or go to the maximum reward and create your own Account simply by clicking here where the sign says Then you can proceed and fill in The rest of the information, for example You can register with one click using Your facebook or gmail account or If you don't have any of these you can Scroll down here and start with Type your name Your last name E-mail and create a password to access Verify your account now me Inside my Max Bounty support desk and as you can see Get many different offers Online I can start promotion and Every time I sell or get someone to sign up I will get paid, for this example One here I'll get paid eight Dollars per bullet next to Nineteen dollars per lead One right less than ten dollars each causes each display to be either Upgrade or sign up or they will Promote a real product if you can To get someone to sign up or actually buy product This is when you will get your money back Sometimes all a person has to do is write With their name and e-mail To get paid for the lead, so what I want you to do first for the strategy Which we will use within the day The video is a login to your back office Either the maximum back office bonus or Either is your main office for cpa I will work with these two networks Just make sure to subscribe to one These networks so you can access All these offers Next click here where it says Search then what are you going to do Looking for a specific upgrade for A specific offer we'll use for this strategy So go ahead and click here where It says search and then write in the job Then click here where It says search options app and check this out All offers will be withdrawn Which have to do with professions, so anyone Looking for a new career and Maybe you want to work in walgreens .

Target CVs can go ahead and sign up for one From these pages and once they registerهم You will get two dollars and Sixty-five cents two dollars and forty cents You basically get paid for every lead كل Let's say we go ahead and press This one here and the Greens So check out everything someone has to do When they apply and apply for Work in carriages This is what the page will look like Like this is the page You will be promoting All they have to do is go ahead and write in their job, whatever they are looking forward to Work on it for example Walgreens after Go ahead and type in its zip code Then click here where it says Opinion Posts and check it out then all of them What you have to do is write his name And that's exactly when you get paid for it As you can see here after The second page is sent at any time someone who writes in his name This is exactly when you get paid 2.65 As you can see it's kind of cool Because you are helping someone شخص Find a new job Get a job And at the same time you get paid So what you will do is Click here where it says build tracking link What you will do next is click Here is where you say search then Click here where it says search one more time and will give you Referral link and it will work The same way for cpa leads you Basically go ahead and get Affiliate link And it's me I'm here I'll go ahead and copy it now me I'll show you how to proceed and Promote it so anyone can search for it A new job can already be registered And when they do it when you get Pay per customer per customer Suitable for The next step is to go to google and you will write The type of society actually Society will be the first Website pop-up and click On this site here And check that this is basically Huge community of people Search for jobs by exact width We are trying to promote now So what are you going to do inside Here you go and log in Allow me to register or log in for that if you You don't have an account Go ahead and join the community by By clicking here then you can Simply go ahead and join with Email address or if you have Gmail or بريد facebook you can follow and subscribe with it there And this community has more than 500,000 Members over 1000 members are online now and over 400 There were 000 discussions It's all about jobs, so what? What you need to do is click here Where it says Job Categories Then check it out you can go ahead And post about jobs related to Administrative Customer Support Building an engineering community education Food and Beverage Trip Financing Healthcare Personal Legal Marketing Ads Services and almost anything so what We'll do is we'll go Forward and click here where it says Sales and Retail Then, if you scroll down, you'll go to See all must-do discussions With recruitment now in sales and Retail eg Toyota Recruitment process if you press Then basically check it out We will review the entire recruitment process Toyota It will show people where Sign up and see many people ترى She was part of that discussion here A full range of Comments Here is a full set of comments Inside this discussion, what are you I will do the next is to go ahead and start Discussion by clicking here where It says start the conversation Then go ahead and write this in Here you will write something like inside topic you will write Walgreens is hiring Inside the body you will write At walgreens, they are currently hiring all Available jobs Since it is clear that we Working with today has something to do with walgreens that's exactly what you are We will write inside your topic and inside your body To start submitting your application here This is where you put it Excuse me where you stick Referral link So the affiliate link You got the maximum reward here Your referral link guys that you only I got This is exactly where you go ahead and Write it in here afterwards Just go ahead and click on the post Then you will see your message Posted in the community section With your name attached to it even You can see here the profile name And here's the post that's being published and as You can watch this from the best places to find a job People always come here to find New jobs to find new places to apply So this is one of the best places to go Forward and promote professional presentations that You can find on bullet men max bounty or cpa Both of these cpa networks have a new Professional shows where people can come and Apply for a new job As seen by men not only Walgreens, but they can apply for CVs Target Kroger Starbucks A full set of different functions Available and when to go ahead and Record this exactly when you get paid for lead Well guys that's it for this A video that I hope you enjoyed Click this subscribe button to join Community so that I can notify you every time I'm posting a new one Money making video so I hope you guys Enjoyed it be sure to click on it like Hit this subscribe button for me I'll go ahead and see you in next video

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