Earn 18$ Per Instagram Post – Easiest Way To Make Money Online With Instagram

Step 1 is to sign up to instagram.com, install 
the Instagram app on your smartphone device,   and sign up for absolutely free. You can do 
this, even if you now have zero followers. And   it's something that we never talked about 
before, but I tested it, and it works well.  It worked for thousands of people across the 
entire world. And if you watch this tutorial   until the end, I will show you exactly how to 
get everything done for you in less than 5 mins.  So stay tuned for that and pay 
close attention to every step.   So you will not miss out on crucial parts.
Step 2, search for different dog pages. So   you can search for cute dogs, puppies, 
funny dogs, or anything related to dogs.   Then you can open up 5 to 10 different pages 
that are posting all related to puppies, pets,   and dogs. You can get rewarded $18 again and 
again from a website that will pay you on   complete autopilot instantly and directly to your 
PayPal account. So, you can withdraw your money   through PayPal. And that's some excellent news.
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Now let's get back to the video.  Step 3, you need to head over to a website called 

It's a platform where you can get   cashback if you do some shopping online. However, 
that's not exactly how you will be earning money.   You do not want to invest any money. So 
you will start for absolutely free and   can do so by influencing those sales 
online. You can get paid to promote   different offers from this website, and you will 
certainly see why we are using this website.  Yassing.com pays you cash rewards when you promote 
any brands, deals, and coupon pages with others,   and your influence generates a sale. So 
once again, you will earn money super fast   with this website. They will certainly send 
your money directly to your PayPal account   as soon as they are paid by brands and 
stores, which can take less than 12 hrs.  So you do not have to wait for weeks or 
months to make money.

You can get paid   quickly and start making money today. A few of 
the top brands they work with are Walmart gift   cards, Hotels.com, Dell Expedia, etc. Now, let 
me describe exactly how to utilize yasmeen.com   to earn money every day for up to $100 in 
less than 10 minutes on complete autopilot.  So you will undoubtedly head over to yazing.com, 
click join now to create a brand new account,   and you can do so by creating a unique username 
and your valid e-mail. Next, create a password,   retype that same password, and hit register 
now, or you can join with Facebook,   which is a lot easier and faster because 
it requires just one click of a button.  Once you sign up, you can get access to loads 
of different offers to promote and earn money.   There are over 3000 different brands 
that you can promote from this website.   So, for example, you enable this one, you will 
certainly get paid with this amount of money.   All you have to do is grab the referral 
link for a few of those offers,   and whenever someone signs up for 
your referral link, you will get paid.

The reason that we are using yazing.com is that 
once you click promote to earn, you will instantly   get your referral link. So you will not have to 
wait to get approved right into the partnership   program. You will not have to fill out any 
complicated law forms, click on promote to earn,   and you can grab your referral link and make more 
money. As you can see, you can promote different   offers like these, but there's one specific 
offer, which we'll be promoting that works   with a technique, which I'm about to show you 
in this video. And that's a BarkBox affiliate.  This one is going to pay you $18 
per referral that you get.

And also,   I'll show you exactly how in less than 10 minutes.
Step 4, go over to BarkBox, click promote to earn,   and so you can grab your referral 
link. It will be your special referral,   and whenever someone goes to, they can sign up 
to BarkBox and you will make $18 per referral.  So grab that link since BarkBox is a 
paid service that people subscribe to,   so they can get customized boxes 
of treats and toys for their dogs.   We need to find dog owners so that they can 
benefit. Therefore, they will have a reason   to click our weblink and sign up to earn money. 
As I said, I will even show you just how to set   up a passive income stream to get this done so 
that you can get those signups on autopilot.  If you enjoy this video, don't forget to hit 
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Now I will certainly show you 2 different   traffic sources, which you can use.

To set up 
a traffic source, number one, you need to head   over to pexels.com. It's a platform where you can 
find millions of different stock photos and stock   videos. You can use them free of charge because 
they have no copyright on them. Go to the search   bar, search for dogs or puppies. And that'll give 
you thousands of different copyright-free images.   You can see these are high-quality images, 
which you can utilize free of charge. Let's say,   for example, you want to use this one.
All you have to do is click on it,   click free download, and download that 
image to your computer with a full license   to do whatever you want with it. Once more, no 
copyright issues with these photos in any way.   So, download as many pictures as you can, 
download cute puppies, interesting-looking   dogs. It's funny dogs; download them. And 
that should be a real fun procedure because   these dogs are truly cute, and we like them.
So I will have no issues doing this.

As you can   see, I've already downloaded 4 different images. 
So this is a really fun and easy process. Now,   return to instagram.com and create an account 
about it. After that, you will undoubtedly start   posting those dog pictures, which you got 
from pexels.com because they are copyright.  So start building a page in the dog niche, 
create a username with the word dog in it,   create your name with the word dog in it, 
create a good-looking bio, and in your bio,   placed the referral weblink, and 
that takes people to barkbox.com.  You search for all those web pages at the 
beginning of this video to open them up and   go to their followers. Once you created your 
web page about. And you started posting those   images from pexels.com.

So I want you to 
start following people that are following   those massive pages about puppies. That way, you 
will undoubtedly attract targeted people to your   account since they are following this page, 
they will be more likely to follow you back.  And then, on your page, you can always promote 
your BarkBox referral link and get those   referral commissions again. And again, you can 
build a real and sustainable online business.  Because it'll take you less than 10 minutes a day 
to spend on your web page, just reapply to load   one photo from texas.com and follow a bunch 
of people from other pages who are following   dog accounts.

That way, you're attracting 
dog lovers, which most likely have dogs.  So this has enormous potential, but it requires 
some work from your side. It's free. It takes some   time, but it can pay off. You can get loads 
of referral earnings from your page alone.   If you do not want to build those pages 
yourself, you can utilize traffic source   number two, and that is shop card.com where you 
can buy cheap shout-outs from big influencers.   All you need to do is click register for free.
So you can create a brand new account as a brand.   So click brand right here and click sign up 
for absolutely free and log into your account.   Once you log into your brand new 
account, click browse influencers   so you can find different pages to promote with 
on the left side, I want you to unselect Twitter,   YouTube, Facebook, Tick tock, and ticked off 
plus, and only leave Instagram on the side.

You have all these categories. I desire you 
to unselect all and only select animals or   dogs. Also, you can see that those shout-outs are 
like $10 to $15. So for $10, you can advertise on   a web page that has half a million followers. 
Also, the web page is all related to dogs.  You can advertise to half a million people that 
love dogs for only 10. And also, you need 10   signups to make $180 out of 500,000 people.
So even if you get only 50, signups   multiplied by $18 per referral, that's still 
a lot of money, a lot of passive income since   you don't need to do any of the work.

example, you do not have to build a web page.  You do not need to upload any 
photos, or research, or whatsoever.   You can pay 10 dollars and wait for those referral 
earnings on your yasmeen.com. You may even find   cheaper pages that have cheaper shout-outs but 
have more followers. Once you start making more   and more money, I recommend you reinvest back 
at least a portion of that revenue into those.  So you can buy from bigger pages like 
these pages with millions of followers.   So you can advertise to millions of people at 
a low price. And those shout-outs can get you   loads of referral earnings on complete autopilot. 
I indicate this is if you want to build the page   yourself, cut that curve of building a web page 
yourself, and you're willing to invest 10 to $15,   I highly recommend you use shop car.com to 
buy cheap shout outs from big carriers and   that way gets referral earnings on autopilot.
Yet if you do not want to invest any money at all,   you want to build a real and sustainable business 
with Yazing.com. Then, after that, build the page   yourself.

That way, you can always promote every 
single day for free on your page. It'll take more   time and effort, but it's free. Once more, build 
a page yourself and promote that referral link on   your page, so you can get those referrals and 
earn $18 for it, or you can use shout car.com   to get those referrals on complete auto-pilots.
Once again, you need 10 referrals out of hundreds   of thousands of people to make $180, and 
it'll take you less than 10 minutes to set   this up because all you have to do is log into 
your account, pay $10. And that's it. That's   like less than a minute. And also, from that 
point, it all goes on to complete autopilot. And that's it. Before we go, make 
sure to subscribe to the channel,   click on the notification bell, hit the like 
button, and I'll see you in the next videos.

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