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now i want you to look at something for me imagine me to make something from $ 500 to $ 1,100 each day now you ask me every day in the comments that you want something for free you want something that is worldwide does not take much work and something where you can make money over and over again so on this video if you like the follow steps i will show you absolutely possible for you to make hundreds if not thousands of dollars every day if you want to make money online and you want to earn serious money over and over then this strategy is for you who need it hardly no job, no technical skills and I will show you everything you need to set it up, but you have to look at the whole video so you can post it all together to make money online if you interested keep an eye on everyone everyone here again from the smart money tactics channel where i post videos every day to teach you how to make money online, this is the first time you came to my channel enter button disables all to notifications and I will notify you each when I post a brand new video everyone asks what do you do if you like this video hit the similar rating button now it's clear you're here to learn how to make money online, and if you want to know what I do to a complete to make time passive income online click here link in the top description here it will teach you what i do anything from $ 500 to $ 1,000 click on like this every day check it out and ask me questions only by commenting the bottom in the comments section now what i want to do today is that i want to show you how to be a real can create sustainable passive income stream by hardly do any of the work yourself If you do, take only about 10 to 15 minutes at worst, maybe half an hour to times maybe to find the content, but the the best part is that you do not have to create any of these things are already here for you and I will show you how to do to make money again and again and you can earn hundreds seriously if not thousands of dollars per single day so stick with me for the next 10 to 15 minutes and I'll show you exactly how you can do it and then you can start directly after watching this video and feel free to ask me any questions time we are going to do now are we going to use YouTube but we're going to do it a little otherwise because we are not going trust in any and income so you can continue to make money online and you do not have to to create any content you do not need show your face that you do not have to do type of voice-over and you do not even should be concerned about monetization and what we are going to look at today if you come here bar and you type in cute, for example animals let's just say cute animals for example, you can enter cute dogs funny animal cat videos whatever you want okay guys, and if you come here, then I'm want to show you something here can see here that there is literally millions of views guys watching video he has eight point eight million times nine months ago this one he has been seen forty-four million times a year ago it absolutely exploded niche and these little animal videos cute cats cute dogs just animals in common with these simple thumbnails what am i going to show you exactly how you can make exactly the same thumbnail it's super simple guys look at this thirty-eight thousand views two weeks again if you browse here, there is so many of these different types videos and what i want to show you is how to make money on the back of not with advertising revenue with affiliate marketing nothing about it and you can take full advantage of some money if you come here let's look at this chapter channel over here it's called aw animals, ok i want to watch when this channel started for example and I want a have see how many views they get so when we get here, look at that guys this video here has nine one hundred and forty-five thousand views in only three weeks eighty two thousand seven hundred and sixty-two thousand a one hundred and sixty-one thousand and there is a way to make money online make money on YouTube with this strategy with this strategy without advertising revenue okay, if we look at this out if we want to sort and we have a look at the date I added the oldest I want to see how old is this channel and we come across here I want to see the first video that was created and how many views of it person got so when we come here can see here that oh my god look at this eight months ago was their first video and that video got four point nine million views account I will show you how they can probably arrange these videos and you can do the same without creating any of the videos, so now I'm going to show exactly how you can do it and how you can repeat it to make it money if you click on this video let's see what they wrote, so I'll keep it waiting over here, so if we interrupt and browse after this i want to show you here what they potentially use or what they what is used is something called vid IK is okay and at IQ this platform is over here where you can download it, it's a Chrome extension okay what is sitting here this IQ and when we get here again, guys let me just open it because it show you exactly what labels they are use to arrange this video and you can copy exactly the same labels for everyone what you need to do is copy these labels and you can get YouTube to upload your content to same audience as this video about here now if you come here as we go see and we'll show you how much more you are will see here that this person is do not use their own videos, ok use creative regular videos, but the funny thing is these channels actually earn money, but that's not how we are going to look to make money online with this strategy and they have basically here they have like a disclaimer that says if you find any videos here what you do not want here as someone us to the give rights to something someone might be otherwise you can of course make contact this person and they will take it video mode, but how are you going to do it and do it in a way that you do not need to contact someone or find someone and make money on the back of it, what let's say we'll be back about what you want to do on YouTube you simply want simple just type in something like cute again cats for example or cute animals let us for example, just run with cute animals because it really looks like really good and then what do you want to do above you just want to click on filter here and as soon as you click filter what you want to roll and you want to go to you and you want Click on two creative comments and us will use creative commentary because we do not have the do not want to create videos ourselves and we are not worried about advertising revenue guys, so or not whether the channel makes money or not not our concern about what we want to do is wants to give views like this six point six million views over four months we want to get three point nine million views four months four point three million opinions on four months who these people are do it and they create a lot videos with a lot of content and it is get millions of views but I will show how to make money on the back of let's say you wanted to go again here you can here a lot use similar title and you can use the same labels I showed to some of you the other videos and thaf you want reload this content, how would you do it do it if you click on this video here we know that it is marked for free use and you can do it again you want to interrupt this video what you want to do is you want to copy it call here so you just come click here to copy as soon as you click to copy, go to Google and you're just looking for YouTube mp4 converter guys and if you browse below there is as much as you can see I clicked so many times in time and what you can use and it is very very simple to use, let's go to the at the top here you click on this as soon as you click on it, it's the one I use okay, so you come here paste it into it, click on mp4 and you click to convert what it is going to do it is going to convert that video and it will upload it video okay, as you can see and upload video, it's going to upload it video to your computer that you click on to convert now and as you can see here it starts downloading video you would do from here is would you like this video simple download to your computer upload it on your own YouTube channel that you create once you've created that YouTube channel, it's very easy for you to upload the video now to a lot to create very simple thumbnail guys everything you need to do, for example, come to Google ok so very simple came across for Google guys look at all the different photos you can use Google and all you have to do is type for example I typed screaming kittens funny kittens all these different kinds of words you can use to find funny pictures well but all you have to do is you must click on you where it says tools you need to get here must roll and you must click on two marked for reuse and once click on two marked to use it again are all the images you can use guys, this is a very simple picture can use, then this is what you want to do for example wants to come to canvas and you come to and click on creative design and once you get up creative design you have to come up with here and you have to click on custom dimensions and dimensions you want to use is simple 1920 by 1080 I only do you want to show it very quickly how to make a very simple can create YouTube thumbnail ok, so you click on create design it takes you to a page like this now if you go to Google all you have to do is do it right-click on any of these images you find one of these images for example your right mouse click and you are going to copy this picture see okay coming click to copy this image then you come and you just copy these pictures to Canberra okay and that's exactly what i did here and as you can see here, we are going thumbnail that we can and can use title it a video, for example shout cats against sleeping cats, ok something like it, but as you can see around a creating thumbnails is super super simple, so now that you have your video, you have your thumbnail and you have uploaded your video how are you going to make money with everyone these millions of views, guys so it's very simple what you want is that you want to come to a website like T spring calm now T spring is a website that allows you to sell goods without having to stock that spends money something like that and anytime someone buy something from you, you are going to make money online and you can make lots of money, I'll show you exactly how much money you can make it possible I speak thousands of dollars $ 1100 per day or $ 1,500 a day for a video that gets 10 million plus views is okay feasible and as you have seen some people get millions of views from their upload first, how does teespring work okay, all you have to do is need it to get here you need a lot simply click to log in once click to sign in you to a page that looks like this now you can sign in via Google can subscribe via Facebook or you can Simply create an account for yourself now, as soon as you click on Google and you create an account for yourself it will take you to a page that looks like okay, and it is what a brand new account looks like is what I just did, just created another one brand new account for myself now what what you want to do is you want to come here and you want to click to get started design and as soon as you click to start if you design it, it will take you to a page that looks like this and you can simply create all different types of clothes now people who like cats I love dogs I like animals go a buy a whole bunch of different things now with a simple click here you can create a design and use it Oh again on so many different garments such as t-shirts and pants and leggings and socks and then you have like cups and you have the handbags and phone numbers and whole bunch of different things guys like you come here for example and if we just click here on this t-shirt as you can see, we can only choose one of the following these different t-shirts just let us run with this here and then you come here and you want to sell these t-shirts here you click to sell it will take you to a page that now looks like you want to do from here you simply want find a picture you can use now can go back to Google as I showed you and find images for which they are marked reuse, or you can come to this site here the website called X clean P&G was previously called Coast P&G or something like this and all you have to do here is that you can fill in anything you can would like cat dogs to have funny images and such stuff, let's maybe find it cute dogs let's just try it and see what come on ok look here you come type cute dogs in this search bar okay it will find everything else pictures above okay so you have all these different images guys now you can go here too and you can type simple things like maybe just dogs okay and see what's coming, so let's just this image here and that's all free guys, it's right, you can use it absolutely, it does not cost you anything so you have it here and all you have to do is come here and you can download this image free download guys click to download it is going to download this image and we will be able to use this image and as you can see it is download here what we want to do now is we want to return to our image here now you are the first thing you can do is that you can simply add some text in order so we can expand it and you can put anything you want in this text guys now it's not mandatory to sit text, but you can put text in order and then what you want to do is add that image, so what I'm going to do, come click here to add the image once we click on those guys we just can double click on this and what it is to do is that it's going to go up that image here so we can just move that we can here for example make it a little smaller and okay you can enter the text you want here okay guys now here is true you can determine how much you want to sell this t-shirt for so let's say you wanted to sell this t-shirt for $ 24.99 okay you do not need any of the do not control stock until someone buys it, do not now cost a single thing you can imagine you can find even better images this is just a very quick tutorial for show you how to earn online on the back of this now yjy do not need to use t-shirts, you can use cups I use think cups will work much better and you can earn eleven dollars and 82 cents over here for every single sale you do is to come here click on go ahead and what it's going to do is it's going to evoke all these different things pictures too, once loaded you will be able to see that you have this t-shirt up here you can put on whatever text you want and when you browse below I mean you can do it just choose anything you want use, you have leggings, you have pants you have t-shirts that you have different hoods well and if you come here we are going to roll down and we are going also look at accessories not just going to look at all these things pants and socks and all that kind let's look at accessories now you first click on accessories guys you get a whole lot of hope accessories you have cups phone calls you have different types bags you can choose that you can not choose everything these different products you can use everything in your store now when you use these different types create clothes guys you just need to get you link and place the link at the top description, so I said you were going to show you about how much money you could potentially can be used from it after this you know if you are making anything from ten to fifteen dollars some of the products you can make a little more money to people and once click on your link as we say it is your link above, you copy it link you to any of these videos you made and all me will do is paste this link the top part of your description guys and then everyone who clicks on it they go to your tea shop and they can only buy you a lot simply put my shop or something according to the rules of cute cat mocks and things that people will definitely do click on a now if you are thinking about I mean, you're watching this video also here and more than six point six million see guys when i pick up my calculator here and let's say you do six million six hundred thousand views now of course you do not get a million views immediately, but I just want show you the potential of this videos have it now if you do it and you times are by 0.01% guys we talk you one percent know what we're going to do less and let's say it is just the number of people clicking it's going well, about 66,000 people Click on the link from there you turn with 0.01 percent of say how many people buy those six one hundred and sixty people who potentially for sale and you turn up say ten dollars you know you're talking six thousand six hundred dollars possibly from one video, but let's say that only half of the people buy or you do not even know half of the half you speak two thousand more dollars per video you can make every recharge you do and you did not create any of the content you are not on video, you have to do it voiceovers it's a fantastic way you can make money online at the best parties that we literally ten to took fifteen minutes and you can do it again and again and again, and you can make money online with the start of this strategy directly after the video saw that was my video for today on how you can make money online guys by simply copying Paste simple videos reload you never created now if you enjoyed it this video and you want to know others Ways to Make Money on YouTube watch the video here that I guys created where you have a can make significant amount of money easy do something very very much the same watch the video otherwise I will a place you can go and look too, guys, thank you so much very fof looking at another one of mine videos until the next time you stay safe and goodbye

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