Earn 106$ /Month Online From Home (Copy My Strategies)

hi friends how are you today i will show you 
how i made 106 dollars last month with one brand   maybe now you are thinking 
106 dollars per month   it's not a big deal it's not a big number yes i 
know but if you are new here to my channel you   have to know something very important here you 
will never see weird numbers you will never see   scammy videos here i share only my experience 
i share only what i do and give you the real   results so i made one or six dollars i 
will share with you what i did stay tuned hi everyone i'm hassan from h-educate and 
let's see what is covered in this   super video number one i will show you step by 
step how i made this number what service i'm using   everything in detail number two i will show you my 
plan to reach 500 using the same strategy i will   show you exactly what i'm going to do and when i 
finish i will publish a video sharing the results   so don't forget subscribe and turn notifications 
to get every new update before we start   please listen very well i have three important 
points very important points you have to know   about number one here on youtube we have a lot 
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new update without wasting more time let's start   so what's the idea behind this video it's simply 
affiliate marketing now if you are following   me you know i have a lot of case studies for 
tutorials and course about affiliate marketing but   just for new followers here affiliate marketing is 
simply to pick a product any product from amazon   any service online and you promote this product or 
service and when someone buys it through your link   you will earn a commission and i think it's one 
of the simplest strategies to start working from   home online because you don't need a product you 
pick any product online and you start promoting   you just need to promote so what i picked for 
this video for this case study i selected canva   canva is one of the best services and applications 
that allow you to design create almost anything   online so go to canva.com first step canva.com 
and scroll down here we will see the affiliates   program click on this link and you will see 
here we have three steps just sign up register   promote and start earning and you can see we 
can earn up to 36 dollars for each new canva   user that signs up with your link and what's nice 
they offer flexible payment options so don't worry   if you don't have paypal so what to do next simply 
click on this link join now to sign up now what   you have to know that canva uses an affiliate 
management network it's called impact if you   go here you will see this application is managed 
by impact.com you can see here just sign up for   your information here blah blah whatever and go 
and sign up i don't want to waste now time by   signing up if you have questions anything you want 
you can always join our telegram channel to chat   together and help each other or simply post your 
questions on the forum and i'll be more than happy   to help you almost every single day so sign up and 
then you'll find yourself inside impact.com you   can see this is my dashboard these are my earnings 
of course not from only canva i have multiple   servers i promote here anyway you will see 
this in a little bit let's go here to reports   to give you some motivation and click here on 
performance by brand to show you my earnings   the proof that almost everyone loves i will go 
here and say last month apply and select here   canva search and you can see now from canva i 
made 106.93 dollars last month as i told you   i will tell you at the end of this video my plans 
to scale this number to 500 dollars and i'll share   with you the strategy anyway let's see this month 
i don't know really how much i made apply search   okay 22 dollars not bad so we selected canva let's go back 
here to home now we have the affiliate program   we can start promoting and this really the 
main part here how to promote an affiliate   service how to start getting conversions 
so please stay tuned and focus very well   this is now the main part of the video how 
to promote or how i mainly promoted canva   sarah let me continue recording please say hi 
or say bye say bye and leave say bye and go   say bye bye go but before we promote we 
need to get the link the affiliate link   so here inside impact make sure to select canva if 
you have multiple programs if you are new you will   find only canva and simply click on create you 
will get this link from canva copy or you can edit   this as an example say here canva one whatever you 
want save it and now you have the link i will copy   open notepad and here is my superlink my affiliate 
link i can promote canva with so what to do next   we need to promote now to be honest with you i 
didn't put that much effort to promote canva when   we talk about promoting affiliate links we have a 
lot of strategies and methods we have paid methods   and free methods in paid methods we have a 
lot of different strategies like google ads   facebook ads native ads push ads and much more and 
in free methods we have promoting through content   through quora pinterest through forums we have a 
lot of different methods explained in detail in my   other videos here on my channel but today i want 
to share with you what exactly i did simply what   i did in my case i went here to ads and click on 
ads and links here you will see ads and banner ads   from different services i will go here and select 
canva search and you will see all the links the   text links and the banner ads and everything now 
what i used is one attractive ad you will see now   this one here i got this ad if i opened you can 
see i felt that this ad is somehow attractive   remove background instantly with this funny 
doc image i felt it's really attractive so   what i did here simply is i clicked on 
get code html and you'll see this is the   code of this banner i copied it and simply i 
posted it on h-supertools and on my website   as a banner ad you know i have h-supertools 
my free seo and digital marketing tools if you   open now any tool here you will see this area here 
this one here is for affiliate and ad spaces so i   publish the ad in this space and if you open 
my blog on my website also i have an area for   affiliate ads if you go here open any article 
on my website it's also for affiliate ads you   can see here i'm promoting also bluehost so 
i published this ad exactly this one here   on my website and on my h-supertools platform 
which is already getting traffic and i got some   clicks if you go back here to reports buy brands 
go here to canva again last month apply you will   see i got 53 000 impressions i got 4 000 clicks 
i got 10 actions i made 106 dollars 133 is the   total sale amount 106 is my earnings so i simply 
posted a banner ad on my website and i got traffic   to my website now i know the first thing you will 
tell me hey hassan we are beginners we don't have   traffic like you friends when i started i also 
didn't have any traffic i had zero traffic   zero audience zero followers everything was zero 
but i worked hard to get traffic and today i have   almost 268 000 views on my websites how i did this 
i told you exactly how to do this on my channel   i explained this but really a lot of you are 
somehow maybe lazy i don't know they don't work   hard to get traffic i've published a full course 
you can see 34 minutes explaining step by step   what i did to get traffic step by step we can 
go follow up for a couple of weeks one month   two months and start getting traffic to promote 
affiliate links or google adsense or your services   or whatever you want go and watch the course now 
so this is what i did and you see this strategy   is not that big deal it's just posting a banner ad 
so it's totally passive advertising passive income   now the second important question the second 
part is how i am planning to scale this number   to at least 500 dollars in the next months how 
i'm going to do this if you go back to my website   go here to deals or recommendations you will see 
i am recommending canva in this page let's see   here i promote a lot of affiliate servers that i'm 
promoting canva also hidden design graphic anyway   so my first step is i'm going to improve this 
page and create a dedicated page for graphics   and design and add it to my website this is 
number one number two which is more important   i will go here and use the ads and links from 
canva let's go back to canva here i will go into   the second or third page i will use the same 
ad this one here the same ad but now i will   go with paid advertising i will promote this 
banner ad with google display advertising and   i will set a campaign budget up to 100 or 200 
per month and i will see how things will work   of course i will share with you everything when 
i test it when it's successful i will share with   you everything so don't worry just subscribe turn 
notifications and get every new upcoming update   to see the power of affiliate marketing and all 
my upcoming case studies to be successful online   now please if you want to know more about 
promoting affiliate products please go to my   affiliate marketing tutorials playlist i have 
a full video about promoting affiliate links   about case studies real case studies about paid 
advertising a lot of videos here you can use to   promote affiliate products i hope you enjoyed this 
short video if you have any questions don't forget   telegram channel h-educate.com/ forums i will be with 
you almost every day like the video and see you later you

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