Earn $10,530 With These 3 Simple Steps (Make Money Online)

What is going on,
everybody. Paul James here. Welcome back to another
YouTube video. Today. Today, we are talking about the best
ways to make money online. [Inaudible]. Now, before. We get into the video, I do want to quickly cover who this is
for to make sure that you are in the right place. So this might be for you if maybe
you've recently graduated and you're just looking for a way to make some money. You're not really sure what you
want to do yet with your life. Then this could be a good place to start. Maybe you're in between jobs and
you just are laid off right now.

Maybe you got fired from your last job, or you're just trying
to figure things out. Then this could also be
a good strategy for you. Maybe you just need
some extra money. Okay? Everyone maybe just need some extra
money to pay some bills or to do some fun things. Then this could be a strategy.
If you want to start a side hustle, this could also be a strategy for you. This is a great side hustle that you
can go and you can implement with the components. I'm going to give you today.
So if any of these sound like you, then you are in the right place today.

Now I also want to talk about
who this is not for. Okay? If you have any doubt at all. So if
you're not willing to put in the work, then this probably isn't
going to be for you. If you're looking to get
rich quick, I'm sorry, but I just don't believe that exists.
So this also is not going to be for you. And if you don't have any
time at all to implement this, this is also not going to be for you. It's not going to take
up a ton of your time, but it will take time to actually
go and implement the strategy.

So the fact that you're here watching
this video right now shows me that you're probably pretty serious. So let's
go ahead and dive right into it. So what to expect, this is a
strategy to get started. Okay. I'm going to try and give you everything
that I can right now to get you started. However, I can't cover everything in just like
a 10 minute YouTube video, obviously. So what I'm going to also do
is after this video is over, I'm going to leave a
link in the description. And if you want to learn how to multiply
your results here and make $3,800, and I'd highly recommend you check out
that link after this video is over.

All right. So how do we
get started with this? So I've boiled this whole entire
thing down to three simple steps. So if you're looking for
ways to make money online, all you need to do is follow
these three simple steps. Now this is something that you can use
to make money in your spare time or combined with the link in the description. You could turn this into a full-time
life-changing income if you really wanted to.

And you put in the work and effort.
Okay? So what are the three steps? So again, I've boiled this down into three simple
steps and they are step number one. You're going to get credibility
in a certain skill. Step. Number two is you're going to find people
that could use help from your skill. And then step number three is you're
going to make an offer to them by standing out, okay. There's a lot of
noise online on the internet. And if you want to make money online, you need to really implement
these steps all at once. And you implement all
three steps together. You'll essentially be able to make money
from anywhere that has internet access.

You're not bound to any certain location. You can go and you can take
a vacation somewhere else. You could be in a different
country. You could do this. You can have the freedom to
even work your own hours. So you're not having to set an alarm
clock and wake up at a certain time with this method. And you'll have more time to spend with
family and friends and to just do the things that you want to do with your life, because that really is the ultimate
freedom. All right. So step number one, we're going to need to get
credibility in a certain skill. Now, this is very, very important because if you're going
to be offering a service to someone, you need to prove that you
actually know how to do it. And one of the best ways to do that
right now is to get certified with Google. Google actually has certifications
out there that will allow you to get certified and it's called Google
skill shop.

So on my screen, I've pulled up skill
shop dot with google.com. And you can go here under this tab
where it says, get certified at the top. And they've got multiple
certifications here. Google ads, Google marketing platform,
Google analytics, and then ways. Now Google ads has the Google
ad search certification, which would be like what shows up
in the search results. Google ads, display certification. That's
what shows up on other websites. If you've ever been on
another website online, and you see a little advertisement that
comes usually from the display network, Google ads, measurement,
Google ads, video, that would be like what shows
up on these YouTube videos. Maybe you've seen an ad here on the
YouTube channel that's done by the Google ads, Google video ads,
shopping ads, certification.

That's when you go and you search for
an item and you see like a shopping cart to buy it, and then Google
ads, app certification, which is what shows up
like on Android apps. So what I recommend you do is that
you get certified in the ads search certification, and possibly even
the ads display certification. These are going to be your two most
beneficial certificates to get. So you can go and you
can get started here. You'll just sign in with
your Gmail account and right
away you can go and start going through their free
courses and get certified. Now you may be wondering
how much businesses actually
spend on skilled people. Now I did a search here for the
average digital marketing cost.

And you can see here that
it ranges from $35,000 to $145,000 per year. And businesses will pay anywhere
from 90 to $250 per hour. So this is pretty insane.
Now, if you think about this, you're going to be able to go and
get certified directly from Google, offer an advertising service
and provide that skill. Just how Google taught you how to do it. And they're going to companies are going
to then spend some of that marketing budget with you, or maybe you can convince them to spend
the entire marketing budget with you depending on exactly what
you're offering to them. Now, before we get into the next step, I need
your help. I need to ask you a favor, trying to blow this channel up
this year.

So I want to know, will you do me a favor and just
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on making money online. All right. So with that being said, let's
get into step number two. So step number two is we need to find
people that need help with this skill that you offer.

So freelance sites like upwork.com
is a really great place to start so on Upwork, you can go in
and you can search for jobs. And if you're looking
for jobs for advertising, you can go into their search
Janine search for PPC, which stands for pay per click. Now, what
you can see here is just today, alone, there are 485 jobs of these are
businesses that are looking for someone that has this skill that
you can learn over on skill shop. And if you go through and just look at
some of these, you can see right here, this person is hiring someone
for 50 to $150 per hour.

This person is looking for someone who
they're willing to give $750 per month to manage their pay-per-click. Here's
another one $700. Here's another 1, 23 to $60 an hour on another one
right here, 40 to $80 an hour. My point is is that the
people are out there. The companies and the business owners
are out there that are hiring for this skill. It's up to you to
get the certification, to go on site like Upwork, and
to start applying for these. Now, before you start applying for these jobs, you want to make sure that your
profile looks professional, make sure you have a
professional headshot. Make sure you have a nice biography in
there that shows off your certificates that you've gotten and something that's
going to really set you apart from everyone else.

Make sure when you do apply for the jobs
and if they have a cover letter that it also talks about those
skillsets, that you have, those certifications that you have,
that you got from Google skill shop. It's going to really help you stand
apart to show that you've been certified. Now, also, you want to stay focused on results
when you're applying for these jobs. So you don't want to just talk about
the skill set that you got and the certifications that you got. Instead, you want to tie in how those skill sets
and certifications will lead to a result for the business owner. And obviously the result for the business
owner is they want more sales or they want more business into
their actual company. So you need to tie in how
your certification will
lead to getting them those results. And that's gonna be what really speaks
to them and makes them want to hire you. Now let's get into step number three, you need to make them an offer and you
need to stand apart from the crowd, even though there's almost 500
people on Upwork just today, alone, looking for people to
hire for these positions.

There's a lot of people who also
are applying for these positions, which means that if you want to have
a chance at getting one of these jobs, you need to stand apart from the crowd. So I recommend you do is record
a screencast style video using loom.com, a screencast style videos. Just kind of like the video I'm recording
right now. It just records the screen. And you just talk. Now that doesn't mean
you have to show your face. Like I am. You could just have your
voice playing over the screen, going over the client's website
and kind of showing that, Hey, we could get your website
shown on Google and, um, I can do the paid ads and you could even
go and show how you're certified.

Now. Most people that are applying for these
jobs, they just aren't doing this step. So if you do this step combined
with the other two steps, you're going to be in really good shape
to actually go and get traction on this method and start making
some money online. Now, the real secret to making money
online is you need to be persistent. You need to never give up and you need
to realize that it will take work, but it's so worth it in the end, when you start making money and you have
that freedom to just live life on your own terms.

Now, if you want
leave a comment below this video, if you would like me to
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skill shop and Upwork work. And if you want to multiply
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show you in that link, how to make $3,800 using none
of your own money upfront. So definitely check that
out. It's going to be very, very special in-depth training going
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