Earn 100$ / Signup! Earn Money Online Without Website And Free! [ Step By Step 2021]

Every week I receive new emails from people All over the world saying hello to me, okay, thank you, your videos helped us In building an online business, your videos made me the first One hundred dollars online etc., believe me these emails To my great pleasure, my videos and content are helping so many people Around the world, I hope you are next You send me an email telling me your success story After watching this video, today in this video I'll show you Step-by-step how you can reach at least 200 to 500 dollars Monthly, work from home, two to three hours a day, even from your phone Sorry with your phone, this is for my daughter Sarah Anyway, what's cool about this video also is that it's completely free, you can start for free Without any investment I do not need a website So this would probably suit anyone on this planet Stay tuned What was covered in this video, of course Number one is a step-by-step guide Number two, how do you get paid online Number three what if you don't have it Paypal in your country, how will you pay Are there any alternatives, and how you can expand this And make more money and turn this into a full-fledged online business Working from home, it's like a full course Compressed in a few minutes, so please don't miss a second I will share a lot of tips with you that will help you succeed It will help you send me an email in a few weeks telling me about Your success story, what is the strategy followed today It's simply about getting the url link and then promoting it And whenever someone registers through your link, you will earn Between $ 65 and $ 100 Can you believe this per login So please don't tell me that you can't have two or three records at all A month if you work two or three hours a day, followed by The strategy that I am going to show you now step by step you do not have Any excuse, just watch the video for a few minutes Start the application and start working and you will see results This video is not for lazy people and I'm not here to share some scams with you Like 80% of other youtube clips You know here on my channel that I only share the things I experienced and tried for real A real business online that will help you Earn real money and build a real business online, so Step number one is to get the link that we want to promote I'll open a web browser and go to a website called Bluehost.com maybe if you follow me on My channel talked about this site before Bluehost and you probably already know it It is one of the best web hosting services Online if you go here, you will see something called affiliate partnership Or here in the top list of our affiliate partnership So you can register to become a partner For this company, what an affiliate partnership is simply Someone promoting this service and you'll get a commission For each subscription you can see here that you will earn $ 65 for each qualifying registration What you will do now before clicking on record It will go here, open a new tab, and go To medium.com What is medium.com It is just a website that allows you to Create a blog inside as I told you You don't need a website, you will go to medium.com Simply register with a Gmail account I don't want to waste time now, sign up and so it's very simple Just sign up then post registration if you click Here in your account you will see that you will have this field This website this blog for you is based on medium in my case It's h-edutcate.medium.com and they have some articles on this site So this is your free website, you don't need it Think about any other things like hosting a website etc.

This is your blog, it's blank blog for you right now Don't worry, just copy this url, copy it, and then go here again And click "Login" is very simple, you only need to fill in Your account information, user password, whatever it is and here at the address url, just paste, a very simple medium code will ask Your url, paste it url medium blog very easily Now in the payment information, you need your paypal mail address to get your money Don't worry if you don't have paypal just stay with me I will share with you how you can get your money and what the alternatives are Just focus now and forget how to get your money Focus on making money from this service after you simply fill in the information Accept the conditions and register, now I will log into my account Because I'm already a partner, I'd say Bluehost's hosting partner And here is my account, which as you can see I have this month About $ 200, as you can see I have 692 clicks here With two subscriptions, by the way, these numbers mean a lot You have to focus well with me because I will share with you The importance of these numbers, why do I have a login Out of 600 what to expect and so on so please stay tuned and focus So good with me, I have a lot of important advice that I want to share with you For this small course, so sign up as I said We need to get the link, just go here to the links And you'll see we've got this link that will be Your own link so you can use it to promote it, only Copy this link and copy the link address, I will open now Notepad I'll paste the link, so this one The first step we got the link, I chose Bluehost simply because you know No need to verify from you, anyone can apply It's a great choice for beginners anyone will accept so have a The link is directly without any difficulty Account validation is like other partner programs that require Specific number of visitors, websites, content, and more Anyone can sign up, so go now and sign up with Bluehost And get the affiliate link, we're done with the first step Easily, the second step is to promote the affiliate link and that is the action Most importantly, this is what you will do Every day for two and three hours a day, so will be your business Promote this link and get clicks And subscriptions, that's your main job every day, so let's lay down Glasses because here is the important work We got the link How to Promote It How to Get Visitors which, a small note Before we continue, here on my channel I talked a lot about Get visitors and promote commission links Free, with paid ads, and more Much more, you can check full videos at Playlist case studies for Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing Lessons Playlist So You Can Go And Check It Out But For This video I want to share with you Specific strategy that if you follow it during the next weeks, such as two weeks Or three weeks you will get visitors, you will receive subscriptions So I'm only going to share one strategy with you To focus on it, what you will do next to medium is what you need to go to quora.com, please some patience and stay with me Here in quora, what you're going to do is, the first thing is to create a space By the way, if you don't know Quora, it is a question and answer site Where people can ask and answer questions And to get visitors we can see here you can add a question Share a link and create a space, forget those two Click Create Space and simply enter the name of your space Description You can create a space around digital marketing About web hosting about anything you can add Bluehost related content Like Affiliate Marketing Digital marketing, web hosting maybe web services anything related To Bluehost where we can add content related to bluehost So in my case, I have a space that you can see making money online, here I have created this Space a few months ago, and today I have about 8000 followers In this space what the space of a quora is simply A blog-like place is like a group where you can post your content And what's great is the quora spaces That if you are a regular, quora will automatically promote your post This is very important and most importantly, you can add links Inside your post, you can see that I am adding some short links To track my clicks and you can see here i have a lot of posts My team spreads within this space so you have to create a quora space Medium blog and here we are.

This is the second step Or the first part of the second step, so create a medium and blog quora space Now we are ready to start promoting but before we start For promotion, a small order please if you like my videos if Would you like to watch more videos about digital marketing Internet businesses make money via Internet and much much more, please give me a favor Hit the like button and subscribe to my channel to get all A new update almost every day for that Let's start promoting, we have the quora space We have an account with it and you have a blog medium What you're going to do now is simply create between five and ten Small articles related to Bluehost and please focus well here It's not any article that isn't like a Bluehost review because so many of you are Unfortunately I went and wrote these traditional articles That won't get visitors that won't get links, review Bluehost Best web hosting service and adding links inside it No, I want to share some real strategies with you Something works so please focus well And use your mind to have a superpower inside your head Just use it so what do you write about how to get Great content ideas to write about related to Bluehost Simply you can now go to my description and watch My video on 10 tips and 10 strategies for getting better Content ideas to write about, but I will share some of them with you now In this video, like How to Create a Marketing Website Affiliate with Bluehost Tutorial Problem fixing it, number two Bluehost vs vps hosting Something people want to know about and see if Bluehost It will be better than vps hosting or other companies, for comparison Number three how to set up a tutorial for WordPress on Bluehost Specific tutorial number four How to Create a Forum How to Create a Forum on Bluehost number five how to build Online store on Bluehost all these lessons are on how to have it Lots of internet searches that people love to read Watch them and learn how to use them so they can possibly Follow up with you and subscribe to Bluehost through Your tutorial please think about it, focus very well When you write a tutorial when you create Tutorial people will start following you Step by step, the first step is to get the hosting They need to register with Bluehost and they will use their link So you have to research and think 5 to 10 ideas and write mini essays On this topic, post it on medium now on medium what wonderful you can add Affiliate links no problem and what's great about medium it allows Affiliate links but guest only do not overuse them One or two links inside your articles after adding Articles on medium from which you may naturally get visitors Because it has a lot of views if you go to medium The stats will see that she gets 234 million Visits monthly, many of them in the United States So maybe you can get free visitors directly from medium But we want to make things faster, so we want attraction More visitors to medium what you will do is go to quora here And answer questions about your articles And he mentioned them inside the questions as an example If you are writing an article here on let's say This is the best teaching for me to blogging, I go here For domains I look for domains and go here for questions Then I begin to open and answer the questions and make my link For medium article, well link with medium So this is how you promote your articles on Medium from quora answers This is very, very important you can get Visitors from day one, now here I want to share with you Important tip inside the quora when you want to filter questions Go here to last week and try to answer the most recent questions So you will see your answers as the first answer So you can get visitors faster and easier than quora Also when filtering questions when you open the question you will see Related questions here, it's roughly the same question for that You have roughly the same answer, so in this case You will create answer templates and make things up Much easier so that every day you can answer 10-15 questions in about 15 minutes In quora and you can get a lot of traffic from quora you can see here In my stats in my account, you can see here that I have about 443 thousand Watch on quora and this month only 22,000 views and that's very important Questions answered on quora Now what about space quora what will it do And what I do is create many or many articles The paragraphs from the main article are here on Medium So you can see here as an example, let's tell this article how to get 100 thousand A subscriber, if you open up you can somehow see a small article If you go to my blog here you will find the same article but it is In more detail I am promoting my quora space Here you go about how to get a hundred thousand subscribers On youtube, this is the full article and this is the quora thumbnail To summarize things you will Create an article on Medium to promote it With quora questions, create answer templates The most recent questions are answered by filter Last week and create mini articles and post them on The quora space places Medium links this way It can accelerate you to get more traffic And the more clicks on your commission link Just one caveat, don't use commission links in quora answers You will be banned, just use quora to drive visitors to your main article And by the way, if you have a blog, you can use your own Instead of Medium and get direct traffic To your blog, it's up to you so I guess the idea is now fairly simple Get the link Create a quora Space Create a Medium Blog Answer the questions Connecting things together to get traffic And you'll see a lot of clicks and a few subscriptions And a few hundred dollars every month In your account, so by following this strategy Every day for two or three hours It will definitely get a lot of clicks for you And a few subscriptions and so how Make money from this service and after that You can go to the stats here and you will see here the next return You can see that I have the next payout in 30 of April of this month I have $ 330 You may have noticed, my earnings are rewarded for each subscription It's $ 100, not 65.

So how simply did I create this you can Contact Bluehost and let them know that you will be promoting This service and if they can help you and further Your reward if you have some audience, a website This will help you accelerate, increase, and lift the reward for you It's $ 100 per subscription instead of $ 65 If you go back to the display panel, you'll see that I've got about 700 clicks And a couple of subscriptions, what this simply means you need to get Some patience please don't tell me I got 20 of Clicks without registrations need access to me At least 500 to 1000 clicks to start watching Subscriptions and profit so please do some business Do some hard work every day and you will be successful Within two weeks three or four weeks maximum you can start seeing Earnings in Your Display Panel Now how to pay your money Inside Bluehost as we have seen you need a paypal account in the settings section Here if you have a paypal account it will be Just enter it here your paypal account and you can get started You can also contact us to receive your money Affiliate partnering at Bluehost for their claim for a different payment method But as an alternative if you go here cj.com Commissionjunction.com and register here and i will now log in to My math just to illustrate this, it's quite important so here is my account Now forget my earnings here, talking about this at The other videos, however, are here in your account section If you go here to the administrative settings You can set the payment method which is an account The bank is so cool how does that help if we go to the advertisers inside cj And look here for Blue host, you can see bluehost Available inside cj so you can join Bluehost From cj and start getting your money through your bank account, so this one Alternative method instead of Paypal but please Do not give any excuse for not having Paypal account if you start working then you will get some payment You can find someone, your friends, someone online who will get paid They will possibly send them back to you by payneer exchange or any other payment method You want it in your country, do not make this an excuse or not Get off work, start working, earn some money and you'll find a way to Receive your payments, please don't forget if Enjoy this video Liked it, subscribe now and play Alerts for every new update and please don't forget If you have any questions, go now to h-educate.com/forums Open your questions and I'll be there Almost every day to respond and help you with anything you want too You can join our channel on telegram, you will find the link in the description below Where I will be available after each video for five Six hours to answer questions directly Inside our Telegram group, thank you for following And see you later

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