Dumplings with Doret…..Watch out for Snakes! (and Skinks…)

[Music] [Music] good morning breakfast time brass kitchen style marco is very busy on the farm he's been out there since dawn working on the plantain and cocoa section but dorette is gonna be making us some breakfast this morning so i'm very excited she's a great cook as well just like moko and she's making a type of fritter this morning morning dorette yeah got some fritters to make today dumplings okay i had it wrong dumplings were having no one needed flour okay i'll put baking powder yeah and then we cook up the tomatillos and these kill them or with tomatoes too lovely yeah all right kitchen here little kitchen which we're going to fix up with some new ply this next few days hopefully yeah so big bunch of flour baking powder and baking powder too okay [Music] so this is all a feel thing too you're just like you don't measure much you just have you know the feeling you're going for yes right thickness right texture all of that i'll fry them and after afraid they know we'll take them or [Music] jamaican classic yes [Music] here we're doing something now look both ways ready your goat house came down pretty hard last night yeah damn good thing there's no goat in it whoa this is fresh fever grass let me make sure i'll bring home some here oh maybe i have so much at home already though it's better for someone else to get it yeah i'll take a little bit yeah sure twice so these plies are gonna get fixed up very soon we just did a big order of materials and hopefully they come in time and uh sparrow's going to come do the renault job fix it up hey [Music] and all the flavors going after the tomato and stuff goes after yes i always thought you would have mixed it up together inside but no no yeah i will see the italian cook by itself okay not selfish though inaudible i see so saltfish a little different technique yes so it was ready don't blink i will make the normal wash the tomato and just wash off the scallion and cut them up in one dish and put them in a then they put after they don't plain fry okay and they mature at once i found the dumpling they can get like gravy [Music] a little kerosene to get it started yes why not keep it inside today because yeah it's been very rainy on and off so we don't want to get mashed up by the rain again okay it's a sort of savory one how fine do you cut them up fine very fine so it's more like a sauce for the dumplings yeah yeah rather than inside them [Music] you know i've never seen tomatoes on the yard no one wants to you ever grow those no how come now i could be here you get water you won't no why not oh no okay [Music] boogie [Applause] [Music] [Music] all right there they are we're gonna make it work in this tight space i'll try and stay out of your way as best i can oh it looks nice already [Music] give me one more little need before they go in yes monto right right yeah they cook fast so fast full pot what was your favorite breakfast when you were little growing up [Music] my name is [Music] can you tell me what's in your sauce again that's that completely [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] soak in there as well it says steam up and this sauce looks great you know it's just very simple with a few ingredients and a little bit of noodle it just smells so nice already when it's fresh like that especially with the fresh thyme [Applause] [Music] where do you find a snake all right it poisonous one no no no we just let them live no they put them in a bottle yeah yeah all right hey buddy hey little guy what you doing yeah yeah i haven't seen many snakes here yeah oh man [Music] it's a little guy we're doing a good stream just a little guy [Music] yeah he's fine he doesn't hurt no one he eats up the lizards let him live [Music] you [Music] here's a snake in jamaica this is there you go run them away where you want to put them get them out of here i'll get them all right come on snakey you want to move before rasta gets here he doesn't want people on this farm [Music] all right little guy big one we're gonna let you down there we go go this way rest it doesn't want you on the farm there you go see you later [Laughter] wake up wake up [Music] ground plant so this is going to be full on you got planting all over and then everything to fill in the gaps clean it out no i see it's looking great you can't don't carry them [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah so the covered pot is really important to soften them up because yeah they get crispy so fast [Music] everything mommy's here been called in again to remove a snake oh a lizard okay let's see whoa what dude yeah oh you cut him up uh i wouldn't be not walking into your great though oh you did it by mistake all right look at the tailgate [Music] yeah i got him i got a shot it's okay let him go what a funny looking lizard i thought you chopped him by mistake that's so crazy where'd he go where that is so wild he busted his own tail to escape i can't believe he removed his own tail like that [Music] he bit me wow there's some crazy stuff around here wow that's a new one what do you call them again good slavery some very interesting nature today but it's almost time for breakfast the fritter sauce or the dumpling sauce is about to go in beautiful look at that [Music] good just even on its own no there was a bug in the pot not you that's it [Music] need a bit more fire yes [Music] hey sparrow i was going to ask you about um shelter for the goat when you have a goat you build them a little shelter or something yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah a little hut yeah just like a three wall kind of thing is okay because i wanted to build something and i was going to use the old ply from here yeah yeah okay you can save it for me then come on okay i know awesome because there's a lot of rain like you're reading yeah awesome thanks [Music] sweet yeah there's the sizzle yes this is your cheese skeleton [Applause] [Music] ready can't wait that looks so good yes [Music] all right dorette i'm gonna go sit down have a sample thank you so much yes it looks awesome i can't wait yeah yeah what's that bye brother [Music] all right so i'm about to sample this breakfast by myself everyone is busy koopie's getting his new house done up with sparrow with the materials we got shawna chanel are here with ratty milk was on the farm doret's having her breakfast over there so i'm gonna do the sample myself look at this it just looks insanely good that's the sound of a proper proper dumpling crispy on the outside soft in the middle and look at that sauce scallion time tomato a bit of soup mix noodle soup i don't know it's magical i gotta start buying this maggie soup mix and putting on all my dishes at home such a good touch um but let's go for a bite and one of these maybe the big crispy boy first that is a dumpling fit for a king [Music] it's so savory and nice another thing too time just fresh thyme and anything [Music] i'm gonna try one of the less crispy ones [Music] um some next level breakfast i highly recommend if mocha is busy you can just ask dorette and pay her directly for her meals because they are equally good this is so nice [Music] thoroughly enjoyable i'm very excited too i'm about to have a blue mountain coffee first coffee i've had in about 10 days doing a bit of a detox milk is a tea man so i've just been following his lead but [Applause] time to caffeinate myself oh that feels good too anyway a little off track there got excited for coffee but the breakfast was amazing if you want to see more breakfast with dorette and more cooking please do comment below she says she's happy to cook more and i'm happy to shoot more if people are interested so bless up thanks large for watching hope you enjoyed it and plenty more ross kitchen on the way [Applause] [Music]

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