Don’t Move When The Doll Sees..Or DlE!!

Hi, Mystery Recapped here. Today, I am 
going to explain the first two episodes   called “Red 1ight green 1ight” and “HeII” 
from the South Korean survival drama   “SQU1D G4M3.” Spoilers ahead! 
Watch out and take care!
  Seong Gi-hun is a middle-aged man 
living in a small house with his mother.   Gi-hun is drowning in loans and has a gambling 
addiction, making their financial condition   very poor. At breakfast one day, Gi-hun’s mother 
hands him some money to buy his daughter Gayeong   a birthday dinner. Gi-hun’s ex-wife is married to 
a wealthy man and doesn’t let him see his daughter   often, so Gi-hun is excited to see her for her 
birthday. He asks his mother for some more money   to buy Gayeon a gift as well. She says she is 
broke at first but eventually hands him a few   extra wons. After she leaves, Gi-hun cunningly 
gets her credit card and goes to withdraw more   money with his fellow gambling friend.
The two then place their bets on horses but are   down on their luck as they lose every round.

do not stop wasting their money even after losing   almost all of it. In the end, Gi-hun finally wins 
a decent sum of money and is over the moon. He   even tips the lady who hands him the money and 
goes outside celebrating his luck. Just then,   Gi-hun notices some men approaching him angrily. 
They are his debtors to whom he owes a lot of   money. Fearing his recent earnings might be taken, 
he runs inside the building again and crashes into   a girl accidentally. The debtors eventually catch 
him and threaten to kill him if he doesn’t return   their money. A scared Gi-hun tries to give them 
the money he just won, only to discover his pocket   empty. He realizes that the girl he crashed onto 
earlier was a pickpocket who stole his money.
  The debtors, however, do not care about this and 
start hitting Gi-hun. They use a scalpel and put   it into his nostrils, making him plead for his 
life. They say they will return after one month   and leave. Now, the man has zero money left, 
hence he goes back to the girl he tipped earlier   and asks for his money back.

He still doesn’t 
have enough to buy his daughter a gift so,   instead, he settles to winning her one from a 
claw machine. But, with his luck, he cannot even   get one toy into the hole. A little kid beside him 
offers to help and finally wins a black gift box.   They celebrate the small win and 
Gi-hun leaves after thanking the kid.   He takes his daughter to a tteokbokki stall and 
the two enjoy the food. Gayeong is worried to   see cuts and bruises on her father’s face which 
Gi-hun says are just mosquito bites. He hands her   the gift without checking what is inside the 
box. Gayeong is surprised to see it is a gun   shaped lighter. Gi-hun takes the gift back and 
promises to get her a better one next year.
  At last, he brings his daughter to her mother 
and parts after saying goodbye. Gi-hun is now   at a train station where he is approached by a 
well-mannered and well-dressed man. He invites   Gi-hun to play a game of ddakji, a game where 
they should flip a card by hitting it with another   card.

The man claims to give Gi-hun 100,000 won 
if he wins but if he loses, the man will slap his   face. Having nothing to lose, Gi-hun accepts the 
offer. As they play, Gi-hun loses several rounds   getting slapped by the man numerous times. His 
cheek starts to bruise badly but he doesn’t stop.   At last, he finally wins a round and gets the 
money he was promised. Then, the well-dressed   man hands him a card asking him to call the number 
if he wants to play more games like this.

On his   way home, Gi-hun meets an old woman who is his 
friend Sangwoo’s mother. She boasts about her son   currently being on a business trip to the US.
At night, Gi-hun and his mother are having   dinner when she tells him that his 
ex-wife’s family is moving to the US.   Hence, he won’t be able to see Gayeong again. 
Gi-hun is shocked but cannot do anything because   his ex-wife has the complete custody of his 
daughter because of his financial problems.   At night, in desperation, he calls the number 
the man gave him and is called to a place nearby.   A van pulls up in front of him and he is asked to 
get inside.

As soon as he steps in, a gas spreads   throughout the vehicle that knocks him out. When 
he wakes up, Gi-hun is in a bunk bed with several   other people around him. His clothes have been 
changed and all of his belongings are gone.
  Everyone seems to be as confused as him. We see 
that everyone in the room is being monitored   through cameras. Gi-hun meets an old man who has 
the number 001 written on his vest while Gi-hun   has 456 written on it. The man says that he is 
suffering from a brain tumour. As they talk,   a fight catches their attention. The girl who has 
stolen Gi-hun’s money the previous day is fighting   with a man who seems to be a gangster.

interferes and threatens the girl to give him   his money back. Their argument is stopped when the 
facility’s staff, dressed in red suits and masks   enter the room. They welcome the people and 
announce that they will be playing six games   in six days, and those who win all six 
of them will win a lot of prize money.   One of the participants is Sangwoo, Gi-hun’s 
childhood friend who was supposed to be on a   business trip to the US according to his mother. 
It turns out that he is wanted by the police   because he owes his client a total of six hundred 
fifty million won.

So, he lied to his mother.
  Shortly after, a sphere is brought to 
the ceiling of the room which the staff   claims will be filled with money once they 
complete the first game. Everyone is confused   but agrees to play the game anyway. They are made 
to sign a rule book that has only three rules,   1, players are not allowed to stop playing once 
the game has started, 2, The player who refuses   to play will be eliminated, and 3, The games will 
be terminated if the majority agrees. Everyone   signs the form and gets ready for the first 
game. Outside the room is a maze-like hallway.   The contestants are made to take pictures and then 
are taken to a field that has a creepy statue of a   doll on one side. Gi-hun approaches his old friend 
Sangwoo and asks him why he lied to his mother.

As   they talk, they are interrupted by an announcement 
asking them to stay behind the white line.
  Somewhere inside the facility, the overse1er of 
the games gets a call from someone. He takes his   place in front of the monitor and watches everyone 
play. Back in the field, the contestants are told   that the first game is “red light green light” 
they have ten minutes to complete the game. As   the statue of a girl says red light, they have to 
freeze, and they can only move forward when the   girl is turning around and saying green light. If 
anyone is caught moving, the statue will sense the   motion and the person will be eliminated. The game 
begins and goes on regularly for a while. That is   until the statue detects a motion and one man is 
eliminated. He is shot dead at the very moment.   The others do not comprehend what is happening so 
they play the next round. But soon, they find out   the people who are eliminated are killed. Chaos 
ensues and people start running around and getting   shot. A pile of dead bodies falls around the 
entrance and the place turns into a bloodbath.

  Only a few contestants remain frozen in fear. 
From the next round, everyone starts being more   careful. Gi-hun is still frozen on the ground 
but moves when Sangwoo asks him to. He almost   falls down once but is saved by a man behind him 
named Ali. More people die as the game continues   and in the end, some of them finally pass the game 
including Gi-hun, Sangwoo, the pickpocket girl   Saebyeok, the old man Ilnam, the gangster Deoksu, 
and the guy who saved Gi-hun, Ali. As the camera   pans out, we see that they are on a secluded 
island, and the facility is underground.
  The staff clean up the dead bodies and burn them 
in furnaces. The surviving contestants are brought   back to the room and are shaken by what they just 
witnessed. Gi-hun thanks Ali for saving his life   earlier. Right then, the staff enter the room and 
congratulate them for completing the first round.   The number of contestants decreases from 456 to 
201, meaning that 255 contestants were killed.   One of the girls falls down on her 
knees and begs the staff to let them go.   The others join and do the same.

everyone is asking them to let them go free.   However, the staff reminds them the second rule 
of the game and threatens to kill them if they   refuse to play. But Sangwoo claps back with the 
third rule according to which if the majority   agrees to end the game, they will. The staff 
agrees but wants to show them the price money   before voting. The sphere that was on the ceiling 
earlier is then filled with bundles of money.
  The staff claims the winner will be able to take 
home 45.6 billion won. But if they decide to stop   playing, the families of the dead people will 
receive a hundred million won each and they will   get nothing. The prize money tempts everyone and 
the ones who were against the game earlier start   voting for it to continue. The winning vote is 
decided by Ilnam who votes for it to end. Finally,   they will be allowed to go home without any 
damage. The staff says that if the majority   of them want to play the game again, they 
will be contacted. In the following scene,   Gu-hun and Saebyeok are thrown out of a van with 
their hands tied.

The same happens with Ali and   Sangwoo. All of them go their separate ways. 
Sangwoo even hands Ali some money for his bus   fare. Gi-hun goes to the police directly and 
tells them about his kidnapping. But they find   it hard to believe that the kidnappers sent him 
back because he voted for it. One police officer   named Junho is at the station as well. The card 
Gi-hun is holding catches his attention.
  Gi-hun then goes back to his home only to find 
his mother missing. It turns out that she is   severely diabetic and has been admitted to the 
hospital because of extreme pain. Gi-hun rushes   to the hospital to see his mother’s feet covered 
in wounds. The doctors say only surgery can save   her life, but they cannot afford it. Elsewhere, we 
see the police officer Junho talking to his mother   about his brother. Junho’s brother has been 
missing for a few days now which worries him.   At his brother’s apartment, he finds the 
same card that Gi-hun was showing the police   earlier. He decides to follow Gi-hun and ask him 
about the card.

Meanwhile, the pickpocket Saebyeok   goes to meet her brother in an orphanage. It turns 
out that the girl is a North Korean escapee whose   parents are still stuck in North Korea. She 
wants to collect more money to get her back   and get her brother out of the orphanage.
Ali, on the other hand, goes to his work to meet   his boss. He has come to Korea from Pakistan to 
earn money but he hasn’t been paid for six months   now. He has his wife and a little son at home 
who he has to fend for. Ali’s boss has a bundle   of money in front of him but he refuses to pay. An 
enraged Ali accidentally pushes him to a machine,   making his fingers smash. He takes the 
money and runs away right after. At home,   he hands his wife the money and asks her to run 
back to Pakistan with their son. He assures her   that he will come back later, hugging his 
wife for the last time before leaving.
  Meanwhile, Sangwoo calls his mother and 
lies to her about being in the US.

His   mother happily asks him not to get her any gifts 
and ends the phone call. Right after the call,   the old woman is approached by some police 
officers asking her about Sangwoo. They tell   her that he is under investigation for stealing 
his clients’ money and ask her to report him if   he comes to her. The woman is shocked and 
embarrassed in front of her customers.
  At the same time, Sangwoo receives a card from the 
same facility again. Gi-hun, on the other hand,   has no way to treat his mother’s illness. He goes 
to his ex-wife to ask her for help but she refuses   to help him. As they talk, her new husband and 
their children return home. Gi-hun walks out   only to be called by the husband. He hands 
him a bundle of money and asks Gi-hun to never   approach his family again. An enraged Gi-hun beats 
him, claiming that he cannot take his daughter   away. Right then, his daughter comes outside 
and sees her father hitting her stepfather.   She looks at Gi-hun in disappointment.

Later, he walks back home, totally defeated and helpless. The police officer Junho is waiting 
for him outside his house. He asks Gi-hun about   the card, but Gi-hun dismisses it saying that he 
was just drunk when he made the police report.   He has made the decision to go back to the place 
again and doesn't want to cause any trouble with   the police. Junho tries to get him to talk but 
Gi-hun dismisses him. While walking inside,   he finds the card stuck to a door. He calls the 
number and goes back to get picked up again.   Similarly, Sangwoo, Ilnam, Deoksu, Saebyeok, and 
Ali have decided to go back to continue the game.   The episode ends as they get inside the van 
and are knocked out by the gas again.
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