Do at-home teeth whitening kits really work? | Glam Lab

[Music] hey guys it's show and ice up in the glam lab I am trying the teeth whitening kit that I have seen everywhere on social media does this look familiar it's the hive smile teeth whitening kit and it seems to just blow up overnight but why is this one there's a ton of at home teeth whitening kits out there well apparently it actually works with all natural ingredients which means no pain and no sensitivity we do one 10 minute treatment a day for 6 days and you're guaranteed to see a difference as someone who has really tried it all I wanted to check out hi smile and see this really with all the butter but first things first if it's not using the usual method of activating hydrogen peroxide in the LED light what is in this that it's actually whitening the teeth they contain sodium bicarbonate which is really just a fancy word for baking soda sodium chlorite which is a bleach agent that you can find in hydrogen peroxide and then it also contains pomegranate and chamomile flower extract a big difference here is aloe vera which apparently can work as a natural alternative let's give it a go it suggests the best time to do it is after you brush your teeth and before you go to bed got your little gum tray LED light you put this on this these little gel syringes you can put a quarter in the top and a quarter in the bottom for each session the kit even comes with this little card that you can compare which shade you are before now I feel like I'm somewhere between a 6 and a 7 which is not great let's see if I can get over to like on both sides ten minutes on the box so wanted rule okay I'm going to do my sixth and final teeth whitening treatment I do actually feel like there's a difference let's put it to the test I say I'm definitely in like this three-four range at least maybe we could push it into that – okay here's the takeaway hi file definitely works I saw a different method of two treats but in my opinion that bright white shade doesn't last all that long however on the other end of that there truly is no pain or no sensitivity so you can use it to brighten up your smile whenever you want and that's what I think it's really good for if you have a wedding or a big event we're using it a few days before that okay let's talk price the high smile see you I knew kit comes in at $59.99 it comes with the tray enough gel for six uses and your LED light and if you want to buy more bills that comes in at $23.99 just keep in mind if you order for an event they are an Australian company so their standard shipping is a little longer than usual because they're shipping from down on you down I couldn't help myself all in all thumbs up for the high smile teeth whitening treatment there is no pain no sensitivity and it definitely white New Jersey whether you want to try it or not at least I did so you don't have to

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