Disney Princess Zoom Call – When Disney Princesses Work From Home

(call bell ringing) – Hi. Hello. Hey, all you cool cats and kitten. Jasmine, did you get another tiger? If you mean rescued
another tiger, then yes. (call bell ringing) Hey guys, how's everyone doing? Hey, it's Elsa. (call bell ringing) Hey guys, just here at
the beach. (laughing) Okay, thanks so much
for being here everyone. I know we have a lot going on and this is a crazy time. (call bell ringing) Rapunzel here. Rapunzel, we can only see your hair. Pretty normal for her, anyways, right. Her best feature, for sure. I just wanted to make sure
everything was going okay. Belle, do you mind turning on your camera so we can see you? Uh, no, I'm good. She just rolled out of bed for sure. It's that little camera
with the line through it.

No, I know how to do it, it's just something's wrong
with the camera right now. Yeah, right. Okay, so I just wanted to
make sure you know that Disney World is still closed. So it looks like we're going
to be working from home for a while. Uh, no, no, no, get off there, get off. (tiger roaring) Well I guess that's a good place to start. This P.R. disaster that's been developing. Aladdin is missing
because Jasmine apparently fed him to a tiger. Jasmine, is there any truth to that? Absolutely not. Oh right, okay, sure. The only way that would be possible is if I were to cover him
in lemon tahini dressing, or something. Yummy. Mm, yum. I'm really glad to hear that, but– the think is there was a
lot of suspicious things. (chomping) I'm sorry, is somebody eating? Can everyone please mute. ♪ Let's get down to business ♪
Okay, stop. I'm already on a call right now so if you could go in the
other room, that'd be great.

Everyone needs to mute. Just go in the other room for a second. Please mute everyone. ♪ Let's get down to business ♪ Oh get off of there. Do you seriously start all
your meetings like that? Can everyone please mute? Okay so we're still
required to sign autographs and take pictures with kids, even if we are working from home. So let's just go around and– (laughing) Ha, ha, very funny, Anna. (laughing) Very funny, let's get
back to work now please. So, let's just go around and you know, tell each other how many virtual meetings
we've had with kids in this last week or so. And yeah, Ariel can we
start with you please? Ariel I think you're on mute. Ariel lost her voice, again.

Ariel, kiss another prince. The microphone with the line through it. Sorry guys, I was on mute. I'm happy to report (screaming) (laughing) that I've done 256 meetings
with kids this week online. Awesome. Excellent. Okay, let's just go to Aurora. (snoring) Aurora? Aurora? (snoring) Seriously? This meeting's not that
long, you can wait. Very funny, Anna Jafar's gonna blast your head
off, very funny, ha ha ha. Jafar don't do it! (laughing) Let's go– Guys who am I? (screaming) (laughing) Let's go to Jasmine. Jasmine can you share with us your report? Okay, I'm gonna share my screen. Can you guys see my screen? Oh, oh, oh. Let me just get out of that thing. (call bell ringing) (laughing) (gasps) (laughing) Did that seriously just happen? What's our next report? I wanna tell you about
everything I've done.

I've completed– What's going on? 400 video meetings– Elsa, we can't really. Elsa, you're totally breaking up. I'm super excited. Elsa, you're frozen. Oh boy. Oh dear. Belle, we can see your screen. Is that the bathroom? Oh my gosh, this isn't happening. Belle, no, don't do it, don't. Wow. (toilet flushing)
(tiger roaring) (apple crunching) ♪ Let's get down to business ♪ Go! So ripe. I'm so excited to let you know. ♪ Under the sea ♪ I'm so excited to let you know ♪ Under the sea ♪ You know what, girls? (toilet flushing) (gasps) This meeting really should
just have been an email. (upbeat music).

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