Digging a Secret Tunnel from my Workshop

Oh I've dreamt about doing this forever! Welcome
to the Colin Furze channel people! SUBSCRIBE because you are going to go on a civil engineering,
fabrication, ride of a lifetime! Now regular viewers will know that I have an underground
bunker in my back garden and it is absolutely fantastic! It is like one of my most favourite
things I have ever made, and ever since I've made it iIve always wanted a way of connecting
it to this, my workshop and my house! Now of course when I made the bunker we quarried
a hole up in the back garden, built a metal box and covered it over.

But I can't do that
here can I?! Because the workshop and house exist on top of it. So we've got to dig down
and actually tunnel underneath it. Okay this is the general setup we have the bunker, we
have the house, and we have the shed. Now of course this bit from here to here, can
be done above ground, with a JCB, but from here, along to here, no, no, no, no, we have
to do it all by hand, digging it, going underground boom! Now this is going to be very time consuming
and a very expensive project, but it doesn't matter, we have a sponsor, Free trade, the
share dealing app.

What's buying shares got to do with this? Calm down! Come on! This is like mining. Mining shares like lithium,
they're doing pretty well at the moment! Anyway more about that later. Now i'm actually gonna do this
in secret, so as not to alarm the neighborhood and also a secret project is way more fun! Now I actually
started this a long time ago, so let's roll back the time, before coronavirus was even a thing and start
making ourselves a sacred entrance! First thing need to do now s build a frame
and a hatch that we can sink into the foundations of the workshop and then we can cover it all
over and then we can just work whenever we want to! haha! Right let's get on with it! right so made this frame.

That's basically
gonna sit somewhere around there. This sits in, in the middle. There's no hinges on it
at the moment. Will put the hinges on afterwards, and then we can lift that up, fold it down
and this is proper solid. Now we need a system to be able to roll the carpet back, and put
it back down again with ease. because at the moment it's actually screwed down onto the
floor because it kept moving. Then we can draw around our frame.

And then get the old
Tom Lamb and his slab cutter in. That's going to make a mess! Now before we start chopping this floor up,
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It's simple. Now remember with all investments
your capital is at risk and the value of your portfolio can go down as well as up, and you
may get back less than what you invested. OK let's mark this floor up, let's get it
chopped up. Right, Let's dig! Yeah!Ii think we're gonna have to sort the
dust issue out. Right we've rigged up the water system on
the saw, so we'll have another go and see if we don't completely fill the place with
dust. Right come on, he's itching, he's itching to do this! Tunnel… we're digging a tunnel! That's it. That's it. Right that's the square
cut and now we've just got a lot of mess to clear up. No one can have a clue what we're doing in
here… This is our idea of stealth. I'm gonna fit, gonna fit. I think that's about it. About it. Forgot the handle! It's like we were never here.

There we are,
all back to normal. So next video, we dig! How long is this going to take? There are
many obstacles to overcome. What are we going to do with all the stuff? How we are we actually going
to tunnel, you know, horizontally without it
all collapsing. How deep we've got to go? There is a lot of things ahead of us, a lot!
I'm excited! Stay tuned!.

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