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as night draws to a close in the 
andean mountain range the weather   promises to be splendid but the 
Inca gods have decided otherwise the rain took this driver by surprise this road is bad but I'm going anyway I like it the danger is crashing into the 
small cars that zip along here David is making for cusco where he 
lives with his wife and new baby does anyone Lane on this road in 
its narrow separating him from   his family is El Nino a meteorological 
monster caused by global warming which   produces massive downpours for months at a time seven hours later the Sun finally begins 
to shine down on the road David's journey   promises to be challenging he's heading 
into one of the most beautiful jungles   in the world with a rich and amazing biodiversity but the jungle also attracts those who wish   to exploit it above ground it's 
precious timber is being cut down and below-ground the hunt for gas and gold 
has led to large areas being deforested   and polluted poor farmers take part in the 
destruction clearing the trees for agriculture Amazonia one of the last untouched 
territories is forever being scarred   by the roads used by these new conquest 
Edoras nothing stops them when the paths   reach their end they keep pushing through 
braving whatever Nature throws in their path   once he's reached cuzco david will set off 
for nuevo eden to new eden 375 kilometers   of tracks high mountains and impenetrable 
jungle the natural barrier helps protect   the native Indian tribes that continue 
to live like their ancestors before them the same lament must have sounded out 
over much repeat true when the 16th   century conquest Edoras destroyed the inca kingdom today the conquerors are the Peruvians themselves David the truck driver always takes 
his family part of the way before he   sets off for the big journey climb Hey come 
this way punch up a bit that's fine he's in   yeah hold onto the dog can I come with 
you no my dear in the holidays you can so far where I have to load up with 
cement and take it to the menu park   we go with him so we can say goodbye 
sometimes he's away for two weeks   so we make the most of spending a whole 
day with him when he's here and are you   all alone during the school year yes you do 
everything yes I'm all alone it can be hard they load up with 15 tons of construction material   cement and scrap iron that will be used to 
build the Amazon pioneers houses there's   one ritual before he disappears for 
a couple of weeks a little ice cream can I try no come on eat your ice cream 
kids we need to get going once he's on   his way David's focus shifts from his kids to 
the road this will take us up to 5,000 meters the route goes straight through the jungle to be   on the safe side David only makes two 
trips a month a total of 150 kilometers now you have to take great care and 
to focus you must be well-rested   there's getting tired in the 
mountains is extremely dangerous a lot of the time drivers fall asleep at the 
wheel and the slightest mistake could be fatal and I Daniel mommy or me okay last year 
one of my friends went off the road here   because the road is in such a 
bad state his his steering went hyeokmin if he went over into the precipice here 
his co-driver was also killed he was just 16 conquistadores were hunting for El 
Dorado the legendary Inca city of gold   in the mountains they discovered 
another city not glinting with a   precious yellow metal but shining 
from its brilliant white mineral for 2,000 years the morass tribes people have been   collecting salt from the saline water 
streams flowing down the mountainside David delivers one of the tribes 
few concessions to modern life   cement to reinforce the walls of their pools my is about 65 kilos see it's heavy 
what's a big stone math that's tiring because it's heavy we try and go 
as fast as we can at 3,000 meters   the lack of oxygen soon makes itself 
felt those not used to the refined air   could barely stagger a few steps with this 
sort of load but the Marys are acclimatized their own failures I've been 
working here since I was 11 I'm 33 now so that's 22 years 
I've been in the salt works my   back hurts the whole time but it's 
part of our work these stones will   now allow us to repair the wall we 
can raise it up by a metre or two four thousand pools have been dug out of 
the mountainside over the past 20 centuries yes there are 424 families in this community 
and every family has its pools the number   depends on what they have inherited from 
their ancestors before they fill the pools   with salt water the morass carpets the 
bottom with white earth it's a means to   ensure the salt is white when it crystallizes 
and not the dark earthy color of the mountains screen evil and all I'm making sure it's 
all flat yes white earth is called Conte   it takes about a month to build 
one of these pools helped along   by a natural fortifying time it's 
corn juice which is good for you we worked better with some shisha once it's flat   we compacted with our feet until 
it's dry peace hasta que shaky we can already difference I'm 42 now and I've 
been doing this for 17 years producing snow ice   windows sunshine salt production must go on – 
are themed but I'm always very tired very tired   after the various stages of evaporation 
the white gold can be collected we just   lift it like this and then we gather it 
all together about 50 kilos is worth nine   dollars on average the morass make barely 
over 100 dollars a month from the salt David the truck driver doesn't make much 
more on top of which he has to face all   the dangers of the road ahead a landslide 
has brought about 50 vehicles to a halt   it's been raining for months and the 
mountain is fragile I've wasted six   hours already I'm gonna be six 
hours late come on get a move on the ground here is unstable in the rain 
hardly helps we all simply pass as disposal   sometimes the drivers have to wait 
for days before a digger shows up this time they've had to wait just eight hours 
when I got here they were already a few stones   that had fallen but not as many as now you could 
get past them but more stones fell them I wanted   to clear them out and it was still raining I 
couldn't do it I couldn't manage it more and   more stones kept coming down it was impossible 
to get through I gave up now all my clothes is   soaked I'm stark naked the driver was right 
not to insist as another found to his cost a   few weeks earlier the landslide dragged away 
a four-wheel drive the driver risked getting   through but he got stuck and the river dragged 
him off the river has already taken a few people   after two hours the road is almost clear David 
tries directing the traffic to avoid everyone   rushing forward at once hey boss go on the 
other side so those cars can come through or   they can go by on the right now but then we'll 
all get stuck there a few cars on this side and   they can't all get through look they'll be a 
traffic jam otherwise get over to that side so that's good going is everything okay now oh yeah 
yeah yeah we can get through the drivers take it in turns to go and 
the discipline pays off as each of them   know a traffic jam in this place could be 
fatal alright there's another landslide   that's slowly taking shape up there that's 
because of another fault geological fault   the next time it rains it'll get bigger and 
then it'll be like on the slide where there   was the Rockville David now needs to make up for 
lost time or face being fined by his clients the   roads in Peru are not all made of mud and loose 
stones but only the main arteries are tarmacked   the road from Cusco to Pongo Dominica leads 
straight to the gas fields of the Amazon forests it twists and turns through the 
glaciers of the Andean Cordillera and then a five-kilometer descent of hairpin 
turns it's one of the highest roads in the world valia and luis his assistant make this journey 
once a month but each time they're uneasy this bulldozer is destined for the 
jungles yes it's for the trans Andean   gasps gasps Andy no everyday truck loads 
of equipment heads for the work sites quacker on me we're now at four 
thousand five hundred and eighty   meters that high and no heating in the cabin I would it's cold it's bad news 
if you get a flat tire up here   can be painful it's really cold 
now five degrees to be precise the air brakes with a rarefied conditions 
at this height don't function as efficiently it's the air compressor seizes up at this 
altitude yes there is little oxygen up here which has been proud it's a steep 
descent the curves are tight the   road is narrow in the edges hardly 
well-defined every year the road   claims its victims usually the accidents 
are caused by the poor state of the trucks like this windshield wiper which has 
given up the ghost there's a problem   with the wiper we're trying to fix 
it the windshield wiper never worked   properly so they compromised by driving 
very slowly and at times as if blindfolded as soon as the rain stops the wind 
soon clears the drops of water from   the windscreen for once at least their prayers 
were heard and after descending for four hours   the two friends if not the truck will make 
it safely the rest of the way to the Amazon as for David he is still trying to make 
up the time he lost at the landslide he   steps up the pace just where the road is 
most dangerous the customer doesn't want   to know about the landslide or all the 
other problems on the way all he wants   is his merchandise so I can't afford to 
sleep most of the time I just keep driving   they'll pay but the trouble is the man 
will call me again and use someone else yes that fits it's still raining we need to hurry up at this 
rate another landslide will soon block the road   because along here there are about four or five 
landslides every day so it collapses often oh yes if we'd had a bigger load we wouldn't 
have been able to get through meaning   the road is so saturated that 
it could give way at any moment I'm scared because I feel it might fall off to get through I point the truck in 
the right direction and just go for him once you set off well you 
can't see a thing it it's just ten seconds and then you through it 
determination and laughter to boost morale ieave me but I'm like every 
other unis over there there   are some wreckages that are beginning 
to rust and here's some other truckers   drove off the road over there are the 
crosses to the drivers who were killed there's a core very loose but it's that 
memorial because they were alive when they   drove through this way well I got I mean now 
I'm not the look this these chapels are just   temporary and the mountain was about to 
collapse and we'll bury them everything   will disappear and after a while with the 
help of the wind will no longer remember   the accidents every five kilometers 
someone has been killed on this road David's truck has run up three million kilometers 
on the clock but there's nothing that will make   him change it if you feel the trucks going to 
go over then you jump save your life so having   a really nice truck isn't isn't worth it it's too 
much money my truck is old but it still works well never causes me any trouble and we 
understand each other after fifteen   hours on the road David reaches the 
heart of the so called lungs of the   world Amazonia every trip he makes here this 
forest seems to retreat a little further the illegal destruction of rare trees for 
their wood is largely responsible but the   jungle now harbors a large number of other 
people they're known as the landless and in   a similar manner to the conquest of the American 
West they grab huge swaths of virgin territory   a group consists of several families we owe 
nothing no land no home we found this land   and we don't know who it belongs to so we occupy 
it as best we can it's about a hectare and a half if no one shows up to remove them they will hope 
to make a living from cultivating the land most   a mountain people farmers who have fled the 
poverty of their villages this is mine you see Hetalia used to be a tourist guide in Cusco after 
being without work for two years and with no   unemployment paid life became very hard indeed she 
left town taking her two children when we first   arrived here there were plants everywhere 
all that area there well it was like that oh la gente para que limpia people clear the land 
by burning off the plants commando tenemos cuatro   and we've made for roads in a X shape and it 
ends over there is that where you slept last   night oh yeah this is my bed did you get wet 
with all the rain no I used a plastic cover   forty-year-old Sabina is flattening the entrance 
to her Hut I built my own home myself yes you did   all this on your own yep all by myself the 
kids are too small to help they tried them   I have nothing to cook with nothing now my 
children are coming to the market to beg for   some rice and pasta I'm a single mother with 
no husband or family to help me financially postal I sell a few spices and 
that way I can feed my children one day that landless might be able to make 
something of this village in the jungle and   maybe one day they'll even be a road and it 
might be David who brings them their first goods the ravines of the Cordillera may be left 
behind but there is still danger on the road no it's the tree that stopped me I went too far forward and now everything's   ripped that's what I can do I 
have to keep going like this it's ripped through the cover that's the way it 
is that's why everything fools a path out here I ended up in this river once real I was carrying some Freight from Cusco 
and the current swept it all away it was the 25th of December 
Christmas and I ended up in the river la lluvia cualquier momento cake 
Oh another ring can wash away the   track at any time when they'd 
smooth the necks oh it's like   it's been bombed almost you be like a 
dough bomb by far follow this freedom a lot of people have been killed here I 
said I have Naxal in here 10 years ago there was a lot of undergrowth film the road 
back then yeah oh yeah and it hit a big hole   that the rain has made I will head off not I 
came and the wheel of the truck went straight   in tipped over here and all the wood I was 
transporting when went that way a woman a   neighbor who was travelling with me was sitting 
up on one of the logs at the time so we tipped   over and left the woman was killed she was 
crushed between the logs there were a lot   of logs where we're not it was an unfortunate 
accident still affects me 10 years later Jim   break every time I come this way I think of my 
neighbor this does dead woman is he not there   by this he'll push her name was Olivia I said 
mama or Libby and she had three children by   the sea or the nearest Nino's and ever since 
then I never take any passengers just goods David still has 200 kilometers of jungle to go in Amazonia there are millions of 
kilometres of rivers and streams they   provide a link between the most remote 
villages Marko is in charge of a river   canoe Rama way to the village of Kyra 
Getty it'll take seven hours to get that sit here move that mattress along and 
and the bottle of gas okay let's go the river or lumber provides a 
lifeline for a dozen or so villagers but a lifeline that's at the mercy of the river   it's a dangerous path and many have already been   killed if you capsize the 
chances of survival is zero very lever or carry lever you need to know how   to maneuver the engine in these 
fast currents that's the secret there are many accidents with people losing 
control of the canoes and smashing into the rocks   there stones there and Wham or a chunk of wood and 
what up together once there was a guy in his canoe   with a heavy load of cement and he must have had 
some bad mood as he wasn't that experienced three   of the five passengers on board were killed 
we're coming to the most dangerous part now they're so nice each year many people are drowned 
we have to pay tributes to appease the rapids before we used fermented plants 
nowadays it's wild Vietnam we're paying the river and after this next turn and 
where it bends it's the rapids the river cuts through the megan 
tony region and the sacred indian   land of Michiko Inga the sanctuary 
of macam tony is a sacred place for   us it's where our ancestors arresting in 
amongst the rocks giving them the locusts but under these rocks lies gas the 
greatest threat to the Indians way of life   it is little bit one Guinea the Peruvian state 
keeps granting mining and hydrocarbon concessions   and which only serves to destroy our ancestors and 
the reserve at Megan Tony's sample is Emily Anthem the exploitation of gas began 10 years ago and as   there were no roads the equipment 
is brought in by boat or helicopter the Indians say the drilling and Gas Works have 
damaged the ecosystem game and fish have virtually   disappeared people can pay there's always gas 
leaks and the fish are affected callable and with   all the trawlers and boats there's there's 
a lot of pollution which I want immunity after eight hours the canoe ends its journey if there was anything yet this is the key Righetti 
native community Righetti means carpenter because   before they used to be a carpenter birds here 
been little the sacred bird has disappeared   another tune has replaced its song and we hunt 
and fish far less we're losing the old traditions   and values just ten years ago the machee Ganga 
Indians survived as hunter-gatherers today they   survive off monthly state handouts the village 
chief says civilization has invaded the jungle to them so there's a gas well here Repsol pays 
compensation for its impact on the people on   the river and all the noise the helicopters 
make also give us some money when they drill   for gas and when they start exploiting it 
won't explode a co-requisite ok woody fish   we only get compensation for the indirect 
effects it causes it's about seventy five   thousand dollars a year per village there 
was nothing before nothing to eat nothing   there were no shops now there is one and you 
can even listen to music everybody has a TV   now and most people have the same standard 
of living as everyone else in the country we   all have food ice cream and in especially 
beer there's always plenty of beer here there is just one of the Scourge –is that's   been inflicted on the Indians 
since gas exploration began wild animals have disappeared which has 
led to a winged mammal with a ferocious   appetite descending onto neighboring farms we'll see a wobble in there there are lots 
of bats and videodisc it's not like before   they were hardly any now there there are a 
lot then you might have a injure the cows go   with a mask there are an increasing number 
of them they suck their blood and there's   nothing we can do as the Batson nocturnal 
animals and they in the nutty come and have   a look in fact bats don't suck their victims 
dry of blood it's the infection their bite   causes but is the problem and the farmers 
here rarely have the necessary medicines yeah mattgenever lots of bytes and that's 
why it's bleeding so much personality between them gas subsidies and alcohol are slowly   destroying the machi Ganga Indians 
other tribes face a similar fate after two days behind the wheel David finally 
reaches the Indian Reservation where he's to   drop off the construction material 
and load up with a new cargo of wood he's a native he's a Chintu yes engine this is the village they called a New 
Eden and this is the end of the road from a distance it might indeed 
resemble a small piece of paradise a closer inspection reveals the truth I embody the lumber arrives from several places   it's shipped in by boat and then small 
trucks bring it here so we can load up hola hello how's it going oh 
I'm all right I'm all right David is six hours late by the time he arrives 
but no one is complaining and with good reason   no idea when I'll be able to load up because the 
news is bad there are a lot of trucks here now and   I'll just have to wait I've been here almost 
three days waiting for the freight for kuzco   three days without work the only compensation 
for the drivers is the shelter and somewhere to   eat three months earlier he was in the middle 
of the jungle and had witnessed a rare scene   did you film this yes with a small camera 
it's incredible I can hardly believe it but   it's real the Indians that are shouting 
from the opposite bank of the river are   Masha Pierrot and their lifestyle has barely 
evolved the law in Peru forbids any contact   with the tribe on pain of prison the master 
Pierrot are not immune from the diseases of   modern man and a simple flu could devastate 
them it's amazing in our day and age to see   people who live the same way as primitive man 
completely naked complete them in today's model that they have no contact with civilization   only emerged out of necessity 
if they need food or clothes if they were happy to be in the jungle 
they wouldn't try and leave it I think   they want to be part of our world 
because their needs make them want   to get out and and see the world the 
world that is all too often limited to   the closest village and what lies at the 
bottom of a bottle and from the jungle me now civilize my friend I live here here   here I'm slowly dying here okay 
because I have not land to go to four days later David gets his 
consignment of 10 tons of wood each year the Peruvian jungle 
is reduced by some 1,500 square   kilometres the equivalent of two New York's 
and that figure is constantly increasing Nothe la selva no I like the jungle the rivers 
going fishing I like being in the jungle but if   nothing is done some experts predict there will 
no longer be any jungle left by the year 2030 on the wedding at City it's hard with an 
axe it would have taken two days to do   this before now with the modern equipment 
we have it's just two hours it's nothing you you

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