Hello momShees!🙋 In today's video, I will teach you how to do a data-entry job.😉👍 We will present a sample task that you can do and I will also give you a simple hack in using Excel.😉👍 If you're interested to know all about this, make sure to watch the whole video, Click the 🇸 🇺 🇧 🇸 🇨 🇷 🇮 🇧 🇪 button,👇 as well as the notification bell🔔 along with it, so that you'll get updates on our upcoming videos here on our channel. So, what are you waiting for? We'll start as in right NOW!😀 Welcome back here on our channel, and to all our new members, Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!🤝 I'm Sheena Santos,🙋 and here on our channel, we share tips, advises, guides, walkthroughs, tutorials, interviews and so much more😊👍 about working online and the life of a homebased mom! And like what I said earlier, our topic will be about data-entry.

Yes. Because there are newcomers, as well as beginners working from home who wanted to learn about data-entry. And it's one of the most requested and in-demand topics about working from home, especially to newbies out there. We've recently made a poll from our Facebook group, Homebased Mom Diaries, majority of the votes are more of data-entry videos. So, we're going to make 2 parts video, and the first part will be a typing task. ⌨ If you think of it, "momShee, isn't it easy to do a typing task? That's what you think. I will show you how to do the typing task on data entry, and we are now going to my computer hopefully, you can all see and follow-through if you have a computer, desktop or laptop, and internet connection.

Before we begin the typing task which is part of Online Data entry job, let me tell you first what an Online Data Entry Job is. Online Data Entry Jobs involve typing in data from one source into another using a computer. Many businesses outsource data entry jobs to large companies that hire homebased independent contractors. If you're looking for a flexible, non-phone work-from-home job, Data entry is the best choice.👍😉 And now you know what an Online Data entry job is, let us now begin with our typing task. It depends on the client with what typing task they're going to send you, or documents they will send you to type. So, I got this sample from Google… I am not allowed to disclose any information about my job, also for privacy. So I took one sample from Google to be safe. But then, I'll give you the idea because it's almost the same. The only difference is the information we're going to input. This sample I took, although it's more on Science, sometimes, clients have this type of handwriting You may or may not understand it; it could be readable at times; then you will type all of it.

Then, open Microsoft Word or Google Docs. If you're unfamiliar with Google Docs, we have a video here 👈 it discusses the use of Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, etc. You can watch that video while you practice so you'll be guided accordingly. This is an example; Others may include calling cards. During seminars, calling cards are handed out to attendees, what they'll do is either scan the image or take a photo, as you can see, or they will layer each of the calling cards on the photocopy machine, then send it as a document to you.

So, it depends on the client if they're going to send out documents one by one, or in multiple forms. Then you'll be the one to input it into Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. There are other typing tasks wherein scanned images of books are being sent out, then you will type all of the contents. Although, I'm not sure with the pricing if they pay it per word, per sentence, or page… As for me, I do it on a per hour basis so it depends on how long it would take me to finish typing all the details. Of course, it shouldn't take too long for you to finish the typing task, because they will notice that as well. One of the qualifications for this job is how fast you can finish typing, so you need to practice your typing skills. If the task given to you is on a per-page form, and you only finish 2 pages in a whole day, it will be a waste of your time. It would be better if you rehearse. One of the tools I used is, I will put the link in the description box, make sure to check everything including SkillShare.

We also have a link for that, plus you'll get a free 2 months training period, There are a variety of skills that you can learn and practice, also for self-improvement, and you can also add it to your profile. Again, it's and SkillShare, it will be included in the description box so that you can start trying out new skills that you can add aside from data-entry. Like what I always tell to everyone, that as much as possible, make data-entry as an add-on skill, not your main service. Because if you make this as your main service, plus the increasing number of data-entry specialists, you will less likely to get a job. If you're going to learn about this, incorporate it to become a virtual assistant. With VA, data entry is an add-on skill for that job, you'll have the potential to rise and be recognized by clients and also because there is a high demand for this job, including the rates. Going back to the topic, after sending the scanned copy of the book, you will type the contents through Microsoft Word.

We'll check on it. Meanwhile, let me just show you the other samples… The diagram that you see, some clients might send you these types of images for reports, or it might be related to their meeting. I used Microsoft Word for these tasks as I'm having a hard time using Google Docs. You need to learn how to use Microsoft Word. Maybe you thought that typing is an easy-peasy thing to do, but for tasks like these, if you don't know how to use Microsoft Word, it's time that you practice if you want to add Data entry as a skill.

This is another sample, which is calling cards. Some clients may instruct you to do things like: "Sheena, can you make a copy of this information using Excel files then send it to me later on once you are done." There are also times that you will be given handwritten files by clients and it could be worse than this, you'll have a hard time trying to understand… What I usually do is I highlight the word that I don't understand, but once I typed it in Microsoft Word, I will highlight the word in yellow, then send the file through email.

It's usually done in PDF format. Then, I will tell my client, there are some parts I don't quite understand. Anyway, I highlighted every word in yellow, kindly check it and let me know every word so that I'll correct it immediately." At least, in that way, they are informed about it.👍 It will be hard if we keep on guessing each word, then it'll turn out to be incorrect; so as much as possible, be honest with your client. At times, you will be given these scanned images by clients, it'll be very hard to read. If that happens, let them know like, "Client, the scanned image that you just sent me is too small, I cannot view it. Can you send a better version so that I can copy it well and send it to you promptly. It's not readable." Be honest with your clients. So, those are the samples that can be given to you, to give you an idea. Other tasks may include, creating e-books, etc.

You will enter all the information then save as PDF before sending it to the client. Since you've seen the samples, let's go to the typing job. I've made a sample, I started doing it yesterday, I duplicated the diagram and because I'm only using one screen for this, I've set it up side by side, the Microsoft Word and the diagram so I can see both. It's also much better if you have at least two screens so you'll be working on full screens on both programs, you'll see it fully.

If it's not possible, that's okay as well. Let's form our strategies and be creative.👍😉 I got this circle⭕through Insert option on Microsoft Word. If you also notice, the MS Word I'm currently using is not activated, that's why it has that red color on the title bar. Since I'm not using this very often, I decided to not activate the program. To get this, click on Insert, then, Shapes then get the circle, just like the diagram from the left. This is just a quick tutorial for MS Word, but I'm not an expert on this. And if you want to practice more, make sure to research on Google or YouTube to familiarize yourself with this.

Next, to make the diagram#2, click on Insert, then search on Text box… Of course, we have different methods depending on our strategies. So, here's mine, I'll type in the number 2, enter thrice then type in the word 'Knowledge' in the last part. If you have a different approach to this that will speed things up, it's up to you. If you notice this square, it has to be removed. This is how I do it. I will click on format, then remove the color through Shape outline, I made it white, so the shape can't be seen anymore. It was just a small trick.😅😉 I will make the text a little bit small so it will enter inside the circle, or I can make the shape a little bit bigger so, again it's up to your ideas. Make adjustments then type in CTRL-A to highlight the text. Also, if you're interested in Data entry, you have to familiarize yourself with keyboard shortcuts.

It is very helpful and will speed things up with your task. Keyboard shortcuts such as CTRL-A, CTRL-J, CTRL-R… It is very convenient, not just for data entry jobs. It is also valuable to other skills that you prefer to practice. Adjust the size of the text. To increase the font size, CTRL-Shift-Arrow keys Those are other keyboard shortcuts, although I'm not at all skillful on all of it. But those are what I frequently use.😅 Next, insert a line, put it at the center dividing the number and the word title, then that's it! You can still gild it up, but the idea is the same. If you're going to type, let's say, the diagram and the word title should conjointly, let's get a sample here: "I like this costume…" When the client tells you to combine the diagrams altogether in one document, if you notice, I haven't finished typing each word, but there's a cursor in the middle, which is needed so you can type continuously; So, I will place the drawings below for the meantime then put it in the same space later; Let's begin typing…

With your typing speed will be enhanced, as well as your accuracy when typing. Avoid making mistakes when typing so you need to practice more. If you notice, I seldom look at the keyboard when I type, because I am well-rehearsed, ever since my college years, as much as possible, we shouldn't look at the typewriter while typing we use the typewriter before we switched to a keyboard so we are trained very well.

But as I've said, it's always up to you on how we can make things easier when we work. Practice. Practice. Practice. After typing the long text, you may now bring the diagram back to its place. I hold the CTRL key, then click on the diagram you made, so it will be highlighted altogether. Then, right-click the mouse, choose 'Group'… Those are the simple tricks I can share with you on MS Word, to make it all in just one movement. The line was not included so I just drag it inside the diagram, it's done.

That's how easy it is! If you think of typing, it's such an effortless task, But, it must be accurate and done swiftly with excellent quality. So, when we say Data entry, it shouldn't be ignored because it's still a service, it's still a job. So, always do your best with it. If you like our topic for today, make sure to write down the word, "Data-entry" in the comments section, so that I'll know you've reached this part of our video.👍😉 Now, let's say our typing task should be done through Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Let's go with Excel first, as I'm going to share a simple hack. This is the scanned copy sent by the client.👈 We will do our best to look at it clearly, as it is far to look at and it's too small. I just added the First name, Last name, Street address… It still depends because some clients don't give particular details about what they need, and some of them may tell you to put specifics like First name, Last name, Email address, Phone number… With street addresses, they may instruct you to list the complete information, or it may be divided like a street address, city, state, postcode, etc. But it's more clear and organized if the contact's addresses are branched into tables. You only need to type basic information such as First name, Last name, etc. If you want to learn more about Microsoft Excel, you can search for tutorials or you can Google it. So, once you put all the information, highlight it, the details on the calling card will be your basis for creating a duplicate copy through Excel files.

Let's make this as a sample, The name is Ima Sample; so, the first name is I-m-a; the last name is S-a-m-p-l-e, the street address is 123 Paces Ferry Road, let's make it a bit bigger so we can look closely,😅 to zoom the pic, hold CTRL then use the mouse to zoom in and out. Alright. Going back, let put the street address: 123 Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta, GA (City and State), GA stands for Georgia Be accurate with postcodes. So, the postcode is 33333 Is there a phone number? Yes. It's 305-343-4444; What about an Email address? Yes, there is. Always double-check to make sure you type everything correctly. Then, there's also a cell number; we just need to add a column on the right side for cell phone numbers. This is a good idea to include in case the client couldn't contact the person by his or her phone number,😉 they have an option to call them by their cellphones. Is there a website link? Since it's not indicated, let's not add it as well.

But if it's mentioned on other calling cards, do not forget to include that one also. Since we don't need to add a website link on this one, I'll leave a blank table, so the client would know. So, that's just about it. You will type all the information into the Excel file. And now, I'm going to share a simple hack!🤓 There's a way that we can add a form through Excel. I learned about this recently, I just wish I knew it soon enough. The info will automatically enter through Excel without having to add a tab manually. I don't have to input more tabs with this hack. So, let's click the 'File' on top, then choose Options, Look for 'Customized Ribbon', then there's a drop-down menu, you will find, 'Commands Not in the Ribbon', then, scroll down until you reach 'Form'. Once you highlight the 'Form', let's go to the right side we will make a new tab, as you can see the Excel tabs only include 'Home', 'Insert', Page Layout', etc. so, we will make another one for the 'Form'.

Click 'New Tab', then choose 'New Group (Custom)', which we'll insert the form, before we insert the form, right-click the 'New Tab', select 'Rename', then you can say, 'Data Entry'… So that we know it's regarding our Data entry job.😉👍 Press 'OK' then highlight 'New Group', then we will move the form towards it by clicking 'Add', then it's done. Click OK at the bottom. As you notice, the Data Entry tab is now included along with other tabs. What will happen is I will highlight everything from the First name until the last part, which is Website, we need to do that because from there we will see the hack that we did.

So, once you highlight everything, click on the Data Entry tab then choose Form, From the form, you'll see the info that you typed in a while ago. But if you didn't type anything, it'll be blank. You may delete the details from here or click New When you choose New, you will type the new information. Let's say you'll type something new… this is just a sample… It depends on your strategy on what is more convenient for you. As for me, this is way better 'coz after I'm through with the details, just hit Enter, but to others, it may be different. So, once you click Enter, the information will automatically be inserted on file. If you want to delete it, you may do so by clicking on Find previous then hit on Delete.

If you don't prefer doing that, you may just go back to the usual set-up then type the details needed. Then, if you don't like the forms, and you want to remove it, you can just go back to 'File', then 'Options', check for the Customized Ribbons then straight to the right side you'll see it instantly look for Data Entry then click on Remove. Once you've done it, it's all gone. Those are samples of typing tasks, there may be clients that will instruct you on a different task. At least you have the idea, you can start practicing on this so that you can add it to your profile.

Practice typing fast and accurate and give the best quality, not a so-so type of finish. Stay tuned to the 2nd part of our video, the link is on the description box below for you to follow through. The second part will be Data Entry with Web research. I hope you like our video for today. If you have requests or related videos about Data Entry, then type the word "Data Entry" in the comments section, so that I would know that you like this and you want follow-up videos. Make sure to like👍 this video I'd feel more grateful that you all appreciate the videos that I'm creating for you.

Kindly check the links added to the description box we share everything we know to guide you, for beginners or not, I hope it can help all of you. In the meantime, here are our suggested videos👈 from our channel that you also need to look out for. And again, I'm Sheena Santos,🙋 thanks to everyone for watching, we'll see each other again on our upcoming videos have a great day! Bye for now!👋😊

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