Dana White – From $0 To $7 Billion | One Of Most Compelling Speeches!

you know i didn't grow up with money we we we weren't rich by any means but uh we built we took this business from zero now the company's worth seven billion dollars what's the worst thing that can happen if you try you just have to keep grinding every day every day you get up when you're at home like you're dreading monday man stop stop and get another job because you're in the wrong place that that's not healthy for you i knew i wasn't going to college i knew that wasn't a reality i didn't really want to go to college one of the things that i was very lucky in my life with is i knew exactly what i wanted to do from the time i was a young age i knew i wanted to be in the fight business and people thought it was crazy because when you look at different at the time when i grew up yeah don king bob aaron these guys were the with the big promoters uh in the fight game and and you know everybody was set in their ways they they didn't think that uh you know the fight business could change yeah and i i i believed it could i had a lot of ideas and i believed i could i could change the business and i was i worked in boston at a place called the boston harbor hotel i was a bellman in there i was 19 years old i made good money you know there's some guys to get those jobs and those are the type of jobs they they you know they want those jobs forever it's a good job it's not a bad job it just wasn't for me i was literally standing in the lobby one day and i'm like what the hell am i doing here am i doing here this isn't me this isn't what i want and i walked out the front door and one of my good friends he's still one of my good friends today who's the doorman says uh what are you doing i said i'm quitting and he's like he's like what what are you gonna do i said i want to be in the fight business he said that's the dumbest thing i've ever heard in my life what's the worst thing that can happen if you try if the day that i walked out of that hotel right and i went to do this it doesn't work out i can go back and be a bellman again whenever i want to i always knew what i wanted to do and every day when i woke up i would work toward that goal i listened to both of those tips everything that was in there is absolutely true makes sense and applies to everybody's life it really does so if you want to know what does it take to take things the highest level what's going to take to change my business permanently not temporary you can go home and you can install some of these strategy skills tactics tools insights and see a significant change but if that change is going to be a lasting company of value that keeps growing then the things you've learned here have to become the standard for your organization not something you did for a period of time whenever you look at somebody and say why are they more successful anybody else it's always because of step one they've raised their standard if you go back home and you want to change your life in any way personally professionally or your company as boring as it sounds as stupid as an innate it sounds you might say i spent all this time this energy this money and you're going to tell me to raise my standards yes because even though that's not sexy it is the only thing that creates lasting change yeah so there was a kid in the fight game yeah and uh you know he took me under his wing and you know nothing bad with having a guy that works for you that you don't have to pay either that doesn't suck so you know i worked hard for this guy i learned everything and uh and then i you know i eventually moved out to vegas a buddy of mine lorenzo fertitta we went to school together and uh when i came back to vegas a mutual friend had a wedding and we both went to the wedding we bumped into each other and he had just got on the nevada state athletic commission and he heard that i was doing boxing out here and and uh he said i want to hook up and start training so we got together on that monday which was in 1995 and we've been together ever since the owner of the ufc at the time was a guy named bob meyerowitz out of new york one day on the phone it just all erupted and he said you know what there is no more money it's all over this this this thing's in trouble i don't even know if i have enough money to put on one more show and i said interesting uh okay so we hung up i called frank lorenzo they were and who would become my partners and they were in florida at the time they owned station casinos here in las vegas local casino and uh i said the ufc is in trouble and i think we should buy it i think we could buy this thing we started making some calls a month later we bought the ufc for two million dollars two million dollars and sold it for 4.025 billion so we bought it for 2 million you hear 4 billion that sounds great but the burn of almost 40 million was not fun and it was painful and it it you know what did lorenzo and frank say about that was there a point when they were at a breakup lorenzo called me one uh one day and said uh i can't keep doing this man i can't keep burning all this cash and uh i need you to get out there and find out what you could sell this thing for so that day i made a bunch of calls that night i call him when he's on his way home and i said you know what maybe six seven million bucks we're in almost 40.

I think i could get six or seven million and uh he said okay i'll call you tomorrow [Music] the first thing you think is man i just blew 40 million dollars of my friend's money that's the first thing you do right yeah and uh that's not fun you've put all this time and energy into it and uh and it and it just doesn't work it you know it didn't work the way that you thought it would yeah then he called me back the next day and said [ __ ] it let's keep going first of all when you have a business idea um there's always going to be detractors and people that think you know it won't work you're always going to have those people around you and in your life even when you're successful believe me it gets worse when you're successful then you know you have to get to a point where you don't doubt yourself you're so into this thing and you know that it's going to work timing is everything in life timing is everything we built we took this business from zero to where it was we create zillions of dollars in taxes all these different you know all these people that all the people that we employ all over the world that when we go into the economic impact we have on cities when we go into their cities all this stuff we're a monopoly now we're being looked at as monopoly so we're spending we're spending you know seven eight million dollars a year trying to defend ourselves from the government as a monopoly that these type of things happen and i could go on forever you just you go in you do the right thing and you just you pay your money and you just take your lumps when you own a business you don't try to fight these guys you just you just roll with the punches and you do what you're supposed to do so we went in and we met with california nevada new york um new jersey and the list goes on and on everywhere that had a real strong everybody that had strong regulation um we went in and met with we educated them on the sport and we started to open up and and getting this regulated and all the different cities and and then we started to go to other parts of the world and get it regulated and the list goes on and on then i had to fly from state to state and meet with all the reporters you start meeting with the uh you know from the new york times to the this that local sports reporters who cover sports every night in your hometown i literally flew around the whole country doing this for years yeah and nothing happens overnight you just have to keep grinding every day every day you get up and it's you know for us to to make this happen with the ufc it was really all about education yeah and i always knew two things if i brought these athletes in and you met them you would realize the type of people that they are not what you expected them to be right and if i ever got you to a live event nobody walks out of a live event goes yeah i don't ever want to see one of these again that's true energy's unbelievable i knew i knew if i could get you at least to get whether you were a sponsor or a tv network executive or whatever it was if i could get you to the live event i got you you know when you think about when you talk about manifesting your own destiny and talking about you know that is ronda rousey that is conor mcgregor that is any of these successful people that you meet that's who they are and that's exactly what they do it's a fact she she sat there and laid out and told me exactly how her career was going to go conor mcgregor laid out and told me exactly how his career was going to go these type of people it's it's it's real it's absolutely real and and i've seen it many many times in my life i love when people doubt us i love when people say no you know even even when we just sold the company we sold the company it's been two years now right we sold the company and uh then everybody all it's always surrounded by anything you do positive in your life and anything that's huge it will immediately be surrounded by negativity yeah right immediately get ready for it because no matter how successful you become one thing never goes away negativity haters whatever you want to call about it's always there and you have to read it every day i separate myself from it and back in the old days when we started i used to read it to the point where i was just nauseous you know yeah i do not read any of that stuff because one of the things that i have learned over over my many years of doing this their opinion doesn't matter their opinion means nothing it is literally an opinion it's negative [ __ ] and it means nothing to you it doesn't mean anything it doesn't affect unless you're the sick twisted type of person like me that likes to let it fuel you you let it it's like you're you know it's like your fuel and and other than that it's useless it means nothing everything that the reporters write everything that these people say just don't eat do your thing stay on your course stay focused and and and keep your eye on the prize and and everything comes together [Music] i love that stuff i i i so now i just tune it out i do my thing when we first bought the company when ari bought the company yes and and uh he overpaid for it overpaid for it these guys are in big trouble now now they have so much debt hanging over their head they're this to that their tv deal is up with fox you know all this stuff's going back and forth so and and a lot of these things are true our tv deal is up with fox we do have a lot of debt but these are all things we knew going into it you know and then everybody keeps asking me why did you stay you know when you make that kind of money there's always this thing about [ __ ] you money everybody knows that term oh man i'm gonna tell the boss to kiss my ass if i ever get that lottery or i hit this or hit that if you're looking for [ __ ] you money you're in the wrong place already you already know you're not in the right place okay because there's no such thing i just made more money than i ever dreamed i would make i don't want to leave what am i going to do where am i going to go listen i've been on trips and stuff i can't stand three day weekends i hate three day weekends man i'm like man i want monday to come again that's how much i love what i do if that's not your mentality every weekend when you're at home like you're dreading monday man stop stop and get another job because you're in the wrong place that that's not healthy for you first of all when you're in that position we didn't need any money and and everybody's telling me oh my god you made you know 360 million you made this you made that i already had money i had money i had bought a lot of stuff that i'd always want you know really about that you love what you're doing and it's about the journey the people you're doing with it that you're having fun you're getting up every day and you're all working toward the same goal whatever it might be it's a very fulfilling feeling it really is a very fulfilling feeling because i've been where most people have been i i've been in the in the shitty job that you're just trying to pay your bills and you're trying to make ends meet and you're miserable you're doing it because you have to do it because you have to pay your bills because you need money once you break out of that and you find what it is you truly love to do it's really not work it's it's actually fun and you enjoy every day of your life every one of us is a fighter every day you get out of bed you when you get out of bed every morning right you get up out of bed life is standing right there to kick you in the face ready leg [ __ ] ready to go to kick you in the face because every day when you get up bad shit's coming at you right forget about work your personal life everything car don't start to this to that life is ready to get you you know and you got to get up and you got to fight through that [ __ ] every day you have to can't roll over man you just get you got to fight through all the [ __ ] that life throws at you then you get to a point where life's throwing a bunch of [ __ ] at you now works throwing a bunch of [ __ ] at you you know your business that you have to fight for every day and you have to get up and you have to have that to get up and fight every day man and once you get into it you start and you start fighting it it becomes addictive you actually like it i love competition i love uh i i love things that i love adversity i love when adversity comes at us i love solving problems i i love you know in personal and professional life i i really do like when i when we bought this company espn would not cover us would not cover us wouldn't talk to us wouldn't meet with us january 1st we're on espn with one of the biggest deals they've ever cut in combat sports history so it took 18 years you have to be a leader you have to be a leader and you have to get people to believe as you believe and to want the dream as bad as you want the dream and you have to you know it's great to have a bunch of people in your place working but you want you want enthusiastic people that love what they're doing as much as you know those are the type of people you want and that's that's you know that's the type of shop we've run since the day we opened what makes somebody a great leader well i think i think part of it is setting by example i think that they have to see that you're out there willing you know don't just come up here and tell us a bunch of [ __ ] and you know they have to believe that you truly believe and that's truly you're you're as in love and as passionate about what you're talking about do whatever it takes exactly and you have to be able to talk to people you have to be able to motivate people you have to be able to get people to believe as you believe in what they're doing to love it as much as you do yeah you know and and in my experience that that's that's what it takes it's worked for me i want you to be you i don't ever want you to act like somebody else because it's not genuine it's not authentic from what i've learned and as i look back on my life everything in life is about timing it really is about timing the right time the right place the right everything and and i also believe that you create your own timing in life too you're really lucky when you rip your ass off yeah yeah exactly it's it's the thing is everybody what's the worst thing that can happen if you try if the day that i walked out of that hotel right and i went to do this it doesn't work out i can go back and be a bellman again whenever i want to you can always go back and do that the worst part is not trying you have to try nobody's ever going to do anything without trying it's never the right time it's never the right time it's like i can't now i i i got this truck i just bought i got payments on this frigging thing you know i got this if you do that to yourself you'll never do anything forget the truck forget this forget that go for it just go for it believe me i'm living proof that it can happen

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