Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 – Ep 453 – Full Episode – 8th July, 2021

Don't even think
about such a thing. Or you will get
run over by my car. Leave now. It's between us. Same here. Priya is my best friend. If I ever see you
around her anymore I'll rummage your home.
– Niti… Leave now. You'll pay for it.
– Go now. Why? – Why do you tolerate him? That's every poor
person's plight. Who knows what
luck has in store? I might have to marry him…
– Don't even think of it.

Or you'll get run
over by my car. Tell me if it is
about the money. I'll talk to my father
and get you placed. Good that my driver
is on leave today. I had to drive down to
deliver a consignment. Being a girl you run a company and even deliver it at times. How do you do all this? If you have courage
everything is possible. Even you can do so.
Let me drop you home. It's an age old saying that it's not your
fault if you're born poor but if you die poor
then it's your inability. Greetings,
this is Sonali Kulkarni. Welcome to this new
edition of Crime Patrol. So many years
after the independence we as a nation are
still engulfed by poverty. Even today's episode is about a crime
involving poverty and love.. Two decades into
the 21st century and people still in
order to attain what they desire resort to short-cuts.

One must always wish for more
and try to attain it. What matters is with what mind-set
are you going forward. Call your father.
I don't talk to girls. I'll tell him that he can't
just sack an old employee. The deal was a part
of the take-over. The deal took place
three years ago. Now I manage the company. If a driver ends up being
on leave for 15 days a month then he shall get sacked.

If you ever support
such a man in the future that will hold
true for you too. My dad made a very big mistake
by letting you takeover. Sister,
have you begun fighting again? What am I to do, Swati? What if such
people come to work and misbehave with
female employees? That's how such people
need to be handled. Then talk to dad. Why
do you enter into it? – No. Dad is already worried
about other factory issues. Swati, you won't tell
dad anything, okay? Didn't I ask you to be careful? Niti, what happened at
the transport office? Why did the old company
owner's son come to office? He came to office and
was showing his powers. So I scolded him.

That's it? Why didn't you
ask the guard to beat him? Dad, you are impossible. My child… Do as you please. You don't have to
be scared of anyone. You have doubled the profit. I was thinking of shutting
down the iron factory and sitting with you in
the transport office. I just want to see you married. Dad, marriage…
– Wait, take a look. Oh, no! – Look at
these pictures no one has
any issues with your business. I can't look at these guys. I know that you will
choose the best for me. You're jealous of me, right? Even my work
and hence you create obstacles.

It's not jealousy but concern. Do what you deem fit.
Fight with everyone. The day someone
does something wrong to you… Go to Mumbai to do
your make-up course. Never talk to me again. Swati, bring Niti soon. the auspicious time
is running out. Okay, Dad! Priya, can you bring sister?
Please! Yes, right away. Niti… Niti… Sir…
Swati… – What happened? Niti is not in her room. Not in her room?
– I checked in the bathroom too.

She is not there too.
– She must be somewhere inside. Go inside and check.
– Niti! Niti…
– Niti… Niti… That's enough. Where is your daughter? What rubbish? Why will I make my daughter
run away from her own wedding? I know what you're capable of. You're responsible for all this. Tell me everything here
or the cops will ask inquire. After all the arrangements
and spending so much will I make my daughter
flee her own wedding? Why?
– Then why did Nidhi vanish in her bridal wear
when there were so many guests? Sir, I am sure he is involved. He must have found
someone richer. Hence, to pay 20 lakhs… 20 lakhs for what? Sir… He said that he will pay
me 20 lakhs at the wedding.

So, you're sad about that? We'll treat you well
in prison. Take him away. Hold on. – The cash
is next to Niti's room. That too in a locker.
Listen to me. You are accusing
me for no reason. What kind of a father are you? You start a business
for your daughter. On the other hand you agreed
to the dowry practice? What? The locker is open? Has the money vanished too? I had kept the
money in the locker.

I remember…
– Enough, Dad. Forget about the money.
Sister must be the priority. Blood? Niti is into business. And it is obvious,
she'll have business rivals. Did she had a fight
with anybody.. Or do you suspect anybody?
– Hemant. It can be him.
Or Priya's lover.. Abhay. That incident is old.
You'd gone to Mumbai for your beauty parlour course.
So, you know nothing. Sir, every now and then Nandu used to come
to the terrace. – Nandu? Yes. He was an alliance
for Niti. We were being told
that he is a doctor. But afterwards, we came to know
he worked in a hospital in a small post
getting only Rs.

30000. So, I cancelled the proposal. For this, the entire family
used to fight with me.. Especially, Nandu..
– I'd no choice. Niti's father never let me
talk to her. Just to chat with her,
I accessed the terraced. That doesn't mean,
I'll kidnap Niti. Enquire in the hospital
about me. I never had the need
to burgle someone's house. I'm not a wretch like Niti to
stoop low for some business. Ask anybody.
That night, I was in my house. The way her attitude was,
this was bound to happen. I admit I'd gone there.
My uncle is Niti's neighbour.

Today was his daughter's
birthday. That's why, I went. Sir, I would've done something
six months back. Why should I wait
for so many months? Priya and I are going to
get married. But Priya doesn't like you,
in the first place. Sir, Priya always liked me. But Niti used to provoke her
against me. Niti is a clever
and a sinister girl. Sir, she was going to get
married but, she disappeared. And then, someone
brutally murdered her. Niti! – Niti! Niti! Who could've done this..
– Where is her jewellery? Sir, she had jewellery worth
Rs. 15 lakhs on her. I know everything.
When I go for work you flirt with another man
in the house! Don't listen to the villagers.
Stop suspecting me! I'll kill you for this! That lover..
He killed your mother and fled. Look.. When we were outside,
he entered from the window axed your mother
and fled. This is what you should say.
Don't worry. I'll sort out everything.
Okay? Sir, Brijnath
is a strange father. He saw his daughter's
dead body but he said.. Jewellery. – Pandey. If Brijnath plans and kidnap
his own daughter..

Then, Niti's corpse.. I've an idea.
Confiscate Brijnath's phone. Wait. What is it? Ma'am, stop.
– Let me talk to sir. Just a minute, ma'am. What's the matter? Sir, I had a dog. He didn't return home
one night. This happened
six months back. How is this connected
to Neethi. I looked for him in
the entire city for three days But I got
only his dead body. At the same place where
you got that bride's dead body.

And his body
was also injured just like her body. So, do you mean to say
that the murderer of your dog and that woman
is the same? – Yes. But it's a lion not a human. Not even jackal
is present in this forest. Lion!
– I knew it's not easy
to make you all believe it. So, just a minute. Jeethu. Come here. Sir, this is Jeethu. He used to work at
Ramdeen Singh's workshop. The place were
wood work is done.

He quit that job
three months back. Jeethu, tell him
what you saw the other day. Don't be afraid.
Tell him. Sir, the other night
it was raining heavily. So, I stayed
at the garage. When the rain stopped
I saw a huge animal's shadow. So, you saw a shadow
in a dark night? Yes, sir. I mean to say that I saw
a huge animal passing. I got so scared that I
spent all night at the factory.

Then I heard
a dog scream. That day it
rained heavily, right? Yes, sir. – That
might have made the ground wet. Didn't you see
the pugmarks of lion next morning? Tell me.
– You all won't believe us no matter what because you all can not
catch the lion. Jeethu, talking to them
is useless. Let's go. Sir, here is the report. What's happening, Pandey? Lion! Sir, Sarita lives alone. Maybe she has illusions. The main problem is here
in this forensic report. The blood that we found on the terrace
is not that girl's blood. Maybe that belongs
to one of our suspects. Try to match it with Nandu
and the other suspects. Yes, sir. There are no
fingerprints in the almirah. Maybe the person who
entered was wearing gloves. Tell me what's there
in the post-mortem report. There is something
weird in the post-mortem report. Wood particles were
present in Neethi's injuries. Wood particles! That means
the murder weapon is something which is used
for cutting the wood. Ms. Sarita who just
visited was talking about someone named Ramdeen,
right? Who has a workshop
where wood cutting is done. Yes, sir.
– Let's go meet Ramdeen.

You are impossible,
sir. You came looking
for me just because you found
wood particles on the dead body. Hey stop that. That's not
the only reason. The other reason is that
the corpse was just 200 meters away
from this workshop. So what? I'm not at all
connected to Brijnath's daughter. Sarita is right. That was done
by a lion. Who else can
kill a bride? Where are the weapons
that you use in this workshop? Sir, our supervisor
handles the weapon's section. Hemanth. Sir, this is Hemanth. Yes, sir. You! Do you know him? Yes.
What are you doing here? I work here
as a supervisor. Because
Neethi destroyed me. Pandey. Hemant is not as decent
as he looks. But we already enquired. He was at his house
according to the call records.

he was browsing. He was watching
some videos online. When you said
call records that reminded me
of something. – What? When I was checking the
call records I.. Sir. Sir, any information
about my sister's murderer? How can someone break into a house
and take her away? Please stay peaceful. We are investigating. How can I be? I had a small fight with her. And sister stopped
talking to me. Hence, I had no idea
what was going on here. Tell me why Niti's
phone was inactive in last one and half months. Inactive? How is this possible? My sister used receive
several calls from her office. We enquired in her office.

She didn't use to go
to office during that period. Sir, she used to go to office
even if she was sick. Sir. Sir, you should check
this call record. If you were celebrating
your birthday at home why is your mobile
location found in the jungle? What, sir!
You just checked only that day? Had you checked the
previous days too you would have found
the same location. I go there for running
every day. I took part in five marathon
races in last two years. Mumbai Marathon will
be held next month. I am preparing for that. My mood got spoiled after
the ruckus on that day. Hence, I went out
for running. Look, running, marathon..
Stop talking rubbish. And tell me the truth. What proof do you have
that I am lying? We want to meet sir.
– We want to meet. – Stop.. Stop. A tiger is roaming in the city.
We have heard the news. What are you doing? Are you waiting for the day
when we will get killed? Look, it's a rumour.

There is no tiger in the forest. But Ms. Sarita is saying
on the local network that the tiger is roaming here. 'I have heard the tiger's roar
the other day' 'near the timber workshop.' 'But the police will
never accept this.' Sir what if the tiger
is really roaming there? What's wrong with you? The tiger has been staying in
the jungle since last 10 years.

And he has felt hungry
all of a sudden! Pandey, I am worried
because of those people. Today, I sent them back
somehow. But there is a sense of fear
in the city. Pandey, there is a professor
named Shekhar in this city. He researches on jungles.
– Yes, sir. He knows
the jungle very well. Call him. People of this city trust him. If he assures people
that there is no tiger perhaps people will
be convinced. Yes, sir. I have worked very hard
to settle the business. I won't be able to do
household chores. I need to go
to office every day. Maid will be hired
for household chores. Business is your passion. That's more important. I hope you are not saying
this to impress me. You need to marry me
to know this. The story of the tiger has been
going on since last 10 years. A circus company
came here.

They didn't have any tiger. But they spread the news that they would
show tiger's tricks. And on the day
of the event, they said that the tiger
had run away to the jungle. Since then people think
there is a tiger in the jungle. If there is no tiger
in the jungle which animal is this
that can kill people? Sir, that's not the case. I have been fighting against
the illegal cutting of trees for years. Hence, I know this jungle
very well. The more I try to convince
people that there is no tiger the more my aunt spreads
rumour about the tiger. Aunt.
– Yes, sir. Ms. Sarita is my aunt. She doesn't
understand me.

since you are requesting me I will try my best
to convince people. Sir. Sir, I sensed that Brijnath
is a not a saint. But I never imagined that
he is such a terrible person. See what I have found
on his phone. Who is there? Who is that? Sir, why would I click
such photos of my daughter? It's clear from these photos
that Niti didn't click these. It was someone else. And this is your phone. We found these photos
from your phone. Tell me, why did you click
such photos of her? Sir, I don't know how my
phone has these photos. Sir, why are you not looking
for the killer and that man who stole
my money and jewelry? Who is it? Who is there? You guys are here again
to cut the trees. Help! Is there anyone? Why are you looking
at me like that? I hope you didn't do
anything wrong to sister. Why was her phone switched
off from few weeks before her wedding? How dare you talk
to me so rudely? Her phone was not switched off. She didn't want to talk to you.

Pandey, get all the details
about Brijnath. Yes, sir. He is also killed
like that bride. It must be a tiger. Definitely,
he's killed by a tiger. Now-a-days it is very common
for the wild animals to attack the humans due to random cutting of trees and damaging the environment. Something similar
was happening in this case. The villagers had accepted that a tiger was
killing everyone. But the police was still not
ready to accept that. Is it really possible
that the killer police is looking for was not
a human but a man-eater tiger? Hey, come in. Hey.. Hey.. Didn't I tell you that I will
fix everything? Once again our family
is complete. She is not like your mother. She will take very good
care of you.

Okay? Go outside and play.
Come on. Close the door. Okay? Sir, it looks like he
was killed by some wild animal from the condition of his body. Doctor, don't tell me
that it's a tiger. Just tell me if it was done
by any human then how did he do this? Sir, for that he must have
used two weapons simultaneously.

One is like a hammer
or something. And another sharp tool. Okay. Sir, the ornaments were missing
from the bride's body. A tiger can't do that. Right? But Shekhar didn't have
any money or jewelry. Then why would someone kill him? Sir, is there really a tiger
who has crossed the river and come this side
from the forest? Pandey, there is a village
on the other side, not a forest. And focus here
not on the tiger. Tree years ago, Shekhar filed
a complaint against Ramdeen for illegal cutting of trees. So, Ramdeen had a motive
to kill Shekhar. But why did he kill him
near his workshop? Pandey, that's not
the real question. The question is why Ramdeen took three years to kill him? Or maybe Niti and Shekhar
saw Ramdeen cutting trees.

So, Ramdeen killed Niti too. Sir, shall I take Ramdeen
into custody? – Not now. For now, we need to collect
evidences against him. Do one thing. Get the detailed history
of Ramdeen. Check if you could find someone who knows every detail
about the workshop. Sir, you remember Jitu.. …who used to work at Ramdeen's
workshop? I cannot come home
for the festival this time. We have got a strange
murder case. Brother, look if
you can do anything. I cannot come.
A bride has been murdered. She was killed
in a strange way. She has been torn into pieces. We had also got
a bride's murder case around year ago. She was also killed
in a similar way. And this case
hasn't been solved yet. It cannot be an animal.
– Sir. Sir, my brother, Shyam,
works as a constable in my village, Pali.
– So what? There was a similar case
in their village too which hasn't been
solved yet. I don't know about the tiger but the murder took place
in a similar way. And the one who was
murdered was a bride.

When did this happen? And do you have any other
details of this case? Sir, this was around
one year ago. But the bride's identity
is not clear yet. Okay, contact the officer
of that station. – Okay, sir. Sir, I was offered
more money by Mr. Brijnath. That is why quit the job
at the workshop. And there was a fear
of the tiger too. Don't talk to me about
the tiger, understood? Tell me, would anybody
come regularly to meet Ramdeen
at the workshop? Yes, somebody would come
to meet him once a week. That day, he would
stay back alone in the workshop after everyone would leave. I had forgotten
to take my bag that day. So, I went back
to collect it. Hey, what are you
doing here? Your shift is over, right? I forgot my bag here. Did you take it?
Leave now. Yes, he left.
Come now. Who was it? I couldn't see anything
properly. Mr. Ramdeen had
chased me from there. Sir, excuse me. I enlarged the photos that were found
in Brijnath's phone. I spotted somebody's
reflection in the photo who was clicking Niti's photo.

This. Sir, this is Sulbha. Sulbha?
– Our maid. Sulbha. Yes, Mr. Brijnath. Did you click these
stupid photographs of Niti? I am a maid. She had only asked me
to click such photos. Ms. Niti, take this. Please hurry up. We'll be in trouble
if your dad sees us. Just a moment. Take this.
– Okay. But sister had
a phone of her own. Why would she get it clicked
from dad's phone? He had taken her phone
one and a half months ago. Took her phone? What was happening
in the house, Dad? Nothing was happening. Let me help you. We checked your accounts
before coming here. You have shopped a lot
from the credit card in the past few months. Fridge, television,
washing machine. But for whom? We didn't get
anything new at home. Not for your house. All these goods were delivered
to Priya's house. Priya, Niti's friend. Will you tell me now or shall I ask Priya
the rest of the story? What could I do, sir? There was no money
for food at home.

And I met Mr. Brijnath. Niti told me about you. I can help you. But you will also have to do
something in return. I did not have
any other option. When did Niti
find out about this? Dad. And when Niti opposed
this deed of yours you took her phone from her and made her quit her job. How could she be rude
to her dad? And we need to take
such steps to teach right values
to our kids. Not values, but fear. The fear that the world
will learn about your evil deeds. And you must have thought
you won't be able to stop a confident girl like Niti
after marriage. Dad did you kill sister? That is why
even on the wedding day you left all the preparations and went somewhere
for half an hour.

And you asked me to
call sister when you came back. I had gone to get flowers. The priest had asked me
to get flowers. You must have told your Priya to do something.
– No. Mr. Brijanth did not
tell me anything. Niti had started hating me. She even slapped me a few times,
but I never objected. What could I possibly say? I couldn't take it anymore! So I agreed to marry Abhay. Sir, it's the officer
from the village. Yes, I need the details
of the bride's murder case. Yes, sir, We'd found a phone
on her person. But it was badly damaged
and locked, too. It took really long to repair
and unlock it. It got unlocked after a year
and we learnt she lived nearby.

The bride's family claimed
she had an affair with someone. But we don't know who.
– Thank you, very much! Share any further details
with us. – Okay, sir. My whole family was shattered. Sir, please tell me. Who killed my sister? Is it dad?
– We investigated it. Your father had really gone
to buy flowers. Who's left then? Neeti's boyfriend.
– Boyfriend! Sir, it's impossible! She was focused only on business and she was happy
with her marriage, too. Then whom would a young girl
click such photos for? We didn't find a number
on checking her phone, too. Maybe they spoke over
internet calling. In this case, it's possible
that a theft occurred at home or Neeti and her boyfriend
did it.

Sister didn't steal the money. I did. I needed money to start
my own beauty parlour. My father did not trust me. And sister wasn't talking to me. Sir, Madhavi's boyfriend
has been found. – Really? But he'd dead now. His body was
found 70 km away from the town. He was killed around
the same time as Madhuri. The killer ripped them up
with a sharp edged weapon. Strange!
Three murders in the same way. Some psychotic killer
is on the loose. We've to meet the officer..
– I'll call you back. What's happening?
Stop it! What's going on? Sir, here's the result
of your negligence. The tiger almost killed him! Then why did you get him here?
Take him to a hospital. No! We won't leave until
you catch the tiger! – Right! We won't leave..
– Silence! Enough! You tell me, what happened? Sir, I was quite far
from the jungle.

And suddenly I was.. I was.. Jeetu! – Help him, somebody!
– Please have faith! We'll talk to
the forest department. But please rush him
to a hospital. Pande.. – Yes, sir.
– Pick him up. They won't act unless
we all die! – Right! Sister wasn't talking to me. So even I didn't try
to talk to her.

She was in so much trouble. She needed my support! But I? I'm so selfish that I kept running
after my dreams! Had I been with her she would've been alive! You dare ogle at other men
behind my back! Let me go!
I'm not your slave! I'll tell everyone
how you killed your first wife! Dad, don't hit her! It's hardly been few days
and you're so fond of her! I'm your father!
I toil so hard to fix things! And you're defending her! Stop! Stop!
Hey! The doctor said Jeetu was bitten
by a wild dog, not a tiger.

I knew it.
He couldn't see it in the panic. Sir, unless we nab Neeti
and Shekhar's killers they won't believe us. Sir, you'd asked me to enquire
about Ramdeen. – Yes. Even he's from my village Pali. One more thing. Upon investigating
the murder of that bride it is clear that six years ago someone was murdered there
in a similar way. Who? Was she a bride too? No, sir. It was a man. In fact, the person who got
murdered was a murderer himself. So, six years ago,
that man was murdered similarly as Niti and Shekhar
were murdered. It means that
a crazy murderer has been on the loose
since the past six years. Who knows how many
he must have murdered? Sir, Ramdeen? It's possible. Does the dead person
have any family members? He has a son. Find him.
He might have seen the murderer.

Hello, police station. I am calling
from the Gold Coin Jewellers. Yes, tell me. A person is here
to sell a jewellery which matches the photos
of the stolen ones you sent me. I have engaged
the customer in conversation. She is sitting inside. Please hurry up.
She is a child. It's not my necklace. It belongs to brother Nandu. He was hiding it in a box.
I took it.

I thought that
it was my birthday gift. I am innocent, sir.
I am innocent. Get up! You have fooled
the police enough. Now tell us the truth. How did you abduct Niti?
Tell me! I-I will tell you, sir. I didn't abduct her. She came to me. We loved each other. I didn't do anything.
Believe me. But when her dad broke
my relationship with her I lost all hope. But few months ago,
Niti phoned me.

And then we started
meeting secretly. Did she use to send you
her photos? Yes, sir. I was her boyfriend. But it was her plan to elope. We were planning
to go to Mumbai. On the day of wedding?
– Yes. Niti had planned that
we will settle in Mumbai with the jewellery
from the wedding. It was all Niti's idea
and you agreed, didn't you? Why was there blood
on the terrace? What about the dead body
near the jungle? I don't know about
the dead body in the jungle. But it was my idea
to leave blood on the terrace.

I had brought blood samples
from the hospital. And Niti poured the blood
on the terrace as I asked. Actually, we had planned
to meet in the jungle that day. Niti. Niti, where are you? Niti. I couldn't find her. But I found her necklace
in the bush. Trust me, sir. I don't know
what happened in the jungle. Were you the only one
in the jungle that day? You must have seen someone. No, sir.
I was not alone. I mean,
there was someone else. I was too far from him
to see his face. But he was limping. Maybe he had injured his leg. He was walking towards
Ramdeen's workshop. The supervisor Hemant must know who all visits Ramdeen's
workshop at different times. The man with an injured leg? He was a temporary driver
who was sent to buy something.

What is the driver's name? It's Sukhbir, whom Niti
had fired from the job. I didn't do anything, sir. I was unfortunate that
I had gone to the factory for some work at that time. Is this your bracelet? Y-Yes, sir. Is it a new one?
– Y-Yes, sir. Where is the old one? The old one? Let me show you. It is yours, isn't it? Yes, sir.
It's mine. The old one was loose.
I must have dropped it. Really? And it fell
right where Niti was found dead. I swear to God.

There was no dead body
at that time. I am a poor man. So everyone troubles me. The rich people do
all kinds of things. But no speaks against them. That Ramdeen Singh.. He is gone.
You can come. I saw him with that woman. The woman who keeps
talking about lions. Sarita?
– Yes, it's Sarita. So Sarita and Ramdeen? So you two were trying to hide
not the cutting of trees but your relationship. Neeti and Shekhar had seen
you with Sarita that day. So you just.. – Sir.. – But
I don't understand something. Why did you go
to a different city to kill that bride
and her boyfriend? What are you saying?
We haven't killed anyone! I won't let you go out of here
until you tell me the truth.

Yes, Gupta.
What is it? Sir, we've inquired
about the boy here. We found out that he was working in a construction site
here about a year ago. But he doesn't
work here anymore. I have found out something else. The bride who was murdered,
Madhuri used to work in some school
this area. That boy's house
is also near this school. Does Madhuri have any connection
with that boy? Or with his father? I don't know about that. But there's a guard here
who says that he knew the boy when he worked here. Listen, Gupta. I'll send a sketch artist
from here. Get the boy's sketch. Right, sir. Sir, why have you locked us up!
We really haven't done anything! Tell me, whom among your present
and former workers in your workshop is from your
hometown, Pali? Is he the one? Yes, sir. It's him. Sir, that logo is in many places
in this village. It belongs to a baba here.

I'll take you to him. 'A Solution to All Your
Problems. Baba of the Forest..' Didn't Ramdeen hire you because you're
from his hometown? Yes, he did.
So what? Didn't you want to the job because you wanted
to marry a nice girl? Sir, I do want to get married
and have a family. Wow!
Just wonderful! To get married, people register
in marriage bureau or post ads in newspapers. And you.. You commit murders. What the heck
are you saying, sir! Not me, it's what that
baba of the forest said. He spoke when he was locked up
and thrashed a bit.

I simply wanted to marry
and have a family. I loved Madhuri a lot. But what did she do? She used me to elope! And only for that lousy boy! Yes, I'll leave quickly
and wait for you in the forest. Don't you be late, though. Yes, I'm bringing
all the jewelleries. I'm wearing them. Just come quickly! What did Neeti do to you?
Why did you kill her! Baba told me to offer sacrifice
to attain success. He told me that we must give sacrifices
to get things we want.

That we must offer sacrifices. You'd get success by killing
an animal or a girl? And Shekhar?
Why did you give his sacrifice? The procedure would've been
complete if Shekhar hadn't interfered that day. Hey! Who the heck are you? And this.. What's this you're doing here? I killed him, too! And your parents?
Why did you kill them? My father killed my mother. Everything he said about her and her apparent lover.. It was all lies! All lies! And the.. The people.. They believed his lies. But.. But I understood that man. So I killed him with an axe! There's nothing
to worry about now. Baba has purified me. I can get married now. I can have a family of my own. I'm going to purify you now. And you'll have a family
in the prison. Unchecked desire for something could lead a person
down the path of crime. To prevent our desires
from becoming our madness we should know
when to stop ourselves.

Fraud babas are always
on the look out for innocent and ambition people like Jeetu. They're easy targets. For his own greed,
the baba turned an innocent boy into
a brutal killed. He used his madness
to get married. As the saying goes, children
are like unmoulded clay. Parents shape them properly
with right upbringing. Seen like this,
innocent Jeetu's journey towards becoming a killer had started
in his childhood. If Jeetu's parents has learned
within time what their fights
were doing to him he wouldn't be
in the prison right now.

Becoming parents and being responsible parents
are two different things. I, Sonali Kulkarni,
now take my leave. We'll meet again
with another shocking case in 'Crime Patrol, Satark'. Until then, take care of
yourself and your loved ones. As you know, we're all going
through tough times. Kindly wear masks wash your harms frequently and maintain social distancing. Keep watching
'Crime Patrol, Satark'. 'Jai Hind!'.

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