Copy & Paste Videos And Earn $900 Per Day (Step by Step Tutorial Without Making Videos)

it for you very very fast I will put the volume up here so you can see it there is also a transition because what they are doing is they have a video of say one on channel or one website and then they just link another video and i will show you how to do it on this video today guys so if i play it i want you guys to watch it well, i'm going to move it maybe a few seconds back here so you can see the transition as they do it ok so i'm going to play it at the moment so as you can see guys it was a break so it was a break in the music and it's away you know this scene is over here show these drawers etc and then it went straight to came to you it is because it's a video from another channel or another website and I just put it together and the title of this video is fantastic and clever ideas for your small apartment saving space furniture in order and like you can see guys this channel does have ads showing on it well and this video has been posted it has already got 17 600 views not bad and when you come down here is what I want to show you about this channel and the good thing is about if you wanted to start this niche to make money with youtube guys you can come here and watch exactly where they get all their content from and you can literally do the same but i want to show you how you can drive traffic and what you are going to do drive traffic so when you come across you guys look at this credit and links they do not create any of these videos not guys if you come here you can see here is basically what they did they posted the sites here from where they get their content and then they sometimes post the web and the YouTube channel is good because sometimes they get the videos from the youtube channel so they are just
downloading these videos to their computer and they download it on their own youtube channel once they have done some basic editing such a unique method okay so i want it for you to show when we come here and maa k one of these open, let's say we open this site here for example it's going to transfer us to this site here, okay guys and if we browse here, you can see they have got this new product how to make videos and more if we click on this okay what it's going to do is it's going to show us exactly where they get this different videos from or if you click on any one of these videos it 's basically we're basically going to take over channel what this site is okay guys so this site has a channel and that 's exactly where they get these videos from so if we come back over to this video here if we move back a bit here you can see here is this guy in this video of you with the black shirt over here it's walking around is the same person okay it's here on this channel this guy over here with the black shirt well so it's the same person and guy who 's
walking around it's what they use on their videos well and all they are doing is guys is to create this putting these videos on their own channel so they literally take other people's videos and they are crushing on YouTube guys they make a lot of money online and you can do the same because the channel is unique and if you create your own introduction for your channel and you create your own outro even if you wanted to do a voice-over for you possibly can as you saw, it's just music and other people's videos so what I have guys I came back here and I have this video also opened here here is another video here so if we come here guys watch this video sorry this video here if you can see it is another video that this person downloaded and if you come down here this is where he is all has his information from and again you can see his web youtube web youtube etc and if you click on to tell this site over here guys it's going to take us over to this site and this is exactly where they get all this content from well but like you can see here, they have the website and they have the youtube channel and when you guys come here guys it's the youtube channel and it's where they get it very simply small clips they put it together and they create these videos on their channel today i'm going to give you a massive bonus give and show you exactly how you can make more money on YouTube, even more passive income, but I now want to show you exactly how to put it all together so the first thing you need to do guys when creating one of these channels , you have to create a thumbnail now all they do with these thumbnails guys are they simply using two scenes from the video are they just screen capturing that they are going to a come
site like and they are creating a very simple thumbnail you can also use canva for your thumbnails guys all of you all you have to do is come here click on create a design, scroll down and click on custom size and all you need to do is get to 1920 at 1080 well to enter and then what you are doing from there is you you would have simply come here and you will paste those two screenshots here or whatever you know part of the video you wanted to paste here for your thumbnail the thumbnail is very very simple with this channel guys because as you can see there is no text consultation it is literally two pictures so this is how you will create your
thumbnails now to create these videos you need to edit videos software and the one I recommend it is absolutely free when you are starting something like this guys open, well why because it is absolutely free and i am going to show you on this video how to put two of
these videos together how to download it and it is the perfect software for you to do that and once you get your videos together you can just upload it straight to YouTube and I'll show you what labels to use and I'll show you what titles to use as well and how you will be able to see those labels so make sure you like look so this is the software that I would ok okay now download in order once you come to any one of these videos maybe I just want to show you here I'm working on this software called vid iq okay guys and what this software does is that you already this can see video markers here so these are the markers this person uses to tell youtube where to push this content this video is about the other thing they do here guys as well you can see it's their title on their video here and what you want to do you want to try to do something similar titles, because we already know these types of titles attract a lot of viewers so what you want to do in essence you want to do similar titles and you want to use the same labels to your videos to to send a similar
audience and then to see it mark you want to do is you want to come to a site like this, it's called I'm going to have a link in my
description you can get away with the free version guys and that free version so carry you have subscribed here, you are going to be able to see these labels about what they use and you are going to be able to replicate these markers and the exact same markers when you post them on your YouTube channel well and then from here guys, I want to show you another bonus because this channel is over here at the moment make no money with affiliate sales and I think it's a big gap on this channel because with eight million different people or eight million people watching these videos every month this person has a great opportunity to make a
lvan money online and i'm going to show you where from now on guys once you have you know your labels and once you have everything these good guys you have to do is you need these videos and the way you get it will get these videos simply let's say you come over to this site here or you came here video he has and you found it YouTube channel here quite simply all you have to do is say we wanted to download the video here as soon as we click on this video what's going to happen this video is going to start playing I'm going to interrupt it and I'll show you how to do it because I want to show you how to put a video together and then basically what he is doing guys you have to make sure you pay credit to each of these videos you use because the reason why he gets away with it and the reason why no one complains is because he gets a lot of views he just drives this traffic back to their website and back to their YouTube channel which is also giving them the opportunity to let you know to make money too so what you want to do guys let's say we wanted to use this video here where you would come here guys simply and copy this url as soon as you copy this url you will get to google guys and you simply type in mp4 downloader and you are will have all these different results come on so if I click on this one click here as an example you go see something like this come right, so let me just go to the home screen here and what you can do is you simply paste that url in here you need to make sure you click on mp4 here as soon as you click on mp4, you want to click on to switch and what it's going to do now it's going to watch to this video as soon as it's done watch that video you want to come here and you want to click on download now what's going to happen and ad is going to pop up a case when you get here, you can see it's start downloading here in the bottom corner but it's going to be a play
ad because that's how these guys make money so you can just close that ad now once it's downloaded here guys what you're going to do now is you're going to download it to this video editing software that i'm going to show you exactly how to do it on my video editing software i use what i use camtasia and i have it going at the moment while i'm filming this which is why i'm going to show you how to do it but it are about identical guys and you do not have to say three hundred do not spend
dollars like I did with video editing software because you just do not need it so from there guys you want to do you want to come to your video editing software and then from there what you want to do well is you want to come just over and click on file as an example go to import and we are going to import this media now as you can see guys this is the video we just downloaded so what i am going to do is I am going to click on this video and it is another video I downloaded recently just before I started filming to show you two videos and how we are going to edit it so we are going to upload these two videos as you can see these two videos have been uploaded so what does everything you with your video editing software you come here guys, you guys posted it here, well now what's going to happen is you going to probably need to know it, expand it to make it a little bigger, what is good you can definitely do it is not a problem at all in order so it fits the full screen that is 1920 1080 then you want to come here we're going to move it forward well and this is the one of the videos this person played on this channel so you can probably come here now you can start literally the video from here down for example so let's say you wanted to cut this out you can come here and remove it well and then you can start playing it well so you can start playing it literally from there what you are doing now is moving it over to ear here let's say you come here and then stop it here what you can do let's say now you wanted to stop it video here all you do is cut it and then you come here you wipe it out then you can come here and the grab
second video third video fourth video whatever you wanted, well so we're going to expand it well because we want it to be the same size and we're going to move it over well we're going to get rid of this because this is of course it and then what we are going to do is we are going to cut it we are just going to cut it erase everything and then I'm going to play it for you and show you exactly what it looks like and very similar to the previous videos just let me play it for you very fast so it's literally away from one living space guys to another living space if you can see so you come straight over from he talks about one living space it moves over to here and it goes straight to the next living space and you can do it over and over with any one of these different videos guys that you find this person use
because when you come to any one of
these videos are good that this person has been educated, you can see how many of these different videos and website you have available to start creating these different channels like I said you need to be sure make you mark you have to make sure you copy you know these titles they do now very similar from there guys, how are you going to capitalize on the thousands of dollars that you are going to make every
single month in advertising revenue once you get
this channel you know monetization to be monetized you need to get 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 viewing hours you want to make now your channel a little unique create your own intro you are going to get better with this as you go along, but another way you can make even more passive income online guys because once these videos go live, you can see how many views this person gets, we 're talking six hundred thousand three hundred thousand seven hundred thousand views every day so it's a lot of eyeballs on these channels how can i make this money now these people are watching these videos guys because they are literally into these different fantastic and smart ideas for these little apartments so what you want to do guys, you want to come to Amazon and what you want to do is you want to sign up with amazon fellows as an affiliate ok so you basically come here you sign up as an affiliate and then what you can start doing is you can link to any one of these farm
different v videos here, so if you browse here all you need to do is paste that affiliate link here tell people to click here if they want to look at some very cute
you know ways of whatever it may be you know how to find small furniture whatever it may be you find on
amazon because if you come here guys if you are space saving type furniture you are going to find all this different call ideas you can find on amazon and all you need to do is paste that link in there or just find similar furniture you are advertising on those video guys and you will be amazed at how many people will click on it that it will make you very passive income guys one of the easiest ways to make money on YouTube to make as I said it is a very unique niche but very very easy to set up but you have to make sure you sign up at vidiq so you can know use the exact same markers follow these different videos copy them guys and there is ab solutely no reason why you can not start creating these videos and making a lot of money on remember this person was still just doing it for 10 months and they are crushing it absolutely even if you reduce it to ten thousand dollars a month which is a lot of money for someone which posts each videos
only three days so if you want to make passive income online you want to start a very simple YouTube channel without showing your face without ever talking on there without then filming something this is the type of niche you can come in right after you watch this video so this was my video for today guys on a great way to make passive income online and to make money on youtube if you enjoyed the video do not forget to like that button in to save appreciation thank you very much for watching another one of my videos till tomorrow I am alan of smart money tactics you take care of yourself and goodbye

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