o Hello in today's video we will discuss On how to be a person Large media evaluator Multinational companies like Google Facebook Amazon So if you want to know What video raters will be and how to apply Wide gap and then leave there hello i am Siméia, we will start this video Talk about service behind us Let's talk about how much you want Victory, how can you in the end Apply for these vacancies and watch This video to the end of the previous video In this series, we discussed how to Work at Netflix and other companies Support as support Customer, if you haven’t seen it yet, I will Keep this video in Cade too Leave this video The video in the description for you to watch later Will talk about another company employment The people between these are media assessors Media assessors will help Search engines and algorithms other companies that work better The situation you are going to evaluate The media of these companies Contribute to your system Intelligence that the company’s job is Is basically collecting data in order to These companies will use in your system For example, if you search for Google launched an Asics sneaker, one of which appeared Nike sneakers need people Say that song is wrong o Google’s algorithm was very clever until At a certain point because he doesn't study A person he will learn What is data input The data the system needs to give him Let him understand so From there he started to make decisions in In addition to search engines, we will also do so Not only like Google Such a company but also has Alexa and Who owns another intelligence system, and Your wishes as a media assessor What we need to do is to help these algorithms Know all the data they receive So they every time Intelligence now speaks this way You will use the algorithm Teaching algorithm seems to be a thing Complex but actually very simple You will only play your role Everything these companies need Is to teach robots for humans Them, so everything you need to do Someone will enter Too much data lost People think these algorithms are Alone, but actually They can handle estimated data, right The data that beings enter there Capable man Someone who stole from work at home Through the internet and the company I am talking about providing these Yes Remote job vacancies have more than 20 years Company serves Giant market market these multinational companies, she has More than one million employees Receive U.S.

Dollar payments The collaborator is What is the evaluator media of And you will do it, they will outperform 130 countries/regions and more than 13 million It was already evaluated on the website at that time There is a lot of space There is a lot of space, a lot of people act because of more every day The company needs to come from More data from more people to help you Artificial intelligence and the minority Know these opportunities The company recruits globally, but In Brazil, there are many Few people know that it is not You are hard to get hired For this company and its role Quotation comes from corn appraiser You will be Do a few things to help the algorithm understand things E.g. search situation I mentioned you will Will do research there and say Yes, the result is correct You will teach algorithms to work So there are many simple things People start this kind of work Like extra income online Start doing it in my spare time You can also carry out some such projects Play for a few hours a day You can work for more people Finally left the main job, and then Just came to work in this company Because there is always work You go there and be After the application you have been approved by the system There you will have access to multiple projects Then you can choose What do you want to do You will work in this company Earn $5 to $35 per hour More or less depends on The volume you can also do So if you can only work for one One hour a day, you will be restricted If you can The harder you work, the more projects you have Get better there, work every day Define your person Availability, nor this Fixed time issue with Not enough cards or anything else Available working hours Work only at night, then work at night I’m very flexible at work.

It’s fun because you Can do additional activities have Lectures, but you have to dedicate So you can really have one Relevant results, because this is a job Just like any other difference You have this flexibility in scheduling, and It is also possible to work from home, but it is necessary You also attach great importance to Various tasks you can perform You will get different values For each task, please check in this example Projects that paid $238 Complete the task, that is, more than one thousand If you will win Task in all cases of the task What you need to do is record some Short video on mobile Do some jumping and other actions at home Skating these videos They will not be published on the Internet They will be used to teach Algorithm go O What does it mean that the jump is The machine learns by looking at completion, and You will be from Provide this material for these learning That will be your job, before Someone asked me you don't need it Know how to do this in english Read the task of the website The project will be in English, nothing more Where are you using a browser translator Right click on the Chrome browser There is translated into portuguese there You can read and understand tasks To be healthy Simple tasks you don't need You don't need to say yes in english You can go to school Very simple at home mobile phone and the time you want Just need to be online now You will apply The registration of these vacancies in the register is Very important part because of the shape After you register, it will be confirmed Project type task type You will receive you will Be free there so you can fill in You need to pay attention to the time to fill in, I will leave the link in I will also leave a link to the shoelace video in the description Very simple basic course, teaches shovel And I can't display it here Step by step instructions on how to Register all these companies and i will leave Link three cram schools and he will give you Teaching, mainly People who have taught The experience here has been applied to these The system will tell someone else's system What to do and what not to do Mainly how can you have Large number of tasks LIB right price is right for you From To get good value in the task is really worth your time and In this cram school, he also showed a few Sites where you can do other activities versus People on different websites say that in this series I’m How does this website work Through the internet, so you will have Can also be used Visit all non-material exclusive student communities, phone WhatsApp where will you see people Will indeed complete the task With already Of people get in touch with better understanding How it works You understand, you will see that there is no Nothing good or bad, don’t be afraid Because i'm going This is help in english, i won't be able to Answer nothing is all Very simple, you will do You can really cope So i am important to you Make it your app Well registered company Smart because once you type For the system, you will have Income, because this is my company I didn't mention The 20-year-old company market has more than one million Registered examiner who does more Has earned more than 13 million So the business reviews very seriously You can really have a solid business Sometimes becomes part of the register Can do some complicated things for you Do it yourself, that's why i Indicates that I will leave the linked course In the description and Other content in some companies have no registration time Ask you to Send your resume to apply and I will pretend to be you Send your resume, but then you Need to be sent in English, sure you will come I don't know English, but It is important that you and English to Google Translate Your resume and send it as it goes Make it much easier for you Approved because It’s easier, they can also analyze your course Turns out you at least tried Send more English lessons You can't speak, so there are a few These details are very important Make Please note that your application has been approved, and As you can see, I have quit work On the tree site, we are here Various jobs, so there are Remote work priority You can Flexible in the world I work anywhere in the world These part-time tasks and There are also long-term contracts So here you can even receive Hiring company from and work (6 ) Up to 2 years of months, in this case you are Get a contract that you will have paid Per hour, so the company pays about 5 45 dollars an hour, so here is still In flexible remote operations This problem in the contract is the same for you I have some tasks Fast work done as quickly as possible You can start right away, something like this They pay as good as the people who pay People see that $200 per hour is Pay less than one A simple five dollars is sometimes a trivial matter Except five In addition, you can easily complete other operations within 10 minutes.

Research and data collection issues if you , You will conduct research. You need to record your own voice in order to have All these types of work are done here and in the end I also know Company position and is already Is a company, yes, you will be Legal person or your relative Sometimes they are On-time approval and other time delays A little more, but you only have Patience, yes, because sometimes you have to Need to be based on Evaluate your registration and the answers you get for this I said to be careful with this record Your best way to do this is Experienced people why I recommend this course because Of course, what do the people teaching there do She not only has your experience Follow the steps exactly and you will Everything is before you come Register until you know something about you Sure to pay Automatically pass every fifteenth day and usually correct So you must also register Create an account on the page, like Is a digital bank, but not I have no secrets basically Nothing, you will continue to evaluate Then you would say Search correctly, you will record You will record some audio Video to use Mechanism looking for all these, I have some trivia Not difficult Performance, you can even know Close the contract to be charged by the hour Next video With some companies, people will talk about how to win Money fill out the form in case Do you like this video share On social networks because there are so many people Need an option today Additional income and more forms Important people still need it Pay the bill, so please help me spread Sharing this series of news Share the video of this video until Others will get more I forgot the opportunity now Also make you like the subscription See more similar on the channel Video of today this day, I will stop here and we will See next

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