Clickbank And Instagram – Step By Step Tutorial – How To Make Money On Instagram With Clickbank

Hello in this video we're going 
to be talking about ClickBank   and Instagram step-by-step tutorial how 
to make money on Instagram with ClickBank   automatically. You heard me right automatically 
so you don't have to do much at all. Do you want   to Market your ClickBank products on Instagram 
for free? Would you like to copy my $20,000 a   month ClickBank and Instagram cross-marketing? 
The method would you like to have Instagram   sell your ClickBank products automatically without 
paying a single dollar.

This is a daily automatic   cross-marketing promotion for ClickBank on 
Instagram that I'm going to show you today.   This is going to increase your sales automatically 
without you doing anything at least 20% for   me and for the Is that I have worked with we have 
increased it a lot more than that. I'm not trying   to show off here. All I'm trying to tell you is 
to encourage you so you'll be aware that this   could be possible when things are possible.

you'll have a little bit more motivation to go   ahead and do it. I had a lot of people email 
me and send me messages regarding how to do   ads on social media like Instagram and Facebook. 
Book and things like that. I don't do that that   because it's expensive. There's a better way to 
do it and it's free. Okay, let's go ahead and get   going here. Of course, you were talking about 
ClickBank and Instagram step by step tutorial   how to make money on Instagram with ClickBank and 
this subject has been very hot.

Just because a lot   of people don't know the strategies behind it. So 
I'm gonna go ahead and reveal some of the strategies   that I have been using so I'm kind of like getting 
a genie out of the box a little bit here just for   you. Okay, so I got nothing to sell you. All I 
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reason I'm saying that is because when I get this   is the thumbs-up is very much like a vote that you 
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Sometimes I forget to so I'm going to go ahead   and talk about some important strategies here 
and one of them what I call is the micro-social   media cross-marketing method. I also called the 
cross targeting method. Okay social media crock.   remember I'm saying this is a micro, not macro. Some 
people go macro and it's not a very good thing.   I'm going to tell you here a little bit. It's 
when you go macro. That means you're just like   your are doing like a shotgun approach method 
and you are you know, posting on every single   platform.

I'm talking about social media platform 
and this is the last thing you want to do why   because it does not work. Okay like, Facebook 
you go to Facebook you go to Twitter you go to   Instagram and you go to LinkedIn and so on that 
why is that why this is not so good for you.   The reason for that is that it will not generate 
an automatic cross-marketing method. I have tried   it before many times spend a lot of time doing 
a lot of research and a lot of trial and error   so it would not generate the automatic.
cross-marketing method for you for ClickBank.   I'm going to tell you how it's going to work. 
The other thing is that it's a time-consuming   process because you are posting on a different 
platform different social platform and each one   has a different Post in rules. And sometimes 
you might violate that rule or by mistake   do something.

I have done that before. It's a 
mistake. Sometimes somebody makes a mistake and   they just as punish you and that's what happened 
to me a long time ago. I'm trying to make things   easier for you because when I first got started 
there was nobody who gave me some really good value   everybody on YouTube when I sell me a course for 
$1,000 a blah blah blah. So I'm doing this for   free for you. So just because I think if you 
need help, I think you should people should  give back what I'm saying is that you have to 
give Then back if you want more out of life,   and I encourage you as well is to give something 
back and that's what I'm doing right here. Now.   I'm going to show you how to do it in one social 

And this is how you need to do it. This   is going to be done on Instagram. Okay, Instagram 
is the best platform for that. So avoid all the   other stuff don't sit there and try to put and 
paste things on different platforms. At form now   you can do it by just posting stuff. But if you 
want to sell your ClickBank product your affiliate   ClickBank marketing product the best way to do it 
is on Instagram because this is going to generate   automatic marketing method for you and I'm going 
to show you just a little bit what I'm talking   about here. Now, this is what I'm talking about 
you go to a Create a page on Instagram. What   you want to do is you want to go ahead and put in 
your ClickBank affiliate marketing link you do one   page and then what happens again, you do another 
page you create another page under a different   name.

Don't put your name on there. Okay, this 
got nothing to do with your name is only about   that product and that product has to be 
related to this. Okay? So you open or you   have or you create another Instagram page and 
you put the same information? I'm not talking   about the same exact information. Of course, 
it has to be like I said a different name,   but the niche and the product that you want to 
sell has to be the same. So you create another   one you create another one equate Northern. It's 
up to you. How many you want to create now? You   probably going like why should I open all these 
I'm going to tell you here in just a little bit   because What do you want to do? 
We want Instagram this start   doing the work for us. Now. All you have to do on 
these you don't have to do much you have to post   obviously but the post could be either the same 
or very similar to each other. Okay. So the niche   is the same the product that you are selling is 
the same.

I'll go over that in just a little bit   and the link is the same but I don't want you to 
put the same exact link. Okay, the link has to   be a little bit different and we talk we'll talk 
about that here in just a little bit. So again,   what are you going to do is create an Instagram 
and I call it a page. You can call it whatever you   want to or account, you know, but it doesn't 
matter but the idea is to have an Instagram   page basically and you are putting quotes for 
example regarding something that is related to   the product that you are selling.

From ClickBank 
again from ClickBank, you're selling that product   from ClickBank, you wanna put in maybe quotes or 
post or something like that, but they all have   to be very similar. In another word what happens 
Instagram goes and finds out that these things here   are very similar Niche similar wording, 
you know you can even in some places we put   the same thing same. Same post on all of them. 
Okay, and I'm talking about a post that could be   it depends on what you are selling.

Obviously. What 
happens is that Instagram? They have an algorithm   in Instagram. Let's say you have somebody 
that actually joins this right here. Okay,   they like that and they like the 
product. Now one thing about people   is that when they are interested about something 
if they are interested about health, for example,   they're not going to To follow just one account 
or one person or one, you know Instagram account   or page or so forth. They cannot go and follow 
some other ones too.

Okay. So what happens here   is that Instagram is going to recommend the other 
Pages. Now what they recommend the other Pages   for you subconsciously the people who are 
following a particular Instagram page.   They start hearing the same. Message or similar 
message and things like that and they end up   buying believe it or not. They'll end up buying 
the product is sometimes it takes seven times   for the person according to the experience that 
I had. It takes 7 exposure before the customer   actually Buys. So what happens here is that 
Instagram going to refer that page? They can   refer to another page.

They can refer to another page.
They can refer this page and this page and that   page and And a lot of these pages though going 
to be referred for you and let's say if somebody   came in here for example did not buy but what 
happened Instagram send them to that page they   might like and they can see. Oh, okay. Well these 
two things they believe in that product these two   accounts they believe in that product or those 
whatever it is, it's Instagram page or account or   company or whatever it is. They believe leave in 
that product and then they go here they go. Okay.   They also believe in that product. So it must be 
good because there's a lot of different Instagram   Pages. Obviously, they probably don't know that 
they all belong to you or to me. This is how human   brain operates is that they want confirmation 
from different sources and that basically what   you are given them.

All right, let's go to number 
2 here and then what you going to do after that   obviously, you have an itch you have Product 
you have to have that product from ClickBank.   Now after that, of course, you want to obtain 
a link. This is very important use the link   use the right link shortener software. I'm 
going to tell you the truth a lot of the product   that I choose. I know they are selling why how do 
I know that I can find out from the link shortener   that they are using for that ClickBank account 
or the ClickBank Marketplace. Lace basically how   many clicks they are getting are they getting a 
lot of clicks and then I'll do the calculation   and then I'll find out how much of a sale they 
are generating from that if it's not a whole lot   of clicks. I don't bother with it if there's a 
whole lot of clicks that means they are selling   and this is because other people don't know that 
not all link shorteners and I'm talking about   link shortener. I hope you know what I'm talking 
about like Bitly for example, and there's like a   lot of them I can In and I can find out on all of 
them almost.

What is selling what is not selling   so I don't have to do a whole lot of research. 
You probably asking what is the best link   shortener? I'm going to go ahead and give you some 
tips. And then it's up to you to decide which one   you want to get now the best link shortener, you 
know, there are some few things that they have to   meet. One of them has to be secure another word 
when I go to a link shortener. I take it. I look   at the link and I'll put in a code depends on On 
a different platform different link shortener,   but in a way, I can find out what the link is 
and I can see the whole thing. I can see how   many people clicked when did they click? So 
make sure it is secure the one that you use now,   I'm going to tell you the one that I use and it's 
up to you to decide if you want to if you want to   use it or not.

Now the other thing is that you 
want to make sure that at this link shortener   will identify and reject Bots automatically.
Now the one that I use is I Do I have an   option to identify for me the but now a lot of 
people might not know that there are some butts   that they go everywhere. It doesn't matter. They 
could go for example on YouTube. They can go on   Instagram all social media and they look at links 
and they click on them. The reason they do that   is because somebody wants to know okay, they 
created a but to go and find out what other   people are. Are selling what happens they click 
on links or link and when they click on it   the but knows that this is what they're selling 
while the one that I use they can't tell I can   block it where nobody knows what is it that 
I'm selling because the software that I use   and I use with other clients and I kind 
of recommend for them to get it is is it   will reject that? I will not give them access or 
doesn't even show where this link will take them.   It will recognize that this is actually a but not 
a human being other thing is a tracks affiliate   links another word when you are advertising 
in one place, for example, your advertising   in let's say in two places your advertising in 
Instagram, or maybe you doing some other stuff   which I will share with you just a little bit it. 
Will track that link it will tell you how many   from Instagram, you got how many clicks you 
got ad from what location they came from   for example from your website or they came from 
let's say YouTube better than that.

It will also   attract entire funnel from ClickBank a lot of 
stuff or a lot of products right now on ClickBank.  They do have funnels and What happens is 
that the one that I use, it does track all   that. It tells me how many people 
went on the first-page second page.   Where did they stop where they didn't stop and 
if they bought or not. This is very important   right here. Is that should this be your only 
strategy for ClickBank traffic with Instagram.   The answer is simply no. And the other question 
you're going to ask why I'm going to go ahead   and tell you why because never depend on the 
power of one. If you are following my teaching.   I always say that don't depend on the power 
of one what I mean by that power of one   is that power is basically could be where you 
get new sales from your livelihood where you   getting paid from.

You don't want to depend on one 
platform because social media rules could Change   overnight Instagram. For example, maybe they 
don't like ClickBank anymore or whatever it is.   They might change overnight and you might lose 
everything that you have even though we're making   over 20 grand from this technique right here, 
but I don't want it to be my only source   the other thing is that again ClickBank Rules 
by change regarding a click Bank in Instagram   or any other social platform that you are using 
they could change anything. Could you why because   you don't have any control over them? You 
don't own these platforms. They make their   own rules. There's nothing for you to do. There's 
nothing there's no other option for you. Okay.   All Instagram account is should have the same 
ClickBank product, which is only one product.   Okay in In order for this to work, it has to be 
one product and they have to be in the same Niche   because if they are not then Instagram is not 
going to recommend the other pages that you have   now Instagram, does it know that you 
own all of them? Okay, so don't don't   put same information on all of them and 
don't use the same for example the same   email address on all of them.

So make sure to do 
that. Because this is critical for this to work.   The other thing is do not try to collect emails. 
So if somebody clicked on your affiliate link   don't take him to a landing page so you can 
collect their email address and you can follow   up with them and stuff like that. This is would 
not work. It's called friction. You are creating   too many stop and points for them. A lot of 
people. They just don't like that and they say,   you know what hell with it, I'm not gonna mess 
with that. Be careful not to do that. Now. There's   another way that I recommend you doing. like 
I mentioned before never depend on the power   of one's.

Okay. So the other thing is that you 
want to we want to generate our own traffic when I   first got started with this the same thing my rule 
that I have is I don't want to depend on just one   source of income never do that. All millionaires 
don't depend on One Source they usually have   about At six different sources, we're talking 
here about just one product still.

I don't   want to have just one source. So I want to go 
and create targeted traffic for ClickBank   and I'm talking about ClickBank targeted traffic 
where I can actually get traffic within 24 hours   and I can get it targeted another word. If I'm if 
I'm selling or if you are selling something. Let's   say weight loss or something like that and 
that's the product that You have and you want to   you want to sell it? Okay, so you can go and get 
traffic within 24 hours.

Now what's good about   that is that you can collect emails there as a 
matter of fact, I want you to collect emails.   Okay, this is why because people are 
interested people did something they have   expressed interest regarding the niche that 
you are in so So what I recommend for you   is to go ahead and do that. Also, I'm going to go 
ahead and let you know which one that I use. I'll   put the link in the description as well. So let 
me go ahead and just tell you exactly how this   work because this is the most powerful approach 
to success for us. And I'm sure it's going to be   for you and I'm going to go ahead and take you 

You have a ClickBank product course,   you can like I mentioned if you follow what 
I'm talking about you. At the Instagram pages   and you not going to collect email list. The 
only thing this takes a little bit of time   because you got to have obviously going to have 
some people who follow you some people who are   interested in the stuff that you are posting 
and then the rest will be taking care of by   Instagram. Now, the other thing is the 24-hour 
ClickBank traffic now if you are doing both this   is very powerful for us. It was very powerful. 
Awful and for you is going to be a powerful as   well because you don't want to depend just on 
Instagram platform. You want to have your own   now. This is much faster and you can collect 
emails where you can actually target the people   later on and sell them, you know, the same product 
or similar product when you have the email list.   Nobody can take that away from you.

It is 
yours to keep nobody can Anything start   like you're on Instagram or your own Facebook. 
They change in the rules don't you already have   these emails and they are yours. Nobody can take 
them away from you. So the best way to do it,   like I said never depend on just one thing. 
This is great because it's automatic.   We don't I don't have to do anything. My 
people don't have to do anything just post   post stuff on a regular basis own. Some of them 
we can post the same. Same stuff but you don't   want to post the same exact thing on all of them. 
You can choose different posts and post something   here post something a little bit different 
in another page and then post the same thing   go back and post them. So what I'm 
saying is that you don't post them   in the same order. If you have like a hundred, for 
example, you don't go one two three on all of them   on the first one the first post or quote 
whatever you want to use and then on the other   one, you can use whatever you have, which is 
number five for example, so it doesn't look   like you are posting the same thing and people 
when they go in there, they go like oh, these are   different people not going to go, you know, two 
months back and trying to find out what you have   if you want to know everything about affiliate 
marketing click here if you want to know about   the top affiliate marketers in the world. 
click here.

And as usual, I'll see you at the top..

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