Clear Smart Bulb WINNER! Sorry Hue and LIFX! Wyze Bulb Color

hey guys it's craig smart bulbs like philip you and lifx are bright and have great colors but they come with the big price tag many budget bulbs may have bright white light but they fall short with dim colors not anymore wise has a new color changing bulb that is brighter than philip hue and just as good as the lifx at about a quarter of the price let's take a look if you're new here for a little background i've worked in the entertainment lighting industry for over 24 years now and for the past 10 plus years i've worked as a lighting designer and use a credible led lights on a professional level i know how to light for video i know what good color is and i know bulbs that are able to achieve deep rich colors while staying bright so far the best that i've been able to find is the lifx bulbs they have great deep colors especially in that lavender purple range now for these tests i'm using a light meter to give you the foot candle reading for each bulb in warm white red green and blue colors so if you're not familiar with foot candles here's a great definition that i found a foot candle is a measurement of light intensity and is defined as the illuminance on one square foot surface from a uniform source of light what i did is i took a tape measure and measured one foot above the light source i'm also using the dome on here that is meant to capture single sources not ambient light too in my house i went with lifx and philippu bulbs for a couple of reasons one philippi was one of the only ones on the market when i started my smart home and they have it have good colors and stay bright during those different colors strips i'm not a big fan of their strips i went with the lifx bulbs because they were wi-fi bulbs and they too are bright and have great colors i would say they have better colors and a little bit brighter to equivalent fill up you bulbs second both philippi and lifx work with apple's home kit that's important to me so i can use the lights with all three assistants i would say that's really one of the only drawbacks i see so far with the wise color all the bulbs here that i have and will be testing all work with apple's home kit at all except for this and you can find links to all of these in the description if you want to learn more about them or purchase them if you do purchase them small portion goes back to the channel and i do appreciate that if you're not familiar with wise they make great affordable smart home products their first real hit was the wyzecam v2 and wise campan from there they made smart plugs bulbs locks smart scale and more right now i'm a huge fan of the wise vacuum i'll put that in the description it's possibly better than my roomba which is about twice the price there's going to be a video coming on that soon wise color bulbs can do 16 million colors and warm white to cool white it is a 75 watt equivalent with a 1100 lumen output the wise color is a wi-fi bulb and does not need a hub these bulbs work with amazon alexa google assistant and if now when these wise bulbs were announced i expected it to fall short like many others you'll get a reading on these saying 1100 lumens most of the bulbs that claim that are pretty accurate in white light and then they fall off quickly so i didn't expect these to do so well but after turning them on and really looking at them next to something like the nano leaf essentials and the me ross ball both home kit bulbs i was quite disappointed in the test results with the rgb leds i thought these were just going to deliver that same result but man i was wrong i was blown away when testing these you can see my reactions in the youtube short i'll put that in the description too also these bulbs are available on amazon as a two pack there is a little weight at the time of recording this um unwise you could get them as a four pack something to note with wise when you buy any of their products they always look more expensive than amazon and that's because wise put shipping and handling charges built into the price that you see on amazon if you go to you'll see something that says like 19.99 then you go to checkout and you see the real price with shipping and handling that works out to be the same as amazon pricing i like getting stuff from amazon because it comes quick and it's easy to return if i need to i pre-ordered these bulbs and they were 29.99 for four bulbs they're now 34.99 unwise but that's still a great price for how good they are it's under ten dollars a bulb let's see what ten dollars gets you this first test is going to be next to the mi ross or maris bulb depending how you say it i'm still trying to figure out what's correct and the nano leaf essentials this is actually a thread bulb one of the only ones i'll make a video on thread uh in the next coming month or so our first test is the warm white test against some other budget bulbs on the left we have the miras or maris 60 watt equivalent color changing bulb in the center we have the wise color it is a 75 watt equivalent and is noticeably brighter on the right we have the nano leaf 60 watt equivalent bulb this bulb is the only thread bulb out of these the other are wi-fi bulbs with colors where you start to see the budget bulbs fall off the nano leaf essentials bulb is really bad when it comes to color but does a great job in the warm and cool white it's crazy how much brighter the colors are on these for being a cheaper bulb next we have the wise color going against the philippi their best bulb which is a 60 watt equivalent and then the lifx minis that i use here in the studio that are also a 60 watt equivalent both lifx and you have to win right because they're three to four times the price first we have the philip hugh 60 watt equivalent next in the center we have the wise color again and on the right we have the life x mini 60 watt equivalent as you see the wise color at 75 watts is brighter than both we get into the colors and we see that the wise color is performing better than bulbs that cost four times the amount when i got the wise color i figured it was going to be close but not beat the veteran hue and lifx bulbs especially match the brightness at the deeper colors now let's show the results of the 75 watt equivalent wise bulb next to the lifx 75 watt equivalent bulb and then i'll also put the lifx mini in there just as a third light it's not going to be the lifx bulb is it let's see next we have a bulb that finally beats the wise color it is the lifx 75 watt equivalent on the left here in the center is the wise color on the right we have the life x mini 60 watt equivalent we get into the colors and the full size lifx bulb is still brighter than the wise color but we're also talking about a bulb that is five times the cost of the wise color these are bright and even after using them for a bit i'm still blown away at the price their original bulbs that were just color temperature changing bulbs were like nine dollars apiece and we're a great deal now let's talk about the app the wise app is very simple here's a look at it the wise app is used for the whole line of wise products if you go under the wise bulb it is not an app with a lot of functionality i don't see any effects anywhere that i can write you do get your wheel so you can adjust your color temperature on there they do give you some presets and basically the the cooler the light is the more like energized closer to daytime but as you're relaxing you're going to want the light this actually sets the level too this is cozy so it lowers it down and makes the light warmer you got brightness control across the top you got your power on power off and at any point you can save and create a new scene or update an existing one and down here are some different color scenes that they created that you can play with and use seeing that warm white for meditation and there's your scenes and you can go under settings pick icons for your device give it a name you could schedule automations camera off camera on you could have motion detection trigger devices turn on lights if we go to the plus sign we can create a shortcut we can also schedule actions to happen again across all the wise devices and a device trigger there are sleep routines so that the light will fade in in the morning or can fade down at night as you go to bed really basic on the app side right now personally i'm good with the wise app for a couple of reasons one it's great for creating an ecosystem of devices that work together you really can get more out of your devices when they can trigger each other and connect together second as a lighting designer and lighting snob i don't need options like syncing with music as someone who does this for a living those light changes to the music are so horrific to look at i just need to be able to write scenes and trigger them with my assistants i do wish these bulbs worked with apple home kit that's really my only negative the price is great they're bright you get saturated colors and the app gets the job done plus i appreciate wise keeps bringing affordable options to the table it helps with competition the smart home space and we all win in the end do you use any wise bulbs or other color changing bulbs if so which ones let us know in the comment section now if you made it this far please give this video a thumbs up it helps with the video getting recommended to more people if you haven't subscribed please do so and click the bell so you're notified of the next video next make sure to check out this video over here to see the govi budget strip next to the premium life xd strip i'll see you over there thanks for watching bye

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