Best Way To Make Money Online In 2021 (Even As A Beginner!)

– How to make $100 online, – How to make $100 online, even if you are brand
new to this business, even if you're a beginner, even if you down right suck right now. ♪ One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight ♪ (upbeat music) Hey it's Peng Joon here and today I'm gonna be walking you through the different things that I would be doing if I had to start all over and I had to generate
consistently 100,000– (vinyl scratches) Well $100 a day, not 100,000, but $100 a day if I
was first starting out. but $100 a day if I
was first starting out. Now, the way I would do it and how this video is split
into is just really two parts.

Number one, it is about developing
the high income skill set as the base. And number two, getting the clients that is interested getting the clients that is interested and hungry for that
high-level income skill set. Okay so, the first we're gonna do is let's talk about high
income level skill sets, because the truth is, a $100, I'm gonna help you do that, but it's all about what's next as well. I don't want to you this skill so that you get stuck
doing something at a $100. To me, that's not a
high-level income skill set and that is not a plan. So what is it that I'm talking about? The first piece, the
high-level income skill set is really basically to me two things. I would focus on building these few things if I were to lose all of
my skill sets right now. (air swooshing) And number one, it would be about social media management, and number two, it is about funnel building or building a sales
process for entrepreneurs.

(air swooshing) Now, why would I focus
on these skill sets? Whether it's Facebook, Instagram ads, whether it is handling somebody's YouTube or whether it is building a funnel and if you don't know what that is, we'll talk about that as well, and the reason for that is because this are skill sets that
actually help entrepreneurs get more visibility. get more visibility. It helps them get more leads and from leads they can
turn that into sales. And whenever you helps somebody
make money, guess what? It becomes a no-brainer and the value that you're gonna
give them is a no-brainer.

So understand something, remember, money is just the result of adding value. Money is just the by-product
of helping somebody else. So if you could be really good at that, in terms of getting more leads and they can convert
these leads into sales, guess what? (page clicks) Business people, gym
owners, chiropractors, dentists, plastic surgeons, coaches, dentists, plastic surgeons, coaches, they would be willing
to give you big money for helping them. for helping them. Wouldn't you agree? So the question is, if you had to generate $100 a day, how do you actually get started? Well, how do you get the leads? So the truth is, you might be thinking, "Well I'm not an expert in social media.

I don't know how to build a funnel." That's true. And I'm gonna be giving
you resources below if you're just starting out, but understand something, right now, the fact that you are
watching this YouTube video, the fact that you are here right now, probably tells me you're
somewhat savvy with social media, whether it's Facebook,
whether it's Instagram. And what if you could actually handle a gym owner's Facebook? handle a gym owner's Facebook? A chiropractor? A dentist? Facebook, Instagram, so that it helps them get more
leads and more visibility. Just ask yourself this one question, if, let's say you were absolutely
horrible at social media and all you did was you got a chiropractor and all you did was you got a chiropractor one additional sale a week? one additional sale a week? And that's doing a really,
really horrible job, right? How much do you think four
extra sales would be worth to a chiropractor? To a gym owner? To a dentist? Now this is being really bad, okay? And by right they shouldn't
even be hiring you, but what if it was one sale a day? Which is still not that good.

Wouldn't you agree those
services to these people, business people, entrepreneurs,
would be pretty significant? Compounded over time. So what does that mean? It means that if you
wanna start getting paid, starting from $100 a day, starting from $100 a day, it's time to get good. And what if you could get one client that pays you $300 a month,
$500 a month, $2,000 a month to handle their social media? So the first thing I wanna explore is being good at Instagram,
Facebook, social media platforms and at the same time, being good at building a sales
process for a business owner. being good at building a sales
process for a business owner.

Now what is a sales process? A sales process is very
different from a website. A website in its traditional sense, its the home, about us,
who we are, pricing, websites are dead. I'm talking about a sales process. A sales process is a very
strategic set of pages that you bring people through so that from the time you
don't know who you are, you build a relationship, you build value with them and eventually that page offers something that actually helps them so that they can invest in what
it is that you offer, okay? so that they can invest in what
it is that you offer, okay? And what if you could be that person that helps them build their sales process? Now in order to do that, how do you actually do that? First of all, let's take a look at social media or sales processes.

Or sales processes. How do you actually get the clients once you get good at this? Now in the link in the
description below this video I'm gonna be giving you extra resources to help you how to get good
at these different skill sets, but you gotta decide which
one works best for you. Because after that, it's
all about getting clients. Now, there's a few ways to get clients and to get these gigs where people are hungry for
these different services. The first way would be through
your personal network, okay? By actually going on your Facebook and this is what you see, let's say it's Facebook and the management of
Facebook or Instagram for another business owner. So you go on your Facebook
and you actually say, "I'm actually willing to work for free and help you get leads through Facebook, and I'm looking for three business owners that is willing to spend
at $100 or $500 on ads that is willing to spend
at $100 or $500 on ads and I'll help you run these ads for free so that you can get more clients and get more leads.

(mouse clicks) Now I can tell you that
every serious business owner, small one, $500 on marketing
ads, that's nothing, okay? small one, $500 on marketing
ads, that's nothing, okay? So this is when you start
initially you work for free and that's how you
secure your first client. Now, once you secure your first client on your Facebook profile, that's how if you deliver
a value guess what? They're gonna be on your retainer. First month's free, but after that, you don't work for free, right? And then the good news is, if you can handle somebody's
Instagram, Facebook and again you're watching this video so you probably have some– you're probably savvy with
these marketing platforms compared to an average doctor, compared to an average doctor, a chiropractor.

Who might not have not just the resources, but the time to get to these
different things, okay? So that's number one, using
your personal network. Number two, would be going on groups. Number two, would be going on groups. Now there are a lot of groups out there like The ClickFunnels Group. (page clicks) And you don't just go on the groups, but you go on these groups and use the search bar in the groups. What are you looking for? You type in the word "sales funnel", funnel building, Instagram. funnel building, Instagram. And guess what? It shows you all of the different threads that has that keyword. And what are you doing? You're not poaching. What you're really doing
is you're starting off by giving advice by giving advice and you can easily help other people by doing a due diligence, watching the video tutorials, helping them first to
start the relationship.

Don't be that guy that says,
"I'll help you. PM me." Okay don't be that guy, okay? All I'm asking is you're gonna go on these different forums, these different groups, well forums I did, groups on Facebook and see who are the
people that's actually– that needs help with it. These the questions. So you answer the questions, give tremendous value and guess what? When other people start
seeing you help that guy, asking for nothing in advance, guess what? That is when people will come to you.

That is how you start getting leads, whether it's for a Facebook, whether it's for Instagram, whether it's for building sales funnel. And at the same time remember, you are developing your
skill set in social media and building a sales funnel. And again, resources are below if you wanna have these
different templates to help you with building
up those skill sets. And that's number two, right? You're going on to these different groups helping people, building
a relationship with them. Number three would be going
on these freelancing websites. This would be like
"oDesk Work" or "Fiverr". And this is where, while it's not something I would do, but if I was really desperate and I had to really put
food on my table today, that is when I would
start creating these gigs and really position myself
for this high-level skill set.

Now understand something, $100 an hour eventually is easy. $100 an hour eventually is easy. You could actually build
a funnel for somebody within an hour, but $100 in a day, but $100 in a day, that's a good starting point. So understand $100 a day
is good starting point, but the great thing about these skill sets that I'm talking about is that it is highly scalable. Top funnel builders out there, they can charge five, $10,000 for a really nice, built out funnel.

And on top of that, well let's not even talk about social media marketing agencies
that can charge five figures per month, handling a client's account. So the good news about
this entire skill set is that it doesn't just,
it's not just a skill to pay the bills on the short term, but it's a highly scalable skill that you can leverage on in order to build a five
figure income eventually. Hey, so if you like this video in terms of building up
a high-level skill set, let me know in the comments
below what you learned and what your biggest takeaway was. And as always, click on the subscribe button below if you like to have more
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