Best Way To Hedge Crypto Gains (Make Money With More Than Bitcoin)

you are probably making big gains in crypto especially if you've been here for a few months one of the big questions is though what do you do with your gains many people have the attitude that crypto is the futures i'll never sell and listen that's a great long-term attitude you will win if you just hold history bears that out but for others they look to take a boulder approach where they reinvest their profits instead of watching them ride back to the bottom in a bear market they want to maximize their gains now that sounds like the strategy you would like to use then this video is for you let's get it bid swap is the hottest new way to trade tokens probably all the top decentralized exchanges bitswap gives you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at welcome to bitboy crypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs my name is ben everyday on this channel i show you how to make money in cryptocurrency if you like money in crypto make sure to hit that subscribe button for your chance to win an entire bitcoin details down below in the video description now in this video we're going to be taking a look at the next phase of our stonks journey as you guys know around here friday is stonk's day and of course keep in mind i'm not a financial advisor and stonk's day videos are only based on my opinion in the coming weeks and months we are going to be building a killer stock portfolio as a hedge against the crypto markets and the predictable bear cycle and you may be wondering to yourself why in the world will we do that honestly at this exact moment i feel like stocks are a riskier play than crypto but that's the thing about diversification you're willing to take some risk in order to get exposure to different types of assets there are ways that you can keep your belief in crypto in balance with exposure to the stock market as we build a stock portfolio we will keep a hefty share of that portfolio in crypto and blockchain stocks so here's the thing as we go throughout this journey every friday and bring on special guests to talk about the stocks market we need to choose a medium to do our investing there are definitely some advantages to using traditional stock brokerages like ameritrade or e-trade but i have a real hard time letting places like that take a portion of my money another option would be robin hood but i gotta be honest about that one too while every stock app is pretty much selling trade data to big brokerages robinhood stands out in a special way of douchery they built their entire brand of this app on the backs of smaller traders while masquerading as a for the people app meanwhile they're selling all their users up the river and then when they start getting some wins they shut down trading and that just pisses me off honestly so you ain't gonna see robin hood on this channel so for us we're gonna be using weeble it's similar to robin hood but offers more robust features if you'd like to try out we bull we have a link down below in the description when you use our affiliate link also found on deals you'll receive two free stocks one just for signing up and one when you deposit a hundred dollars at the end of this video i'll be doing a quick walk through on the app itself so make sure to stay tuned all the way until the end for the weeble tutorial so one of the biggest advantages of weibull is that it has zero commission stock trades so you can make trades for free of course you probably wonder why that is and we know it's because they're using your data for valuable research which is something that's definitely a negative and something i hate but just is what it is that's how you get the free trades so you have to pick your poison we're going to choose weeble it didn't start out as a brokerage but rather as a data and analytics firm so you can understand why they take data so seriously and that's shown in the research aspect of this app in fact this is probably one of the biggest reasons why they're eventually going to crush robinhood they have a much deeper side of their research which gets passed on to their users the weeble platform is much more robust with better tools allowing traders to make better trades based upon better data how novel the charts and technical analysis offerings are also much better than robin hood's allowing you to even choose different candlesticks like haik and ashi which is the same candles that market cipher uses i'm very interested to see by the way how market cipher works on the stock market definitely something i'm going to be testing out but along with offering stocks weibull also has some crypto offerings if you would like to use it for that but in my opinion i would just suggest using weeble vs docks and crypto sites for crypto crypto pigs won't be a focus for our stocks videos but cryptocentric stocks certainly will be and what about leverage while robinhood makes you have an advanced membership for leveraged trading in stocks with weibull that is part of the free offerings you can also use weeble to short stocks however weeble does not offer options trading right now but that feature should be coming down the road now at the end of the day weeble is the app that we will be using and if you want to follow us along this journey for stonk's day and start with a couple free stocks make sure you sign up with the link down below in the video description so now that we've talked about the offerings and the advantages let's jump into the app itself for a little tutorial okay so here we are on my phone you guys can see i've got the weeble app pulled up so when you open the app uh you know like i said earlier in the video it kind of reminds me of the app because in the bottom middle it's got the bull logo the horn logo there and that's kind of how you get to you know the most important parts of the app so just a simple walkthrough just show you the different places we are going to be using this app a lot in future videos on fridays you guys can see the very first thing is you're on the watch list page it's marked by the watchlist logo or icon on the bottom left-hand side of the screen and whatever you want to add all you got to do is hit add symbol and then you can search and you can pull it up like if i want to pull up bitcoin there it is btc usd if i wanted to pull up the grayscale bitcoin trust i could do that right there as well so that's all you got to do you just add it and then it's going to be added right to your home screen there it is of course you've got the different markets you can explore you can do the united states markets you can do the crypto markets global markets and it's very easy and representative uh there to do all that so just very simple uh here you get into some of the analytics and the research tools that they offer here that you guys can see here are better than a lot of other sites i really like this where you can just look at top you know gainers and losers for the day you click and look across you know several different metrics and time frames uh very easy you got best performing industries i think that's kind of a cool uh a cool feature that weeble has then if you skip over the middle tab and go over here to the community tab this is also something that's pretty interesting because this here is kind of a feed like facebook or you know something similar and here i was interested scrolling down just seeing like a lot of different things going on still about gamestop still about amc and a lot of people still pushing this narrative the amc and gamestop are going to continue going up so just some interesting stuff to kind of help you get a pulse of what the average user on weibull is looking at then of course you have the menu at the end you guys can check out your free stock there on the page set up alerts and posts i'm not going to get too much into this the middle is really what you're after here this is going to show you your current portfolio you guys can see i've got about 4 200 on here right now we're going to be reallocating a lot of this money over the next several weeks into other stocks uh that we'll be discussing on the channel uh you know usually we're going to bring on justin oh from a couple cents on youtube uh to discuss upcoming stocks and you know we're not just going to be looking at cryptocentric stuff we're also going to be looking at tech stuff uh you know like the roblox ipo just got launched which is pretty interesting um but here you can see your positions you guys can see i'm a kenworth whale i might be a trucker uh i've got ginsworth and new york times these are basically free stocks from affiliate links that i had so we're going to be converting all of these over uh i don't think that uh you know trucking is probably the industry we want to be in uh we love truckers we love you if you are a trucker but unfortunately i believe that in the future you know self-driving vehicles are going to wipe out a lot of those jobs it's very sad but you know being in trucking isn't something i want to be in right now so we're going to be looking at other things we may put some money into the grayscale trust we may put some money into some blockchain stocks and things like that but the middle button with the bull logo with the horn logo is going to show you your whole portfolio and of course this is kind of how you get into your trades and your transfers which we'll be doing all that uh later on but that's a quick walkthrough of weeble if you do enjoy this app you want to download it get the free stocks you guys can head on over to deals you can also access it down below in the video description and i think it's going to be fun we're going to see uh you know how well we're able to take what we've learned in crypto and apply it to the stock market see what the carryover is there so pretty exciting stuff if you want more content on stocks make sure to put those comments down below so we know what you guys will be looking for and topics you want us to cover that's all i got be blessed boy out [Music] you [Music]

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