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Friends, welcome to my channel Aradhya Piyali Friends, Today's world is a freelancers world. Wikipedia says that US is the top freelancing nation followed by India in job freelancing. Friends now a days every body has a mobile laptop or a computer Why not use them to generate some income If you are a housewife, or a student this video will help you to increase your income and generate some pocket money Today I am going to tell you how by by giving an hour or two and doing some simple data entry jobs you can generate some income easily So lets start. In your chrome browser, write and search and and open it. See, the website is open its look like this. And this is the site's main page. First of all we have to login or sign up So click login/ Sign up This is the sign up form This is a very simple form So lets start filling it up You have to enter your First and Last name Email and Password Then verify yourself Just like me.

The site will send you a verification mail in your email. See the mail has come in my email account. I am opening it and then I am clicking the Verify and Activate Account. Now the site has bought us to a new page. Here you have to enter about yourself. This information you should fill up very accurately. To show you I am filling up this form. This will give you some idea. Lets start. First upload a Photo of yourself. This photo should be very professional because this picture will be your first impression Upload a professional picture. of Passport size. INR is by default. You can change your currency if you want.

As our location is India. Now fill up your hourly rate here. According to your skills and experience you have to rate yourself. I am entering 300 here. You can enter 200, 300, 400, 500 etc You can rate your charges here. 300 is not a big amount People charge upto 1500 to 2000 hourly those who are top professionals. For some big Companies this amount is very cheap In comparison to their labour and staff charges Lets go ahead with the form Here write your professional title, l am typing Data Entry Operator You enter according to your skills Now come to Work Experience, Beginners, Intermediate or Advance. Now choose how much hours you can work comfortably. I have chosen less than 10 hours per week Now write self intro This is very important for your profile. So take some time and then write You can take some help from google also like me. It helps. I wrote data entry professional biodata and search it on net If you like someone's selfintro copy it and modify it according to your skills and profession Then write about your skills that you have Like I am writing Data Entry, Excel etc This, you will do, according to your knowledge and skill set.

Then write Date of Birth, Skype id, if you have, and mobile number and update your profile. After entering your profile check each one of the heading on your left side and click them to make sure that nothing important is being left out See, we have to give our skill according to these categories You click ten skill according you to skill set.

I am also clicking and choosing some skills When all the information and forms are filled up Lets start finding our jobs. We are clicking on find jobs Click browse jobs See friends, they are showing all the jobs matching our entered skills They are willing to give 15000 and 6 people have already applied This job wants a freelancer to write an article in website. And they are willing to pay is Rs 500 per hour. Now lets make our search a little bit easy for us. In the top right side, in filters write your categories, like I am giving Data Entry and Copy typing I have chosen the simple ones you choose according to your own choice And then click search. See now the jobs are more focused on Data Entry and Copy Typing. See this is one is about typing They are willing to pay Rs 3680 for this 108 people have applied for this. In this one you have to search for emails and this one related to some data work in RWA of 4 cities.

Of Karnataka. This job wants you to write lyrics of songs This one wants you to convert 200 pages of a book to MS word. See friends, as you you have seen so many jobs are available here. And you can find something to your liking here. Suppose you applied to a job and the company accepted your offer and contacted you How will you get the money after completion of the job. Come to your dashboard. Go to payment option The payment page has opened. When you complete some job the payment will come in Truelancer (TL) Wallet only after transfer. So link your bank account with the Truelancer (TL) wallet Go to withdrawal method and click it Here you have to give some details of your bank account In beneficiary, give your or the account of the person whose account details you are giving and you are willing to transfer the money to that account.

Then give account number then confirm it Give account type I am giving Saving. Give IFSC code, Bank name Bank Address fill this up and update it. Friends, this way you can easily work from home and earn money And this is very easy for those people who are housewife or students who wants to increase their income and pocket money Friends, If you like my video, then please like it share and recommend it. And also subscribe my channel Please, please. And that too today. Thank you friends..

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