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hi welcome my name is shay from happy holidays to everyone i want to welcome all of my old subscribers as well as my new subscribers in today's video i wanted to share another hot work from home job alert i know how much you guys love non-phone jobs you love jobs that are available worldwide to multiple countries and also you love jobs that provide equipment so i wanted to make sure i share this company with you guys now if you are completely new and you love this type of content make sure you hit that subscribe button and also don't forget to hit that notification bell so you will be the first to be notified when i publish new videos on this channel and it's always helpful to give this video a thumbs up it helps you to recommend videos like this to other people that are looking to work from home so i'm just going to jump right into my intro and my disclaimer and we'll be ready to dive right into the company that is actively hiring right now the company i would love to share with you today is zapier now i wanted to start on so i can give you a quick overview about the company they were founded in 2012 and they are headquartered in san francisco california this company's mission is to make automation very easy for different companies they pretty much integrate different workflow systems to make it really easy you know for bigger brands and companies to help grow their business now this company has anywhere from 200 to 500 employees and they hire actually in many countries around the globe which i'll get to later on in this video i wanted to go to the salaries tab right here at the top so i can review the position that we're going to focus on which is the customer champion position this position pays anywhere from sixty thousand to sixty nine thousand dollars per year that includes you know a cash bonus and also profit sharing as well if you go to the reviews tab up here at the top this company has a 4.9 rating which is really awesome for a work-at-home job 99 of the people that have worked for this company recommends to their friends you know a lot of people rave about you know working with this company this is a very good solid work from home job i've noticed a lot of people have been there for more than a year some people do complain about the interview process being very long so sometimes that isn't for everyone and so for the most part a lot of people really enjoy working for this company so now let's head over to their jobs page so we can learn more about the company i'm sitting on their official website and you can simply go right here to learn about the job openings or you can just explore a little bit more they actually have very flexible hours at this job and they operate in 17 different time zones in over 28 countries their mission is to just really try to create a great work atmosphere you know of team members that will be very helpful so i'm just going to scroll down here and we're just going to go over some of the benefits and perks that you will receive when you work for zapier now you can work from anywhere they offer a competitive salary you get unlimited vacation pay also health care dental and vision profit sharing you also get a computer and software setup and they all actually let you choose an apple device to work on um you get 14 weeks of paid leave and also you get a retirement plan which is always a plus now these retirement and health care plans are only offered in the u.s uk into canadian employees so that is something to note now if you go all the way down what we're going to do is go through the job openings and we're going to go to the customer champion position so i can give you more details about the job now they are looking for someone that can help people solve technical problems so they are looking for someone that has one to two years of experience and customer support they want somebody that is very comfortable with using computers because a lot of the work will involve you helping people with technical support issues and just basically helping them navigate through their platform you need to be empathetic to users basically understand that they may be beginners using the platform so you need to have some patience you need to be able to solve problems you need to be able to write because most of the work will be through email and chat support on this job does not involve a phone so you will need to be able to communicate and understand english very well now if i scroll down the list here you know like i discussed before they have competitive salary you get all of this the profit sharing retirement plan and then the great thing is that you get to pick your own equipment they will set you up with whatever apple laptop and monitor combo plus whatever software you need to do your work um you will also um get unlimited vacation pay so if you are ready to apply for this company all you have to do is scroll up here on the right side here and go ahead and fill in your name also your email you will need to attach your resume if you have a linkedin profile that is optional website optional but you will need to fill out all of these details here on the right column here and then submit your application online if we go right back up here to see other job openings at zapier if you scroll all the way to the bottom here they have another customer support position that is available in europe middle east and africa time zone so definitely if you live in they have a lot of different areas that they are hiring in whether it's india um thailand united kingdom nigeria new zealand australia i mean they have lots of areas that they're hiring them right now so if you live in those areas make sure you apply right away really quickly i wanted to throw in another chat job work from home alert now this company is condoned they have been around for many many years i am sitting on their official web page and what i'm going to do is go up to the top and hit the careers search tab to explore the current work at home openings right now they are hiring for a technical customer service advisor this is a chat position where you are completely working from home and what you will simply do is click on the position and now we are going to learn a little bit more about the job what's involved this position is only for those that live in the united states and so basically with this particular position you will assist customers with any type of technical issues that they are having so you must be able to multitask you must be able to work in a structured environment where you are alone you don't have you won't have a manager that is always looking over your shoulder so they want someone with strong communication skills you must meet these requirements be at least 18 years old have a high school diploma you must be able to successfully pass a background check you must have some computer knowledge and must be able to type at least 40 words per minute they are hiring in most states but they are not hiring in arkansas california hawaii and massachusetts this position starts around 14.50 per hour so you can apply by going up to the top and hitting that apply now button and then you will simply enter your email and then read the disclosure and check it and then you'll be ready to go ahead and submit your application today don't forget to stop by my official website and sign up for free work from home job alerts if you're looking for more opportunities you can simply go to my page with your name email address and hit that subscribe button and if you're looking for other companies that are hiring right now go up here and hit this hiring now tab at the top and you will be able to explore many more opportunities and i i'll try to update this page several times per week so make sure you just check here for any new job openings all you have to do is click the position title in blue and then you'll for be forwarded over to their official website to apply online so make sure you stop by and check out all the opportunities that i have available there i hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure you give this video a thumbs up also make sure you leave any of your comments and questions below that you have regarding working from home i would love to hear your feedback as always thank you guys for watching happy new year to everyone take care hi welcome everyone my name is shane from i want to welcome all of my old subscribers as well as all of my new subscribers today i am back with another hot work from home job alert this company is looking for people that can provide chat support as well as answer inbound phone calls this is a very easy job that doesn't require any prior experience you

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