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At the age of 23, I would earn Rs 50,000 each day You prepare for things to be better, but it doesn't happen that way That was a phase in my life, when I was surviving for just Rs 500 a month I did not have any money, I had that loan of 10 lakh rupees on my head And I realised that nothing worse than this can happen From a time when we were at that phase, of -10 lakh rupees for the last year was more than 7 crore Rupees magic happens when you don't give up, even when you want to Aunty, if someone visits my house, then I either hand them over money or send them back I do not waste their time And here, our children's time has been wasted how change came into my life Facebook, Whatsapp whatever you have with you, set it aside Listen to everything carefully and try and implement it we kept growing my schooling and I went to Pune to pursue my MBA At the age of 23, I was earning 50,000 every day I bought the most expensive car, I repaid my loan and I said to myself, that a job is not meant for me so I had enrolled myself out of placements also the company which I had rejected, collapsed And 22 lakh Rupees of my business which I had invested in that company, collapsed You prepare for the best things to happen, but that doesn't always happen But I said to myself, I ll manage to do something good did small businesses, went to another direct business I won't work for anyone else, we'll start with our own venture You take the card, show it to the shopkeeper, you'll get a discount We tied up with a few brands, we used to do it in Dehra Dun And then I thought, I would earn a lot of money out of this I thought the card will be of Rs.

500, we'll make 3 thousand cards in the first month so we'll get a 15 lakh revenue in the first month It's a kick-ass plan, and within the next year I'd be earning crores but ironically nothing like that happened because the day we thought, that we'll start selling our card today that very day, the biggest newspaper of Delhi, they also launched their own discount card We thought it's a big brand and must have an expensive card we were told that the value of their card was Rs. 50 and we had thought we'll sell at Rs. 500 We saw the brands they had collaborated with, Nike, Puma, so many good brands My brands were Kachodi corner, juice centres, so there wasn't any competition within our brands We thought, we'll do it we'd make a card for Rs 200, then we thought we'll make the cards free of cost that if we make it for free, at least people will start recognizing us 1 year passed, 2 years passed For one, there is parental pressure where your parents question you as to what we were doing then I brought my brother into the business as well because of that the parental pressure increased more that my grandfather would ask me as to what I was doing when we would gain stability and how we would earn money that dad let's take the responsibility of a generation I'll explain things to you, and you will in turn explain it to your father that's not my cup of tea I would travel to different places And I noticed my friends I would travel from Prem Nagar to Panditwadi places like them and everyone would tell me, it's not working out well that uncle, good things will happen in life Somehow in our Indian society, people ask of you, when you are successful in life I said, we are going to change this I used to live at home, my petrol expenses, my food expenses would come from home other than that I would have just 500 Rupees Imagine that after earning Rs 50,000, you come to earn Rs.500 a month then how will you survive It was not that easy, but we decided we'll continue and change everything We'll do a big event in Dehradun, whose name will be Pacific Doon Carnival We'll do the biggest event in town, and cal upon celebrities I took a loan, we started a business with that We called upon Raghu Ram, Bruna Abdullah, a few celebrities With that one event, we lost 10 lakh rupees And I realise that nothing worst than this could happen I called up my friends saying, I need some money, could you credit some money in my account I had a girlfriend at that point, I asked her for money We should have given money to our parents , I asked them for money as well Because we had to return them, and somehow we managed to return them Many more problems started arising And then they came and told to my mom Aunty, whenever a beggar comes to our house either we offer money to them or go away we don't waste their time and here our children have wasted their time that very day I got to know that the leading lady of my life at that point gave me the money by lending gold they come and tell my mom at home that there isn't money and this is what I get to know about my girlfriend I gained a lot of weight I was in a phase of depression, would read about it in the newspapers, watch videos that how can we overcome depression and how can you change that in life And one day it so happens, I call up my brother, he's in Delhi right now, Saurabh Bhatnagar Brother, nothing good is happening I am really scared from within, I feel that anything can happen in my life And I got so frustrated, I switched off my phone, I keep down my phone and I go to sleep So many positive things had come my way, so many things had come and I realised, I have my brother you can't go lower than this I started eating good food, I started going to the gym I started spending on myself I didn't have the money, I took money from my younger brother I reduced my weight from 84 to 60 kgs started looking good, maybe I still look good with that I got the confidence that I can go and give auditions for MTV as well I gave auditions for MTV, I got selected in the reality show Now, even working 18 hours a day is no longer difficult for me that happened Now everyone feels, giving 50 speeches, writing them down, delivering them is difficult But what people don't realise, that for 50 days, the work I would do to earn money I had kept it aside To travel, stay, for the hotel everyday I kept investing that money on myself for that also, I had to go to Singapore from somewhere or the other because I knew that once this is done that if you're able to arrange tickets and everything to go to Singapore your profile will increase Until then we would reinvest the revenue generated from the software we sold kept on reinvesting it From a time we were at that phase, of -10 lakh rupees now our revenue for the last year was more than 7 crore rupees We did another investment, we went to the US for an event there's nobody to guide them there was nobody to guide me, so I said and in that venture, I have trained more than 70,000 people until and unless you don't invest in yourself, you will not be successful I reach the height of anger, when people say you're very successful, you're very lucky you live in Goa, you live the life that you want because of which, we actually get this life have you made yourself capable enough, that you get that money and you get that thing You want that your company spends on you you want to get higher salaries, more clients but till the time you don't make yourself capable enough, how will you get those things because if you don't follow this, you will not get growth in your life you will never be able to move ahead in life whenever something bad used to happen , I used to think no, something good will happen i'll tell you how it happened,I've told you about my grandmom I've told you that the digital marketing work that we do today the first client that we ever had, we met him at the event where we suffered a 10 lakh loss there was a time when I used to survive at just 5 Rupees a month that extent of mishappenings can never happen in my life, right you got an old age home you see that there's an old man there, and many other elderly people there will come a phase in your life, when you will be in that stage in your life you will want to do things, but you will have neither the energy nor the resources to execute those things and nor will anyone be supporting you at that time because regrets stay with most of the people majority of the people stay with regrets, but you are special

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