Android Money Making Apps – #1 App For Passive Income On Android 2020

Hello, and welcome to another video
with me Christian Rauchenwald. Now, in this video, I'm going to
show you how you can use your Android device, so your Android mobile phone
or tablet to earn a couple of dollars on the side with no real work involved. Thanks to a service called HoneyGain. But before we talk about what HoneyGain
is and why they actually are willing to give you money just for having your device
turned on and connected to the internet, I want to quickly point out that if you
use the referral link in the description down below, or the referral code, when
you sign up for HoneyGain, you'll actually get a $5 bonus instantly, which will
make your first payout happen faster.

And Hey, who doesn't like free money. Let's quickly talk about what is HoneyGain
and why exactly they're willing to pay you for having your device turned
on and connected to the internet. HoneyGain is a proxy server network,
and you can become part of that network. If you don't know what a proxy
server is, it's quite easy. Imagine you open your phone
and you enter In this case, your phone will
connect directly to the server of and therefore Google will
see the IP address off your device. So it will know who
connects to Now a proxy servers, nothing
else, but a device in between. So your phone would not connect
directly to, but it would connect first to the proxy server. And then from there to, which
means would see the IP of the so-called proxy server, so the proxy. And would not see the IP and therefore
the location of your actual device.

And you may be wondering now,
why would people want to do that? Why would they want to spend
money simply to hide their IP address or their location? There are a couple of real world
use cases that apply to most people. For example, if you use Netflix, you'll
eventually figure out that Netflix program is different in each country or region. So if you're living in the US, that
TV shows and movies that you can watch and also the languages available on
those TV shows and movies may vary from the selection that's available
to somebody, for example, in Germany. Now, I imagine you are living in the
US but you are going on vacation to Germany and in-between, you want to
watch your favorite TV show, but Netflix tells you that it's not available
in Germany, so you cannot watch it. Now, if you were to use a
proxy server in the U S. Your device would first connect to
the proxy server and then to Netflix. So Netflix would think that you're
still in the US and you will be able to watch your favorite TV show.

That's just one of the many use cases
where proxy service come into play. And that's also one of the areas where
HoneyGain has a huge advantage over other commercial proxy server providers. Because commercial proxy server
providers have their proxy servers in big data centers. So for example, in the data centers
of Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Hosting and so on, and Netflix
and other providers that apply geo- restrictions to their services are aware
of the IP addresses of those servers. So when you use one of the popular
proxy servers or VPN services to try to connect to Netflix, you will
suddenly see a screen that tells you we're sorry, but it looks like you're
using a VPN/proxy and therefore you cannot watch anything right now, please
connect directly to our services.

But HoneyGain, however, doesn't use
their own servers in data centers, but uses real people's internet
connection and pays them for it. So basically using regular IP addresses
versus data center IP addresses, and therefore makes it impossible for services
like Netflix to recognize that you're actually not connecting from within
the US and you'll be able to watch your favorite TV show at the end of the day. This creates a win, win, win situation. HoneyGain's customers are able
to access a proxy server network that doesn't get recognized and
blocked by providers like Netflix. HoneyGain themselves can run a business
and generate revenue by providing that network without actually having to
pay monthly fees for servers in huge data centers and HoneyGain users,
like you, for example, that provide their internet connection to HoneyGain
actually can get paid for just sharing some of their internet bandwidth. Now that we've covered what
HoneyGain is, how it exactly works and why they're willing to pay you. I'm going to walk you through the
steps, how you can start making money with your Android device.

And it all starts by clicking on the link
in the description down below, which will take you to a page that looks like this. On the welcome page you can already
see that because you clicked on the referral link, you will get an
additional $5 credited instantly once you create your account. You can see that they've done over
20,000 payouts at the time of recording this video, paid users more than half a
million dollars so far, and the average time it takes a users to earn $20, which
is the minimum payout amount is 48 days. That time varies and I will
explain that in a second as well.

So once you're on the page, either on
your computer or on your mobile phone. All you have to do is click claim
$5 now, and on the next page here on the signup page, enter
your email and pick a password. You'll see that it already
shows the referral code bonus because you clicked on the link. If you didn't click on the link, but
you went straight to the signup page. The page will look like this and
it will have a coupon code field. And you can then just copy the coupon code
from the description down below and enter that here to, again, unlock the $5 bonus. Once that's done, you may have to check
your email and confirm your email address. And after that, you'll be able to
log in into your HoneyGain dashboard. And the HoneyGain dashboard is
going to look like this for you.

Although initially you'll have zero
balance and zero traffic, and here are also can already point out why
it may vary, how long it takes you to earn the first $20 for your payout. As you can see, I've been
running HoneyGain for nine days on this computer right now. And you see that for the first seven days,
there was little traffic, so only 240 megabytes, 250 megabytes per day average. Which means it didn't pay a
lot because honey gain pays you $1 per 10 gigabyte transfered. However, you can also see that yesterday,
for example, 1.76 gigabytes got transferred through our HoneyGain account. And today we're already looking
at close to one gigabyte.

So you see that the traffic that goes
through your devices with HoneyGain actually varies depending on the demand
that currently is on the network. So it depends for example, on
the location you are living in. People that sign up from the US or
English speaking countries in general will probably see more traffic
and therefore make money faster. Others like me, for example, living
in Ukraine, will see less traffic and therefore make a little bit
less money, but the biggest benefit off HoneyGain is all you have to
do is let it run the background.

Don't pay attention to it and here
and there, just check your balance. And obviously you don't make
any money just by looking at your HoneyGain dashboard. And I'm going to show you how you can
actually install it on your Android device to earn money from sharing
your mobile internet connection. And don't worry on the Android
application, you can set a transfer limit, so for example, if your data
plan includes 10 gigabytes of data per month, but on average, you're using
five gigabytes yourself, you will be able to say that you only want to share
five, four, or three gigabytes per month and it will only share that part. So you will not end up causing yourself
additional expenses on your mobile plan. And by the way, in case you didn't notice
it on the dashboard already HoneyGain also works on Windows and macOS, and you
can run two installations per network. So if you have your home internet
and you own two laptops, you can run HoneyGain on both of those, for example. Plus run it on your mobile phone
without being connected to the wifi.

And you'd actually have free devices
working for you in the background. But now let's jump into how
to set things up for Android. Unfortunately, the HoneyGain app is
not listed in the Google play store. So you will have to click on get Android
app in the top right corner here, preferably directly on your mobile device. So you download the APK
file, so the application file directly to your Android device. I'm not going to save it here cause I
already prepared it on the other screen. But you obviously should download
the file and either move it from your computer to your Android device, or
as mentioned, preferably log in to the HoneyGain dashboard on your mobile phone
and download the app directly there. Since I currently don't have
an Android device, I'm using BlueStacks as an Android simulator.

And I'm just going to drag the APK
file that I downloaded into BlueStacks, which will automatically install it. Now for you on your actual Android
device, you may see a prompt that asks you, if you want to trust the source
and install the application, or you may have to go into your settings and then
there are two security settings and there enable the install from unknown
sources check box to actually be able to install HoneyGain in the first place. Now, once HoneyGain is installed, you
can simply start it by tapping on it. And after agreeing to the terms of use,
you will be greeted with the HoneyGain welcome screen, where you can watch a,
how HoneyGain works tutorial, or you can skip the introduction and set up the app. Now during the setup, you are able to
decide if you only want to run HoneyGain on your Android device when it's
connected to wifi, or if you also want to share your mobile data connection.

So if you select no here, HoneyGain will
only route traffic through your device while it's connected through wifi. And if you have a data plan and you
have a few gigabytes to spare every month, then you should select yes here
and you'll be able to set a mobile data limit in case you don't have a flat rate. So you'll be able to say, I only want
to share one gigabyte of data per month, which will avoid HoneyGain using more. And additionally, you can also limit
HoneyGain's use to either only be active when the phone is connected
to a charger or to use it all the time, so even when it's on battery.

Obviously it makes sense to select
yes, for both options, because this way, HoneyGain will be active more
often, which means you have a higher chance of routing traffic for your
device, which means you will, at the end of the day, earn more money. And on the next screen, you will see a
reminder or a note that points out that the battery saving settings of Android
may prevent HoneyGain from working. So you would need to disable battery
optimization to increase your revenue. But again, that's optional and
up to you, but it will have an impact on how much money you make. So you may want to play around and maybe
disable it first and see if you still can get through the day with your phone. And if it uses too much battery, then
simply enable the battery optimization in Android again, to make sure that
your battery lasts the whole day. Now I'm going to disable
battery optimization here. And the next thing HoneyGain will show
you as an additional reminder that you can also run it on Windows and/or
macOS, so if you have other devices in your household, for example, a Windows
laptop, or a MacBook Pro or something like that, then I'd recommend that
you install HoneyGain there as well.

Again, behind one internet connection,
you can run HoneyGain on two devices. If you run it on more devices
only two of them will be active. So if you have multiple computers,
you should install it on the two computers that run most often and
additionally, on your mobile phone. So if only one computer and your
mobile phone is running, you still get the maximum out of it. Now I'm going to select
don't show again and okay. And as you can see for the initial
traffic that ran through the device, we already see 0.01 credit here. Now, the last thing you'll need
to do is actually click on more. And here click on login. If you followed the steps early in
the video or click on, sign up, if you haven't and again, then manually
enter the promo code that you can find in the description down below. And once you log in, your dashboard
will show you your actual data, if you already had HoneyGain
running on other devices before. So that's it, that's how easy you can
set up HoneyGain on your Android device to actually start earning some money
based on your internet connection on your phone as mentioned the amount of
money that you can earn with HoneyGain depends on a lot of different things.

Like, for example, where
exactly are you living? How many devices are you using? How fast is your internet
connection and so on. But the benefit of HoneyGain clearly
is, that it doesn't require any work once you've set it up, all
you have to do is let it run in the background on your Android phone,
on your Windows and macOS computers. And over time you will earn more
and more credits and eventually reach the $20 payout limit. As mentioned on the website of
HoneyGain, it takes an average 48 days for those $20 to accumulate. So based on those 48 days on
average users earn roughly $150 per year through HoneyGain. And while an additional $150 in income
per year probably won't make you rich or poor, but it's still free money that
you get for pretty much doing nothing.

So there's no reason
not to install the app. And don't be discouraged if you don't get
a lot of traffic with HoneyGain initially. As you could see in our own HoneyGain
dashboard for the first seven days, we had almost no traffic at
all, and only the last two days, the traffic suddenly increased. So I'd recommend that you kind
of like set it and forget it. So install the app, set it
up, let it run and then check it every four to eight weeks. Be happy about every payout
that you can make, but don't get discouraged along the way. If there's a week or two where
you don't have a lot of traffic going through your application. That's it, thanks for watching. Don't forget to hit the subscribe button. If you were able to take something away
from this video, if you have any questions whatsoever, leave them in the comments
down below, and with that, I'm going to leave you to it and see you in one
of our other videos until then bye-bye.

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