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hi guys welcome back to my channel this is kuya jj tv and before we proceed to our next uh video for this week i would like to uh thank everyone for your support uh for watching my videos here in youtube and uh thank you thank you thank you so much uh small channel uh [Music] virtual assistant so if you remember we have four series uh paging virtual assistant so um okay our first uh virtual assistant uh video is entitled freelancer uh the beginner's guide work from home virtual assistant in that video uh we talked about uh what is freelancing uh koya judges timeline uh jobs of course of basic tools in freelancing very important puyan tapas in that video also we uh tackled the uh no uh how to pick your niche or niche or niche [Music] um list of basic online jobs several courses freelancing educational courses for that uh particular video that is uh freelancer at the beginner's guide work from home virtual assistant i'm naking next nominating video after punyan omging virtual assistant how to become a virtual assistant earn from three uh earn from thirty thousand to fifty thousand monthly work from home part part two for that uh series okay in that video we tackled also uh uh what is uh the meaning of virtual assistant in explain punatinia and of course my top five online jobs in salary virtual assistant basic tasks home-based telemarketing special basic specialist basic tasks seo specialist basic tasks all right for that uh uh video in panama gaming virtual assistant all right the green list virtual assistant 101 optimize and boost your online resume okay in that video we tackled about uh how to update your cv or your uh online resume of course you can see uh of course boosting your social media accounts free webinars free webinars for a virtual assistant uh niche of course online job sites dubai massab works a linkedin and that's for the virtual assistant 101 optimize and boost your online resume and of course um it's a month ago uh virtual assistant quick tips and tricks work from home va all right in that video deep [Music] uh um research for for uh being a virtual assistant virtual assistant technical not engineer basic requirements for va small virtual assistants getting started as a virtual assistant what you can offer as a virtual assistant tapas tina calculating on cover letter effective steps and job hunting all right so right now me don't you bag on a video i mean this video is uh the entire video i how to become or introduction for an amazon virtual assistant all right so what is amazon all right so did the region that i also be being you know being amazon va all right what is amazon so according to google inc is an american multinational technology company based in seattle washington which focuses on e-commerce cloud computing digital streaming and artificial intelligence it is one of the big five companies in the us information technology industry along with google apple uh microsoft facebook that was pang lima it's a lima on amazon all right of course the company has been referred to as one of the most influential economic and cultural forces in the world as well as the world's most valuable brand all right all right so uh necrophos e-commerce computing and uh of course on amazon founder sino abang founder nang amazon of course jeff bezos founded amazon from his garage in bellevue washington on july 5 1994.

So basically um 27 years necessary industry it started as an online marketplace for books but expanded to sell electronics software video games apparel furniture food toys and jubilee wow so imagining multi-billion company all right what does an amazon virtual assistant do all right an amazon virtual assistant can help you handle various tasks from product research supplier sourcing product listing product listing creation seo keyword research amazon listing optimization competitor analysis setting up ppc campaigns store optimization photo editing monitoring online reviews email management customer service and other related very very lucky to uh to uh being connected to amazon because uh right now i've been doing amazon virtual uh uh neon learning working with us being as an amazon va so uh you know part number job nikolaj [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] um [Music] so in the meantime i hope you uh enjoy the introduction of being an amazon virtual assistant so [Music] um all right so i hope you enjoyed this uh video uh amazon virtual assistant introduction introduction all right so uh see you soon guys i hope you liked this uh video uh input bye you

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