Amazon Sellers And Insurance – Is It Needed?

g'day g'day g'day welcome back to
another video it's good to have you here and I just want to say today's videos
are about do I need some sort of insurances it's do I need freight
insurance do I need some sort of insurance of my products coming from
China on their way to the Amazon warehouse so in this video we're going
to be looking at that and much more so stay with me we'll be back in a second good to have you back alright so today's
video is about insurance do you need it and it comes down to a quite a few
different factors right first of all most most companies like DHL and tall
and you would have to look at the paperwork that most of them do have
insurance factored into their cost right so that's number one that's not one
thing you look at probably insurance is included but you do have to check or
i-10 depends how you're shipping your product from China to the Amazon
warehouse around and point number two it this is probably the most important if
your products if you're doing a test quantity and this is something that you
know I'm big on right always be doing test quantities you're not gonna be
ordering 20,000 units if you're getting started you're not gonna be putting an
order for four 20,000 units of XYZ product arrived you're gonna be taking
small cuz you're only testing the market all right I would never ever advise
anybody to buy 20,000 units of anything all right and I would always say test
the small do test quantities get 50 units and play it safe or right so
rather than buying a big whole bunch of one product rather than just invest and
put all your eggs in one basket on one product split it up over five different
products ten different products and you don't have to do them
at the same time I'm not saying that at all you think you could break it up you
need to do one product or two products at the time all right but split it up
spread your eggs evenly because you never know what will take off it might
not be your first product it might not be your second but it might be a fifth
product or your tenth product because you never really know what product will
actually happen you know they have the lift right and take off so that's why
it's important to always spread spread risk all right and always test small
test small quantities you know 50 units or hundred units then move on to another
product ideally in the same niche now if you're in the pet niche stay within the
pet knee for the first two products if you're in the sports and outdoors niche
right football cricket or whatever stay within that need for the first two you
know first one or two products or three products right so always test small so
the point I was making is if your products are you're ordering that we're
doing a small test quantity and it's only 200 bucks or 300 bucks and you're
buying 50 or 100 units of 300 bucks then is it really work you have to weigh this
up is it worth getting insurance now in our course we actually interview
insurance people and they could break it down for you but we actually got in our
course a module on insurance but sometimes it's not really needed it
depends on what you're buying and how much you're buying all right so
hopefully that video cleared up a few things if you're looking to get
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you're serious about getting something started and you're ready right now to
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