Amazon Prime Adoption Rises Above 50% in USA

Hey guys this is Ted with OAXRAY and today
we're going to talk about how Amazon Prime is dominating the United States market. So I actually came across this article today
and we actually posted on the OAXRAY Facebook page. So if you are on Facebook come check it out
so you can actually see the article directly. And here is something that just amazes me. I started on Amazon selling in 2008. I probably started like buying things in 2007
maybe a year before I started selling things on here.

But what's absolutely insane is that Amazon
Prime program which is the program its $99 a year in the United States has just hit 49%
of the US market right now it dominates. By the end of the year more than 50% of American
homes will have Amazon Prime. What does this mean for you? This means that if you're not selling Amazon
Prime If you're just selling merchant fulfilled you need to at least have some of your inventory
on Amazon Prime. So you're going to send it to Amazon let them
ship it for you or you can use merchant fulfilled prime which has the same prime benefits which
means they get it for free shipping and they get a ship that really quickly. But it is actually shipped from you the buyer
directly to the consumer. But it's just absolutely insane when you think
about 50% of Americans having Amazon Prime because what that means is that 50% of the
country can buy your item at Amazon, get it within 2 days and then they don't have to
even worry about when is the item going to get here and that is how Amazon is essentially
dominating the market.

They have quick shipping, they have a really
good return policy and they're allowing people to use their streaming services there's just
so many things that the Amazon badge offers. And let me go over a few of those and see
how many other industries this is affecting. So you might ask yourself why do so many people
sign up for prime and what do you actually get when you sign up for prime? And why do 50% of Americans almost have it
right now? Let's look at this. We have free prime photos. I just noticed this one today and it gives
you photo storage for up to five people with your amazon prime subscription. You get early access to deals if there's like
a deal on the day or things like that. Prime reading if you have audible – I have
audible, I have tons of books that I like to listen to and you get to download some
of those books for free within the unlimited reading program.

Amazon Prime now I've used this a few times,
actually an awesome way to get things specially if I'm at home with the kids and I don't have
the time to go out or maybe someone feel a little sick, I don't feel like leaving the
house. Amazon Prime now is just awesome. Those are things that I've used: prime music,
streaming music or you can purchase music also – awesome benefit there; prime delivery
that standard two days and generally if you need something the same day sometimes you
can get those with the Prime Now Program. Prime rewards, if you have an amazon prime
credit card you get 5% cash back and you also get other benefits when you spend in other

But we also have video games, Washington Post
free trial, you can share your prime benefits with another adult in the household. So if someone lives with you and they're like
your cousin and they live with you or you have a roommate you can also share some of
the benefits as long as you live in the same house So there's just so many benefits and I understand
now why 50% Americans have Amazon Prime and it's actually pretty crazy when you think
about that fact. And if you're not already selling on Amazon,
it’s something that you want to do. And remember that some of these other programs
will actually help you out. So if you're a video producer maybe you want
to look into how to get on prime video; maybe you produce music, how do you get on the prime
music streaming part of it? So if you're a Kindle book author I know that
Chris Greene writes a lot of books and some of his books are on Kindle and you know there's
a way to get a royalty from that.

So maybe you're into music, so maybe you look
at the prime music and say I have all this music how do I get my stuff on prime music
or how do I get my stuff on Kindle? Or how do I get my videos on prime video? Because if 50% of people are using it then
it really produces an opportunity for you not just for sales but also for those other
things that are not just selling product but video, audio, Kindle books. So I just look into every single way that
you might be able to make some money on Amazon because right now Amazon is headed towards
most of the country; more than 50% by the end of the year having their Amazon Prime
program. So you need to figure out how you can capitalize
on this. Thank you guys very much, have a great day and make some money using OAXRAY..

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