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are you inspired to be an influencer and
want to know how you can monetize this influencer state I want to show you how
to set up Amazon affiliate links and Amazon affiliate influencer page to get
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Amazon affiliate influencer page there's a lot of words to say in one little
small section but this Amazon affiliate influencer page they actually is it's
actually an invite-only program where amazon if you are an Amazon affiliate
and you have Amazon affiliate links they will actually send you an invite to
become an Amazon affiliate influencer what that means is you can actually
create a amazon web page and choose different you can curate different items
that you want in one store my store actually features like film things
different tables gadgets and different things like that things that I promote
on a daily basis and I can actually just funnel people to that influencer page
and then I get a commission on the purchase if anybody purchased anything
from our page and also you the commission if people purchase things not
on your page so I'm going to show you how to set up your Amazon affiliate
influence a page from start to finish alright so the first thing that you're
gonna want to do is you want to go to your Amazon affiliates website so this
is assuming that you've already went through the process of becoming an
Amazon associate if you have not just go ahead and sign up for Amazon Associates
and get into the affiliate program and then you can request an invite to become
an influencer or they may send you a an email saying you've been invited to
become an influencer and that's what I did I got an invite to become an
influencer all right so on your page once you submit your application is
saying you know your application has been approved and your camera's not
active now if it's not active at a show right here like it's inactive until they
actually approve it so once they approve it this is going to be your affiliate
site or your affiliate link now you can create just a website page or URL you
can buy one and you can have it funneling to this page so eventually I'm
gonna once I build my influencer page all the way up with everything I want to
have I'll just make you know URL tjs Amazon Amazon CJ bub or something like
that that way people can just go to that website and click on it and they will
actually be on my site so once you go down you can upload a banner here I've
not uploaded one yet but you know I can upload a banner here let's see if I can
actually do this now since I have a banner made somewhere
I saved on my desktop see what that's gonna look like we're gonna say that fam
so I can go back here and I'm gonna take this new videos every week this is my
banner for my youtube channel looks cool and it will make like
congruence across all of my platforms on my platforms I'm trying to use the same
imagery so that way people know that it is indeed me so with that being said you
know here you can change your page title – just want to be TJ love lady and my
page tagline which is going to be great and every walk of life
now here's another cool thing that Amazon does for you is they will
actually give you a check mark once you're verified as whoever you are
whatever you know whatever brand you identify with they'll actually give you
a verification so I've actually already gone through the verification process so
that I am an approved person that is myself that makes any sense alright the
next thing that you're gonna want to do is go up here to influencer and hover
over your thing and then you can go to actually let's go to my new programs
first so we can talk about this a little bit I'm not really delve deep into this
but there are some perks of being an influencer within Amazon Associates you
can do giveaways you can actually create merch so if you saw my last video about
creating merch then you will know you know when you do have like a
print-on-demand thing you can actually do that with Amazon which is kind of
cool you can also have Amazon promo codes everybody likes promo codes and
you can have your own Amazon branded promo code and you will get a commission
off of every time somebody use your promo code you can also create video
shorts and there are some sort of fashion perks you can read all about
this once you get inside of your influencer page so let's go right here
to influencer and we'll go to my page now I'm not built out my page as much as
I would like to but we're going to start with one fresh and we're just going to
kind of go through it together so right here is vo reporting so this is one take
you back to your reporting your normal reporting page if you are in Amazon
Associates you know what I'm talking about in terms of the actual reporting
of your income so I have two pages right now this is my normal influencer page
missing one I created for this video TJ's take stuff so what we're gonna do
is one go through and we're going to find some stuff so you can have various
different aspects of your your influencers stores so I can have a tick
I can have a videography type of thing I have a photography type of thing I can
also have a theme or household stuff just whatever I want to do but I like to
categorize it where I just have you know tick stuff in one thing so to create one
of these are hep news Creek click create ID list mister just want to ask you the
name your ID list so this one I just named it TJ's tech stuff let's click on
that and alright so right here is going to show all the products that you have
added to your your list now it's super easy to add stuff to your list I'm just
going to show you how to add stuff to your list and kind of how to curate
products that really you know shows your brand so this is a what is this this is
a 3 port USB C hub with card reader I'm actually going to do a review on this
product right here in the next few days is going to be coming out so check that
out if it's not out already but so I'm going to show you what you do so the
first thing you got to do is you get back to your Amazon just your regular
Amazon Prime and I like tech stuff so what I'll do is I will go here to
departments and we'll go right here to Echo that's I want to add the echo
devices so I have a server these echo devices wherever house I love them
so I'm have these in my store so what you have to do is right here is
going to be the page you're gonna go over here to add to list now I use these
lists for like my YouTube stuff and my quick stuff that I want to keep and I
normally tell Alexa to add things to my list what I can actually do here if you
scroll down is you can add it to your influencer page so what I'll do is I
click on two days tick stuff and it's added so now that product is gonna be
added to my tick stuff let's go to another thing this is something really
cool that I used to kind of categorize and organize my SD cards we'll add that
to the list oops we'll click right here we'll add
that to the list alright let's go back to departments we will go to electronics
and we will go to verbal technology all right so I like smart watches we'll go
here to a smart watch this is the Apple Smart Watch we'll go ahead and click on
that we will add that to the list alright and another way that I like
finding products is if you know you go look at something and then they have the
recommended or sponsored products a lot of times those are going to be things
that people want to buy in addition to you know whatever they purchase from you
so here's a charger so what I'll do is I'll go ahead and click on that that's
the charger and I will add that to the list as well what else makes let's go back okay so
this is in cable I can go and click on that we'll add that to the list all right so we've added six items to
our to my thing here so I'm gonna go ahead and reload the page and as you can
see I've got all of my items right here that people can click on and purchase
directly from my store so if I wanted to I could funnel people to the store and
they could make purchases based on this so this is actually what people will see
once they click on my store it'll be my photo my banner and then it'll be my
page now eventually I'm gonna have this filled up with different categories that
people can click on and they'll have all of my stuff that I've curated to be on
my page so this is the one we just worked on today's tech stuff click on
that and it pulls you to this and somebody clicks on one of these and
makes the purchase I'll get a commission based on that purchase also the thing
about Amazon affiliate that I always tell people is that you will also get a
commission if they purchase other things within that same cookie time so once
they click on your link they buy stuff section as they go and click on this
Apple watch and they purchase it within they go and they purchase some laundry
detergent and they purchase some other things I also get a cut of that so I've
actually the majority of my sales that I have on Amazon affiliates is actually
not products that I'm sponsoring it's just products that they've clicked on
from my link and then they purchase other things on Amazon so that's a cool
thing about Amazon affiliates alright guys that is basically it it's super
simple to go on there and to curate items and put them on your page the next
thing that you will have to do after you get your page built is you would
actually have to put your page out there you're gonna have to hustle and get your
page out there I recommend putting it in every description of every video you
make if you're youtuber if you are an Instagram influencer if you have an
Instagram page with a lot of followers I will suggest that you put that page
inside of your bio and then funnel people to your bio to click on that link
if you have over 10,000 followers on Instagram you can actually put links and
your story so I will make epic stories which one
a video in a couple weeks about creating epic Instagram stories so you would put
them in your stories and then it can swipe up to get to your store and make
those purchases if you have a Twitter you can share your store page on your
Twitter account and you know get funnel people in that way there's so many
different ways you can get people to your site but you have to make sure that
you put your links out there so people can actually get to your site so it's
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