Amazon employee work-life balance | Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon | Code Conference 2016

so a little while back you are Amazon was criticized for having a harsh work culture and I'm just wondering if and and you you guys came out and defended yourselves and explained it I have kind of a two-part question one is whether it is whether it's you considered it fair at all or not whether it made you rethink anything about your work culture yeah no it's very good company and the second question is a little bit of a setup I need to tell all of you because I know you have an employee program that you wanted to talk about yeah I want to but but do the personal caters so ya know it really has not I'm very proud of the culture that we have at Amazon and you know it's a it's a I think of it as a gold standard culture for innovation and pioneering work and the you know in the people I work with these people who they're missionaries for what they do they are you know you if you're giving great customer experience there's the only way to do that is with happy people you can't do it with a set of miserable people you know watching the clock all day so does that include work-life balance and all those things yes but I would I use I teach three leadership classes a year at Amazon I'm a part of it they're bigger classes but I come in and teach a session and I always talk about work-life balance except I like to use the phrase work life harmony rather than balance because to me balance implies a strict trade whereas I find that when I am happy at work I come home more energized I'm a better husband better dad and when I'm happy at home I come in and better boss and better colleague and so that that it's not you could be out of work and we have terrible work-life balance you know even though we've got all the time in the world right you could just feel like oh my god you know I'm miserable and you would be draining energy and so you have to find that harmony it's a much better word and I think for most people it's about meaning people want to know that they're doing something interesting and useful and for us you know because of the challenges that we have chosen for ourselves we get to work in the future and it's super fun to work in the future for the right kind of person there are people I mean who you know we ours is an environment that embraces a lot of change we have to because the internet is changing the technologies that we use are changing we operate at the intersection of technology and retail both of which are highly competitive industries and but it's really for somebody who hated change you know I imagine high tech would be a pretty bad career it would be it would be very tough you know and there are much more stable industries and so they should probably choose one of those more stable industries with less change and they'd probably be happier there I'd be that industry would be tough for me so for we're not all the same and for me a job that I don't know like for me the job that would be the RV like I know insurance claims adjuster or something you know where I had the same job every day and it didn't change frequently I'd be hard I'd do it but it would and I'd do it at a high quality level I wouldn't like it and none of them have iPads now okay even so I'm just saying there's a little I would say okay okay pretty soon they'll have machine learning too you

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