Amazon Echo Dot 4th And Echo 4th Complete Setup Guide

hey all I's technician Steve and Today's video will show you the boys everything you need to know if you were thinking of buying an amazon echo unit so in today's video you have the fourth generation echo point
and echo unit with full size so in this video i'm going to tell the boys just about any function they can do and the great thing is that i disassembled everything into chapters just in case you want to find a special feature so again this does not is a summary but is a partition of everything you can do with echo to amazon sit down and relax and let 's get started [Music] hello your device is ready for configuration just follow the instructions in alexa app hola vamos so before we jump in this video there are some things i want to go with you first of all everything i'm going to tell you that today is based on where i live that is in california so if you live in another part of bo tes some of these features may or may not work so make sure to check your amazon account just to make sure these features are available the second thing you are going to need is an android device with software 6.0 or higher top and if you are ios user you should have version 11.0 or above with what is said let me go and show you guys how to set it set so we can go and go through all these different steps as well make sure to go to and create a new account because you will need that login to set up the amazon echo app if you have an android device enter the game store and type in the alexa app then go ahead and download but today we will use iphone you can see that I have already downloaded and registered so all i have to do is just open the app now i can get this pop-up so you can go ahead and install the app but I will show you guys manual ways to do this first the thing you want to do is press the devices at the bottom then go to the top and hit the plus in the corner press add a device then press the echo of amazon now from this screen go and press echo echo dot go and press yes and now you will search to find all echo devices that are ready to be placed and just in case you can press and hold down this command button and make sure to have orange glow at the bottom as soon as you see it go and press continue and it should find one echo point like this go and press the other i find wi-fi in the list and you will need your echo password is ready now select the room you want to put it in and at the bottom you can customize any name you like once you choose to go and press continue and if you plan to do local research make sure ni to enter your address or issue your zip code now we will go ahead and put the other unit and then we will talk about the different specifications of these two devices so here we have the fourth generation echo point the speaker has a price with retail of 49.99 is 3.9 inches around and 3.5 inches tall now the speaker weighs 12 ounces and has a 1.6 speaker with full range inside of it is now available in three different colors there is charcoal I have today there is also white glacier and there a blue twilight now let's take a look at the full size eco unit this retail speaker for 99.99 and has a 5.7 inches perimeter is also 5.2 inches tall and weighs 34.2 ounces now this speaker has a 3 inch woofer and The tweeter is 2.8 inches so you will get a much better sound and in addition it has integrated zigbee so you can actually control the device without wi-fi if it is connected to the brand hub hem also has a temperature sensor that is quite nice, so it will allow you to use it with different thermostats and works with the smart ring ring lights this echo in full size has the same colors as the echo point in addition is available in red product and with the purchase of one tenth of a dollar dollars will be automatically donated to the global health program in Africa on the back of each speaker you will find your power input as well as a level output line so you can switch to a stereo or an external speaker on top of the speaker you have all the buttons they use in all echo units for example this is the microphone mute button you have your volume up and down and this is a command button but you can also set it to parry mode by holding this down for about 15 seconds so if you do not want to do your voice commands you can simply press this ë button how is the weather today in san diego is 59 degrees fahrenheit with mostly cloudy skies now many people wonder what all the different colored lights mean in echo units for example this is the silence button but here is a list of all rings of different colors so you guys can know what it is doing whenever you see another more common color is blue whenever you give it a command so when it comes to that zigbee feature it is in the most unit big echo basically what it will do for you is that now if you have smart devices they rely on your wi-fi but if your wi-fi drops now you do not have any access to those devices so with this unit and some of the newest zigbee accessories you can check it out with this without having Wi-Fi that way you can always have reliable service now i will show you guys some of the different settings you can do in the app will now go j to show you guys how you can customize all the different settings on any of the echo devices from the main screen go and tap more at the bottom then you would hit the settings and then you want to print the device settings now this will show a list of all your different devices and we'll be using that echo right here just by going to print right there right now at the top you can just rename it by tapping on it and then you can t 'give it the name you want this way you do not get them confused else you have your volume you can turn it up and down and then you have the audio settings and the best thing about this is that you can triple the string bass of secondary you can see the lights at the bottom change color as you would in the new presets then you can go back next you have Bluetooth let's say for example you want to go ahead and pair i as a speaker or any kind of headset you can just turn it on to make sure it is in bluetooth mode right there and then press a new device to see it here it is starting to find different devices but this is lg pl2 that we can go and press on it to lgpl 274 now that you are paired next time just say connect my speaker now this way if i play music through here audio will come here but still can use the microphones in echo dot so let go and remove that by simply hitting the down arrow and forget the device now disconnected from lgpl274 so let's turn everything on quickly now the next thing if you need to change your wifi you can look at it once you hit the change then you can also choose different speakers so now decide to make the speaker built in but again you can switch to bluetooth and select it anytime you need to r use it the next thing you can do is you can pair two of these together to do what they call a stereo pair so once you press it you can see all the different devices and you just select one of the speakers other to be your second device next in the list you can pair tools so if you press there again it goes back to bluetooth settings so if i want to connect to that device press it you can see here you get a request on your screen and then you can go and hit the couple then echo you can control certain parts of the TV set now if you use this as an alarm clock you can turn it off and on so you can press a button on it and the unit will automatically snooze your echo next to the sounds here you can go personalize everything like the incoming call ring start the request like for example if i want to talk to another device and finally here what do they have they called the guards and this will actually resonate with a security device so that whenever your phone is detected away from your home and there is noise it will send you a notification on your phone simply changing that you then have free time and here you can log in here and schedule different times for kids the idea behind this is whenever the kids have free time they will be limited to certain things they can do with parental controls on the other echo device we do not bother you you can see there you can just turn it off or you can go ahead and set next we have communications and they have a feature called drop down so any time you want to send a message to other enabled devices you can actually do a drop and send a message to your whole house so for example if you had one of these in every room and it was dinner time you could have a device to talk them all other and tell everyone that it 's time for the next dinner you have your location local search equipment you also have your time zone and then here you can change the word wake up so if you type it and let' s say i want to pick the computer give a the minute I will talk to the device now I am turning the microphone back on instead of using the standard word now you can use the computer as is the weather today in San Diego it is 64 degrees fahrenheit with cloudy skies for the rest of this video i'm just leave it set that way so let 's go and come back next you have what they call the chase way so if you press it and you can do a chase and it will let you do things like computer what team does lebron james play for lebron james plays for los angeles cleaners and how tall he is here is something found on the web according to night robinson is currently five feet tall nine inches tall according to entertainment and sports good network programming is still not as smart as google house but they are getting better let’s go and leave it now next in this app you have languages and you can see here the options that are available let's go back you can also change the units of measurement, for example we use fahrenheit here in united states but you can change it in celsius and we use miles but you can change it in kilometers and if you decide you do not want it in the account your more simply go and uninstall it and it will remove it from your amazon account so you can see that there are many different functionalities you can do within the amazon echo app many people don't even touch it just basically program it and move on but if you want to get it more personalized just spend a little time on the application and go through and change some of the things you like or dislike so you can get a better functionality is another thing i like is routine is the place where you can give a voice command and ajom can go through a different series of things turn things off turn based on that command so let's go and show the boys how to set up a routine to set up a routine is very easy all you have to do is go to more settings at the bottom of the alexa app then go ahead and press the routines and there are some options at the top you have your routines and you have routine features and these are pre-configured so you can use them as well but let’s go ahead and create your own routine by hitting the plus and center of the screen now the first thing you need to do is give your routine a name let’s call it good morning, then go ahead and press the next one you go ahead and tell it when it happens so let's go ë hit plus there and here are some examples of what you can do you can use your voice you can have a schedule and you can see that there are some other options here but i will use voice so now i am writing the same command good morning and this is how it looks but mind you did change the name of the device so let go and hit next now we will give some action so this is all it will do once you give that command so go ahead and hit plusin so here are all the different things you can do but we will just create some so for example let's go and hit alexis a and let's fix this so that's what i mean and go and press next now you can add as many actions as you want let's go and add a second now let's go and add a second command let's say info here and it will give you a summary of each event or event tesa you put there which I really do not have now let’s give it another action and let’s go down here to the smart home and let’s go and press the lights and let’s pick these echo units here hit next and then let’s go and hit the power and color so this is an ideal kind of what everything looks like and the last thing you need to do is be able to show which appliances you can control any of them in your home let’s go and use fourth generation echo dot now let 's go ahead and save and it may take about a minute to configure everything now let's try the computer well in the morning good morning technical Steve do not see a connected calendar to connect your account go to calendar section in the alexa app so you can see that she did everything required so the routine is very nice because you can log in and personalize anything you want you can say like the word good morning and then literally would pass there npr for you can also activate your lights start a coffee maker if you have an amazon enabled so there are many nice things you can do in routines but the other thing we are talking about skills and abilities is something of magic like this lets say samsung tvs make an app called smartthings or lg skills thank you lets you sign up for those accounts and then check out some functionalities with the lecture unit so let me go show you how to create a skill so go to the main skills and screen issues here you want to go for skills and games and you see the first one will be discovered and this is the common application that a lot of people are using also shared in categories so you can see that there are new arrivals you will also see how business finance relate to different food and drink educ cars ative and you can see that there is a lot more here so let me give you an example of what you can do with the skills if you want to have your alexa to do as different comedies you can print here and then let's print comedy so it's not the first it's comedy )
club can print it and then i can activate it and here are some things you can do so let's try ask the offended humor club Jeff if Jeff was twice over smart they would still be stupid to open comedy club if i would like to hear i would have fart which is just an example but if you come back here you can download all these different ones now another thing if you like one smart device let's say for example a television you can go here and once you set up your samsung tv you can see that you can control it properly here or any device related to the implementation of smart things so if you have glowing samsung application with various connected devices you can go there there is also ring here sauna waze and the list goes on and on and on again instead of using these different inputs the capabilities allow you to connect to different applications in so that your alexa can check them out so you can see that the skills are very useful and i will tell you that there is so much out there that you can do about anything you can create one with the encyclopedia you can to make one like I said a comedy club can make one sa uh learning alphabets and or trivia or games so it has all sorts of skills in there so draw your request and go watch it now i show you guys how to create some of the musicians and the best thing for musicians that many companies also use skills for them let them get into it so adding music is very easy all you have to do is go down which simet and then you want to scroll down here where it says music and podcast go ahead and press it and then you will get the screen of this option right here the first thing at the top here you can go ahead and set your default music player but if it is not in your list now wait until you add it and then you can go and set that up at any time is a task you want to do is applicable now it does not work for every service but if you go and type this then what will do is try to eliminate any kind of music that has weird swear words or any kind of racial words so it does not affect your child and things like that but again it is not for everyone I am will be back here so down here do you have amazon music which is part of the amazon prime program keep in mind that it is not the full version but this is what i use in this particular configuration you also have zem radio cloud and tune they are radio stations but let's say for example if you have apple music or spot or something like that you can go and hit this plus on top here and these are your other options now these are all services paid for the bulk but if you want to log in to your account all you have to do is say for example i have spotify click on it and notice that i opened the skills i showed you guys just a minute ago you enable it and will now ask me to log in to my spotify account as soon as you give permission you will get this pop-up by going through the terms and conditions go ahead and agree and now my spotify account is linked to alexa and you can use it every year different service so now you have an option to set this up as your default service can go here change this now i can choose spotify for any of these services so now when i want to use it automatically ht choose spotify instead of amazon music and only if you have more than one music service can you give it a command like alexa play drake on spotify this is tow by spotify [Music] play drake on amazon music shuffle songs by drake in amazon music [Music] so it's very easy to connect your music service now has several different commands to activate your playlists and things like that i did not go through but you can find a lot of this online but the main thing i want to tell you guys is that if you want to have full access you want to have paid music services you can do them for free but keep in mind those who have ads in it now the rest of this video will go tell you guys something that some people are just kind of finding mysteriously and has to do with whispering now let's take a look at the answers aloud if you click on it there are some different settings here one is gone the whole way which summarizes the different answers you get from alexa the next thing is the way of whispering it's a little interesting to me so let me go and show you how the computer works how is the weather in san diego currently in san diego is 61 degrees fahrenheit but if you use your normal voice responds like normal computer what is the weather light in san diego in san diego is 61 degrees fahrenheit with cloudy sky is called another feature here famous voice you can pay two dollars to have samuel voice i jackson instead of alexa voice and you can also turn off clear lyrics if you like but let me give you an example ask samuel let me welcome actor samuel l jackson i am in cloud baby let's show them some of things you can do hey samuel how is cloudy weather with a chance for me huh you are unnatural hey samuel can you set a three second timer for sure one mississippi two mississippi three mississippi s i was this there are some snakes in my alexa oh not just samuel jackson i think it's good you know if you like sammy just go ahead and pay two money and he could be your new voice so i'm not sure if i'm i will but it is an option now for the next thing I will show you how to make concessions so lets get one of your accessories and talk to a bunch of them that are like in your home so you can say good morning or anything you like there is also a way to make phone calls with this and i'm not going to show you guys in that video and the main reason is once you set the call function it is kind of hard to turn it off without getting uh amazon included so i just left it active but i made another video for this if you want to check it out i will leave a link on the description for you guys to watch but uh let's look at the communication to do this fu nksion in which you want to go down the settings and communication and this is what you can use to call people now if you have an account at and t you can go and login right there or skype account you can call directly now if you want to call alexa other devices you can put there and the next thing i will tell you guys are called enhanced features so i can show you how you can make calls and the drop down allows you to establish two way communication between two devices alexa now i'm not sure if you can use this outside your home but i know it will work inside
your home so what you want to do is go ahead and turn it on now that it is activated let me tell you guys how the computer works, makes a call drop, do you want to drop a text echo in a row? terit and it is a great feature to tell people it's dinner time or lunch time or all you want to communicate the other device now if we go back here next have is the call preference so you can see I already have it determined to make phone calls with alexa so the drop feature is pretty good but i'm pretty sure someone will be like i want to disable this because it 's driving me crazy someone keeps calling me for another room and yes i try to watch tv or play my video game anyway uh next i will show you guys how to check like a fire TV in this case i will use amazon cube which i am playing right here i will show you some of the functionality you can do and how to connect them so you can check it with your voice now to check amazon tv sticky fire cube is very easy for all you have to do is go down here settings and then you want to scroll down where it says TV and video now if you are looking for TV schedules you can find it here with some providers but i will tell you it does not link to some services like youtube tv which we use the first thing you want to do is to go ahead and click on fire tv and then you want to click on the link for your alexa device and it will give you a list of different fire compatible tv today we are going to be using cubic fire television also why the heck did alexa just use this for demonstration purposes then go and press continue and then you want to choose your alexa device that can control it let 's go and use the fourth generation one and hit the link now those two devices are tied play boys on fire TV taking boys from main tv video fire alexa paul alexa play fire tv okay watch the latest movies on fire TV download movies from fire tv and here are some commands a other you can use to control fire television so i think it's a good feature to have for some people but for me i tried to use it in real time and i also tried it on google and just kind of annoying every time you want to know if you pause or play or what you have to use the word call every time so it 's kind of annoying but uh you can always use this thing called remote control why not so there are some features that they have a request let me go over it and then uh we will get into a few other things i know it's a nice long video but there are also some things at the end so let's do it so i told you guys on important features but there are some other settings here you can see one you have news here and if you go click on edit you can add all these different networks to your favorite news channel here is another feature called ur travel and with this you can configure your home address any stop you need to make and your work address and you can give this command right here and also you can make it part of your routine so for example if you want just get up and make it part of your good feature breakfast then it will also include information the other feature is sport if you click on it you can add your favorite teams you can hit the plus here and then you can search for teams and just doing a quick little search here you can see there football will help baseball and some other features including basketball the other feature is the calendar and email if you type it then you can access these accounts so whenever you give a command you can also read your calendar so you can easily add more events to your calendar anytime you like you can now add a list here no i think it's so important you can add reminders you can also make the timer like the computer a timer for 10 minutes the computer timer is off then here is the guard feature so when you activate this the way it works is every time you leave your house so that if you have it on the phone where you leave your address it will automatically activate this feature it can automatically activate your
lighting which you will not do automatically if you have smart lights you can also configure smart alarms for smoke detectors and alarm detectors and you have breaks glass but these will require but you will need to purchase these various smart devices to get this to work you can also go down here and enter your home address and these are some quick requests if you do not want to use GPS on your phone you can just say I'm leaving or I'm back home and will enable or disable those types next new you have is items under hunches this allows alexa to help you remember to do things for example if you turn on the lights with an intelligent device every day i will eventually tell you to turn it on or close the doors just in case you do not those features but will again start to remind you of your models so this is something you guys can turn on but it depends entirely on you can also detect like the lighting thermostat and more else you have the discovery device in case you want to know you have a device new to configure as that pop-up i told you guys earlier you can also use alexa photo you can download it from the app store and you can upload photos in which you can display your show and then have this other called care center so when you click on it so it allows family members to support your loved ones using the care center if you click on it start and and this is the same as that emergency alarm so if anyone needs help they can use alexa to contact you you will need to go ahead and configure some different alerts and also need to add them to your contact list so they can contact you whenever you are on standby or some kind of event is happening all you have to do is just go through the rest of these steps put here and make sure the device they have permission and you's good to go so with everything that happens in the world it seemed like a pretty good feature right now and there's probably some logistics you have to go home and put it up to wi-fi and all that stuff but you know how to build on you have another option for my loved ones i think it's a pretty interesting feature now i will talk about how to place these speaker lifts in groups for example if you would have three of them in your living room if you had two of them bedrooms so uh let's do it now i will show you guys how to create groups so if you are going to print equipment you can see that there are some groups already done and the whole thing about groups is that let's say for example that you have two echo devices in your kitchen you can add them to the same list so if you type in the kitchen then you can type edit and then you can add all the devices and they will appear in your list kitchen once you do this you can save it but if you do not like where you originally set it up you can hit plus then you can press add group then you can create a new room and let it print again and again you can customize it at the bottom and I will just call this test after you have selected the next hit test and then you can select all the different devices you want to add to the test you can also add a device print s of the next fire now here is my new room called test and if you need to change around your
devices just press edit and select the boxes it does not want to save and now that group is updated now you can see that the test is on the list can print it, you can also print the edit again and if you want to get rid of it just press the trash and delete so you have set up the groups but the fun part is whenever you put these in many rooms and then have a party plan these throughout your house so i will show the boys how to place it and a quick quick demonstration of copyright will reduce the volume but you can play these all the time now you have to use a broadcasting service so if you are trying to connect Bluetooth will not work because it is what it will do will take as uh spot and a separate signal will be transmitted throughout a your devices so everyone can play together and there is some other music the player you work with i have no master list but let's go and look at it to place multi-speaker audio under the devices you want to hit plus at the top then we will go ahead and choose the combined speakers today i will show you a lot of room music you can also do home theater where you can have both left and right and use amazon sub-vuofer and the third way is so you can pair two speakers and use a subwoofer if you want so go back to many rooms go and press on it and i will go ahead and add all these different devices once you check them go and press next and then you can give it a name activate different speakers so let go and say holiday time as soon as you get it moving and press save and give about a minute or so to decide up all the different speakers play computer stevie amaze happy birthday at party time happy birthday by stevie wonder by spotify playing stop music happy birthday so I really love that song miracle stevie is a wonderful artist so now will t 'I'm telling you guys how to configure Bluetooth so I'm telling you guys how to make music player now we're going to show you guys how to do these a Bluetooth speaker so you can play your phone audio through it or a source other like yours videos on youtube to configure as bluetooth is very easy all you have to do is be under the device settings select echo alexa then you want to select the device you want to use as a bluetooth speaker in this case i will use echo dot fourth generation then i'm going to print on bluetooth devices now couple print a new device and once it starts, go in your Bluetooth settings on your smartphone you can now see that it found the echo dot can print now connect it to Bluetooth and that is a lot and if you go back to the app you can see that it is there and you have it all options to disconnect or forget the device now i showed the guys a lot of functionality of these speakers but the question is how do these new model sounds make now i will not compare with the old model because we are moving forward in the future let’s do a demo and i will compare them against each other let go [Music ] foreign [Music] is [Music] man i had to give this new echo sounds good, the dot sounds good but the echo unit stays bass my microphone got a lot boom in this room maybe one day i will get an isobar room to put everything to do my demo on but it's worth it if you like the sound quality for sure 100 now there is one more thing i want to talk about here amazon yes comes out of this new feature called sidewalk now here is the idea behind it if you have a wi-fi connection and are trying to let you know how you track your pet away from the yard or you know like you have the lights off you really know away from their home and only wi-fi would not reach so far sidewalk will be a way you can combine your home or your network and your neighbors to create this great network uh it will probably work but i know people are really great about privacy so i do not know there may be some gaps may not be but we will see how it goes when they release but it is called amazon pavement if you want to go check it but this ends the video my hope you guys just learned about everything you need to know about these eco devices and if you have one, try some of these features i showed you guys in this video i appreciate watching my videos you value oh you for subscription and can't wait to make my next video series for you guys so thank you so much for watching make sure you go and give me a thumbs up subscribe to the channel and it will catch you in my next video [Music] peace

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