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Hi guys ! How are you all. Hope you all do well. Can you do more than six lac turnover in seven days by selling generic products on Amazon. Sound impossible, you must be thinking what am I talking about. Can so much sales come on a generic product without any brand? So in this video, I will show you that such an impossible thing can also be possible and which strategy has been adopted to make it possible, I will also tell you this and as a case study, I will also show you an Amazon live seller account.

So let's go ahead and before proceeding, if you haven't subscribed our channel yet, then subscribe quickly and don't forget to press the bell icon too so that you can get all the videos of our channel on time. I am Moumita and welcome all of you in our Youtube channel Zaayega Seller Gyan. The account which I will show you in this video, is one of our seller's account and with their approval, this account is being shown for demonstration purpose and along with this, for privacy reason, some of their crucial information will also be hidden in this video. My aim is to teach and explain to all of you through this video. You can grow your business from any small item, generic item also. Can make business big. So let's see on the screen. So this is the active account of Amazon and here, you are able to see 103 unshipped orders, which are yet to be shipped and you can see the date in which this video was recorded.

It was 11:32 in that day. 67 orders had arrived and in seven days, you are able to see the turnover of more than six lacs. The total turnover is around 6 lacs and 73 thousand and 698 orders were received. Yes, here it was not possible with only one product. Here, multiple products are also involved and I will show you a winning product out all of these multiple products, how is that product? and what strategy was adopted on this account.

So this is proof that how you can do turnover of more than 6 lacs in seven days. Actually, it is possible. So just go ahead and see. Still let me show you what the order has come here and here it is the order section, where you can see hundred and three unshipped orders. Sellers have to despatch. Now let's talk about the first strategy, what was it that was applied here. Here the discount coupon was created. As you can see, the coupon was created in the name of monsoon sale. Extra 50% off Monsoon sale. This coupon was created in the month of July and you are also able to see here how many times this coupon has been redeemed, particularly this coupon.

This coupon has been redeemed by the customer by 503 times and see sales, above 5 lacs and 97 thousand also shows the sales volume or the total card volume. The total sales done through this coupon, shows it here. Now look here, if you create coupons only, then it will not work only with that. You have to promote this coupon, means not only by creating coupon. Coupons have to be promoted. This became the first strategy that the coupon was created in this account. Now I will tell you, I will actually show you which was the winning product, in which there was multiple product but out of that I will show you just one product and this product is multi-purpose clothes hanger. If you go to Amazon, then you will get a lot of sellers for this particular product and in many such different prices, you will also find this product listed. So as you are able to see here, how many sellers are selling the same product. Listed in different prices.

This is a very competitive item. Now pay attention here. The strategy I was talking about and this strategy is not only the seller but many sellers are also using that when they put coupons and also promote it, then see here a special coupon is highlighted in green colour. So that all these products are highlighted and more visible to customer. So it is the advantageous to promote coupons as well, that means coupons and sponsored ads, so overall the product was a combination of coupon plus sponsored ads plus the price of product and the product being highly revert, it was a combination of four things. That's why a lot of sales volume happened in this account and here you see the average price of this product is around 500.

Some are selling in 599, some are selling in 525, which means the average is around 500. This product is what it is selling on Amazon. Then let's see this product now, search on Alibaba. Will put the same keyword. Product title, product title which is multi layer clothes hanger. So here, you will some results, some items related. So we have to see the win product from the particular search results, which product has more sales. So you can have a look here. Yes, it is that product. So see here, 1000 pieces are showing. Now, to buy minimum thousand pieces. I reduce the minimum order here a bit. I will give a 100 pieces. Then after that what is coming in the search results. I am showing you this product here on Alibaba, so that your idea is clear that what is its sourcing price and at what price it is showing on Amazon. So you can see that the same item is here.

And, and this seller is 11 years old and all the other ratings also seem correct. If you want to know how to search your product in Alibaba, then we have a video on that too. You can view it by clicking on the (i) button. So let's go ahead and see the seller. So you can see this is the same product and we will check its image once. Yes, it is the same product, is the same imge. As we saw on Amazon and see the price of this product is that it is falling between 5 to 7 rupees. Maximum maximum even if we take Rs. 7 with a piece.

So if you are selling setup file in this, then the costing will be around Rs. 35. After that, you calculate. If you, if the price of the product is 35 and you are selling it for 500. You can calculate the price around 500 and how much profit you are getting in it. In this you will also have to include your returns, in this your returns will also be involved. Shipping on this too, most of all, that will be the shipping price of the product you have to order from Alibaba. You will also have to pay that cost, that too will be involved in it. Then after that of returns, then after that there is cash on delivery, cancellation.

Even after covering all this yourself, you make a very good profit. So it must have been clear to your idea that how you can increase sales volume even with generic product and how you can make profitable business and whatever strategy I told in this video, apply that strategy. Then see, how you can bill your business on Amazon very well, with good profit, with good turnover. Hope guys, you must have got a lot of input from this video and you also add such bunch of generic in demand products to your inventory and grow your business and if you like this video then forget to like.

If you have any doubt, you can comment me. So let's see you in the next video. Till then, you all have a good time.

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