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damn Moskal here and in this video we're talking about amazon associates amazon associates program is also called an affiliate program affiliate program is a terrible name but the idea is you are selling any product any book any service any video game anything that is sold at Amazon you can sell on your website or you can sell to a list of people whether they be your email list or people that are interested in what you're talking about and you can also put in banners and let's just go ahead and let me show you what I want to show you what we're going to do so this is one of the Amazon just banners this is a banner we can pick any size that we want but it just takes you directly over to Amazon you can also have it land on a specific Amazon page we'll talk a little bit more about that here in a second and then you can also do a little widget like this where you're actually promoting books these can be books that you've written or they can be books just within your category or broad appeal like fifty Shades of Grey book um I haven't read this book but i'm sure many women have and it's a great book from my understanding but if we sell a fifty shades of grey book just for us selling that amazon and the author or publisher of Fifty Shades of Grey will give us a piece of that sale this is only a ten dollar sale and we're only going to get a small percentage of it but it's still a way to get some more income and revenue from your website or from your email list and it's an easy way to promote so let's just go ahead and look at some of this stuff if you go ahead and visit the Amazon home page and there's no limits to the things you can sell anything that amazon selling almost positive there might be one or two of their millions of products but everything including video games including refrigerators including digital camera is they are happy to pay you a piece of that sale for helping them generate business you really are a Salesman so if you visit the Amazon home page you want to go all the way down to the bottom where it says make money with us and then you're going to want to click on become an affiliate we've already done this but it'll take you to a sign up page and if you already have then we're going to go ahead and all the better so links and banners are away where you can put what we were just looking at like a banner or a product links and let's go ahead and just look at this real quick so you can even rather than sending people to your home page like this banner does to the Amazon homepage you can send them to the electronics home page let's say your website is about gardening as one of our friends websites is your teaching folks how to garden and how to take care of their yard you can send them to the patio lawn and garden section of amazon i mean amazon sells so much stuff an amazon does a great job at selling and doing what they do they're an online retailer very similar to itunes but amazon sells everything this also applies if you have a product or service for sale at amazon you kno textbooks tools and hardware and on a side note when it comes to affiliate marketing or sales of any anything selling anything in a general sense the bigger the sale prices the more commission you will be paid it is quite literally a commission sales position I don't know who came up with the term affiliate marketing because it sounds terrible and I'm glad amazon calls it their associates rather than affiliate marketing but so if you sell a digital camera quite naturally you're probably going to get a bigger payout than if you're selling a $14 paperback book and this also applies if you've written the book so this is where you can get like product links you can also link or those banners you can also link to a specific Amazon page let's go ahead and just look at that really quick here so for example here this is perfect let's just go ahead and do the best sellers right here see this little grey bar up here at the very top you can click link to this page and this will literally give us a link directly to the amazon best sellers page you have to copy this stuff this HTML code copy it and then put it into your website and we're going to go ahead and do that right now so what we are going to do is we are going to put a widget on our website and the widget is simply this right here we're going to provide us provide ourselves with an opportunity to promote books and specifically books that we have written so this is what we're going to do rather than use the links and banners we're going to go over to the widgets and we're going to actually put this on our blog or website is the same idea with WordPress if you have WordPress instead this website's WordPress that we put it on before so we're going to choose the widgets there's a whole bunch of different options you can choose I ninety-nine percent of the time click my favorites that's the widget and then here we can actually search for the products so we're going to go ahead and search damn Moskal that's me and we have two books now over amazon and we're just going to add the paperback they're also available in the kindle i'm not sure if it really matters if you provide the opportunity for the paperback and the kindle but we're just going to put the paperback ones on there and we're just going to go click mixed up and this is where we actually get to size it and do make it exactly look exactly like we want we're going to title it books by Dan moskal and there's all sorts of different options you may need to you may want to spend a few minutes kind of playing around with sings to really figure out exactly what you want and we're going to go ahead and just leave it like that so we're going to click add to my web page this might be because i'm using firefox but sometimes this widget doesn't update and that could just be because of my browser but you want to copy this HTML code and like i said we're going to put this in our bloggers website so we're going to go ahead and we are going to add a gadget we're going to add a HTML if you're using wordpress this is just you can use a plain text a plain text yeah just a simple text box in your widget screen or you can add it using simple hooks but we're going to go ahead and just add a gadget with our blogger page or website rather and we're going to add the HTML Javascript and all we need to do is just paste that code in click Save and they're going to put it right at the top let's go ahead and just take a look at it and then we are going to rearrange it hereafter when we finish this video we'll go in and move it to exactly where we want it maybe they put it directly at the bottom or no they put it at the top so as you can see it the size is a little off obviously it's overlapping a little bit that's why you're going to have to play around with some of these little law some of these little things and to fix that all we'd have to do is go in and I think we can actually just do it this way like we can go ahead and change it and then if we hit save if i remember right that should update our widget that we already have over here like we don't have to go through the whole process of adding the code again i think we can just change the change it within the Amazon interface maybe we need to add the code again or maybe it'll it just takes a few minutes but if you have any problems just add the code again and if in case your widgets not displaying or your banners not displaying make especially if you're using WordPress make sure you turn off your super cachet or your cachet and then if you're using blogger or anything just make sure your cachets off make sure that it actually will fit like you have a size that fits into it on a couple other videos I have some helpful tips about how to do this and if you have any problems some folks have come in to run into a few of the issues such as it not fitting or not showing up immediately it should show up immediately but it might not show up in the right spot if it's not showing up just play around with the size play around with some different things and if for some reason you really can't see anything just go in and add add something other than the Amazon widget to make sure that things are showing up like you could just go in and put zzzzz and make sure the zzzzz's showing up and then that way you'll be guaranteed that your which it will show up or whatever it is that you're adding will show up if you're curious to know more about amazon associates program and how to promote it or some of the more common popular ways of promoting it along with some SEO we're doing another SEO live training event here tentatively planned for november nineteenth a full four weeks from today but you can visit dan moscow university calm and sign up for our newsletter and we are going to do a hundred percent free live SEO training event please send your questions leave any comments below I want to answer and help you with whatever your specific questions challenges concerns are you know as as we learn more and do more I have tons of challenges that's part of this process and part of working for yourself and part of running own business it's facing these challenges and as I have many people that I look to for help including many folks that have reached out and have said that I've helped them they've helped me just as much if not 10 times more you know we live in a world that's all help each other this really you know if we're all working together we can make this stuff a lot easier for everybody and so anyways please leave a comment below please visit dan moskal university calm and sign up for our newsletter we send you a free email marketing strategy guide and like I said we're doing a live SEO training event here in tentatively four weeks that we would love to have you attend we did one just few weeks ago which went really well and want to do another one for you so please leave a comment below like this video let us know what your challenges are what your concerns if you have any problems and come and visit dan Moskal university com have a great afternoon thanks for watching looking forward to talking to you soon

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