Amazon Affiliate Program – 6 Ways to MAXIMIZE Your Earnings!

I'm gonna share the top six strategies that we use to maximize our earnings in the Amazon affiliate program including how to easily recapture Commission's that most people are losing every time they use their Amazon affiliate marketing links hey it's Justin Brown here from primal video we hope you grow an audience and scale your revenue with online video if you're new here make sure to click that subscribe button and all the links to everything we mentioned in this video you can find linked in the description box below so let's jump into it now whenever we're looking to buy a physical product Amazon is usually the first place that will look so we have absolutely no issues at all recommending it and it just so happens that they also have an amazing affiliate program so in this video we're going to be covering these six simple strategies that we've implemented to not only capture otherwise lost Commission's but also to maximize our earnings and how you can easily implement them in your Amazon affiliate marketing strategy right now as well now just before we dive in a really quick disclaimer Amazon is constantly updating their terms of conditions for their affiliate program and what is accepted one day might be against the rules the next they are widely recognized for strictly enforcing these rules and sometimes without warning so even though this stuff is working for us right now always make sure to review their Terms of Service to ensure that you are in compliance and that includes doing your own due diligence before implementing anything that we cover in this video now as a little bonus at the end of this video I'm also going to cover the top three most common reasons that I've seen people get banned from the program so that you can avoid the same problems because honestly some of them aren't that obvious so strategy number one is to sign up for multiple Amazon associate programs not just the one in your region but in other regions as well I think right now there are 12 different regions or 12 different Amazon associate programs for different regions around the world and a lot of people aren't aware that they can actually do this and this can dramatically increase your affiliate revenue on Amazon especially if you combine it with the next two platforms that I'm going to mention as well so each of the different Amazon affiliate programs for each of the different regions will actually only earn your commission inside of that region so in order to earn a commission on a side from someone purchasing in the US you need to be signed up with the US Amazon Associates program likewise in Australia you need to be a member of the Australian Associates Program and each of your affiliate links for each of those associated programs will only earn you a commission in one location so let's say that I have registered for the US Amazon associate program I send out my link if someone is from Australia they click on my US link they then redirected to the Australian store and purchase on there then I don't receive a commission for that because my link is for the US program and likewise it works that way no matter which associate program you're with now to help with this you can use Amazon's one link that's what they call it it's a service that helps with the redirecting of the users to their local store while still passing through your tracking details now this is slowly rolling out it's definitely not out there for everyone yet and it currently doesn't support all the countries are all the different regions and it only works if you're linking from your website these links with Amazon one link don't work on YouTube yet so hopefully they sort that out in the future but this will lead us straight on to strategy number two which is using genius links now genius links is essentially doing what that Amazon 1 link promises to do but it does it right now and it works really really well and it's also got a bunch of extra functionality in there as well so what you do ingenious links is you add in all of your affiliate details for all of the different Amazon affiliate programs that you've signed up to because you're now signing up to multiples and it generates you one link one genius link that you can send out to people they're going to be automatically redirected to their local Amazon store and your affiliate link or affiliate tracking ID is passed along with this now just from implementing genius links alone we've had a big increase in our affiliate revenue on Amazon because our links are now being tracked across the multiple Amazon programs they also have amazing reporting in there showing you all the links that you've generated if products are out of stock in different regions if something is no longer available you can actually get alerts and those sorts of things through to your email to let you know to update that link and point it to a different product and there's a heap of other features and really detailed reporting and stuff in there as well so pricing Virginia's links at $5.00 per month and it scales with the amount of lint clicks that you're actually getting so totally amazing service genius links well played that brings us to strategy number three is to use kit Cove now KidCo is actually now owned by genius or genius links which is probably why that's so good – so what kit lets you do is essentially build out kits or groups of Amazon links and put them in one place so for example we use this on our resources page we've built our kits for different things like the best live-streaming yeah or even my youtube studio set up here we've created kits for these where it's one place that people can go it's all of our top recommended gear or top recommended products and all of them are direct links to Amazon but they are Amazon affiliate links and just like genius links it also does that automatic redirection to the users local Amazon store and still passes through your affiliate tracking information as well now another cool thing with kit is that it's also its own search engine so you can use your youtube SEO skills to rank your products or your affiliate links on kit octo as well and again if you're looking to level up on the youtube SEO side of things or the keyword ranking side of things then make sure you stick around because I've got a resource for you towards the end of this video now in terms of pricing kit is totally free you actually get 100% of your Amazon earnings they make their money from people who create kits and forget to put their amazon associate information in and they use theirs in that case so as long as you're putting in your amazon associate information you'll make 100 percent of your amazon earnings through kit Co as well so that's strategy number three using kit Co strategy number four is using redirect links now starting out you might think that you don't need to do this but trust me this is gonna save you so much time and potentially a lot of headaches in the long run so what I'm talking about is creating a redirect link a link that you share out that will redirect people to your affiliate link so you're not just sharing out the affiliate link that you get from Amazon you're using your own version of it so in our case a lot of our affiliate links are redirect links we use primal video calm /go /the product or the service so then if for some reason we needed to update our affiliate link we're able to just update that on our end on our website and that then is redirecting to wherever we'd like it to go so this alone could save you an absolute ton of time because you're not then going to have to go back to potentially hundreds of YouTube videos or blog posts or articles or anything to update each link manually you can do it once on your end because you're just changing where that link is redirecting to so effectively it is gonna let you quickly and easily update a product or a link in one place that's then gonna be pushed out everywhere now in terms of how you can actually set up and create and manage your redirect links for us right now for Amazon we are primarily using genius links for this as well but to manage redirect links in general outside of the Amazon stuff as well then we also use a wordpress plugin called thirsty affiliates which is again really simple to use now one thing I do want to note here is that Amazon says that you need to make it clear that any redirect link that you use is taking people to Amazon so for us we use the word Amazon in brackets in our link text so that we're clearly indicating to people that these links are going to redirect and take people to Amazon now this is something that they might update in the future and the wording on this can still be a little gray right now now genius links have done their own reviews and they have liaised with the Amazon Associates team and for now this appears to be acceptable but do your own reviews and I will link an article from genius links below in the description if you want more information on this so that brings us then to strategy number five which is a resources page or a gear page or the stuff that you recommend other people use page so this is one place where you list out all of the stuff that you recommend yeah books audio books services courses and of course this also includes your Amazon links as well so for us on our website we have a resources page primal video calm /resources and it's all the stuff that we use and that we recommend to our audience so for us on this page we also have a combination of some of the things that we have mentioned in this video as well we literally have our KidCo kits embedded on our resources page things like the gear that I use and recommend all of those kits are embedded on that page so not only are they working for us in their SEO goodness on kit Co they're also on our page to make it easy for people to find everything all in one place as well and this is something that I want to stress you don't need to overthink you could just create a simple one-page website with something like Wix or a Squarespace or something don't overcomplicate it just make it easy for your followers or for your audience to find the stuff that you use and that you recommend without them needing to ask you I can't stress how huge this has been for us but the biggest strategy and probably the most important strategy is strategy number six and that is to be authentic and to focus on adding value for your audience and I really should go without saying but only recommend the products and services that you've tried that you've tested the stuff that you recommend for your audience there's too many people out there giving affiliate marketing a bad name by just picking the products that aren't necessarily the best products that have the best Commission's or the highest payouts but I also see these days that people are getting more and more switched on to it and they can tell when something's not authentic or not real so always try to come from that place where you're adding value and really trying to go that extra mile for your audience if there are multiple versions of something that you recommend with maybe different add-ons or different pricing spend the time to work out which one you recommend people buy and link it to that make the buying experience better for your users you're going to end up saving them a ton of time and you're going to maximize the likelihood that they're going to buy from you and that you'll earn a commission now if you're mentioning a product and there are additional add-on products that are needed to make something work then you could actually create affiliate links for those too so for example we always talk about the different types of cameras and the different types of microphones but we also create affiliate links for any of the cable adapters or anything that's required to actually connect the two together this way people who already have the camera already have the audio gear can then easily get the add-ons or the accessories they need to make the whole thing work so your goal here is to really make it as easy as you can for your audience to achieve a specific outcome and then they're going to look for your links and look for your recommendations to help them get to that outcome now earlier in this video I said I'd share with you three simple things to help you avoid getting banned on Amazon so quick disclaimer their privacy policy their terms of services are always changing and this is just what we've seen people getting banned for so avoid this stuff and all costs and make sure to review the terms of services or terms of conditions frequently so the first one is don't indicate any incentive or reward for people to click your links monetary or otherwise what a lot of people don't realize is is that this also means no mentions that people will be supporting you if they click your links we've seen people getting banned for this and we've even got a warning for something similar in the past the second one is to always identify yourself as an Amazon affiliate and make sure that any earning disclosures are exactly as Amazon requires they set out some exact wording for this and make sure you get the latest version from their Terms of Service and use that and the third one is to make sure it's clear that everyone who clicks your Amazon affiliate links will be directed to Amazon while it's not an issue if you're using Amazon's links if you're using any sort of redirects then it does become a bit of a gray area as I mentioned earlier genius links has done their research and they say that they've got the tick of approval from Amazon but you need to at least indicate next to those links that they go to Amazon's website with an Amazon in brackets or something similar if it's not otherwise clear and obvious so stay safe it's an awesome affiliate program you just don't want to jeopardize your earnings and have them disappear overnight because of one oversight they do monitor this stuff and we've seen some big channels get shut down so don't take any chances but enough of the negativity now that you've got these tactics if you're looking to maximise the traffic that you're sending to Amazon then grab your copy of our free YouTube ranking guide which is linked on screen now this is going to help you with the tools and the strategies to help you get your content ranking on both YouTube and on Google I'll see you in the next one

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