A day in the life of a UX Designer *working from home*

Good morning my friends if you're new here, my name is sara. I'm a ux designer living in brighton Uk for today, I thought I will show you what a normal day for me Looks like just in case you even wonder what a ux designer does on a day-to-day basis If I was recording this video in january, I will be at my office in brighton But because we are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic i'm working from home, and this is my new office I usually run on the seafront but today because it's windy i'm heading to the park.

I come back have a shower because i'm sweaty And I put on some comfy clothes no makeup when I work from home Then I head to the kitchen to make a coffee for luke and I we are both vegan and our favorite plant-based milk In coffee is oat Before I even switch on my laptop I write down on my phone one or two things and I really want to get done by the end of the day I use an app called to do wisdom and I like this app because it's super Simple to use and I can check my to-do's directly from my apple watch but now because Tasks or to-dos sounds a bit too business safe Let's call them highlights sounds better right if you have read this book, you probably know what they are. But if Highlight is new to you. Uh, basically they are activities to Prioritize and protect them so that you can spend more time doing what really matters to you rather than trying to do hundreds of little things so my highlights for the day are youtube script In the morning and prepare dinner in the evenings So for the next 45 minutes i'm gonna write ideas for my upcoming video Let's go It's now time to have breakfast while I enjoy this fresh fruit salad I check my inbox and matter most which is the messaging platform where we use them and my company As it's pretty early.

I don't have too many emails to check. So I take advantage of this moment to start planning the day I use trello to keep track of all my projects so I can see what's coming next what i'm doing and what's in production I work we use jira with agile teams and monday for marketing design tasks And my trello board combines projects from both jira and mandev that have been assigned to me While I use trello to keep track of projects I use piece a5 notepad for daily tasks and notes On the left page I make a checklist that includes projects meetings team updates And my focus or highlight for the day On the right page. I simply take notes and sketch ideas I really like the highlight approach to task management as it helps me Prioritize my work and focus on the most important thing for the day as i'm currently working across three teams From 9 15 to 10.

I have three daily standups where we discuss The work we're doing we usually get together in a circle But as we are all in different places we use google maps Having frequent check-ins with engineers help me keep track of what we're working on Whether something is easy to implement or not, and I can make sure that what i've designed is what we're building as designers We always keep the users in mind but the truth is that the real users of our designs are the Developers as they are the ones building the product that will interact with our users. It's our responsibility to help them understand How our prototypes work in a clear and digestible format around 10 a.m I will have another coffee but because i'm trying to cut down with caffeine I Just make myself a cup of great team and i'm ready for the day yesterday I received some feedback from other stakeholders and this morning i'm amending my designs I don't use any tool or technique to help me stay focused and productive. I Simply hide my phone in a pencil case block the access to any website like twitter or linkedin that can cause me unnecessary procrastination and put on some background music when I started working from home, I Found it easy to get distracted by checking my instagram cleaning my flat Making food and these simple tricks have helped me stay focused on nothing else than my work This morning i'm gonna show the prototype that I build using webflow to the team before usability testing I don't code but I like seeing my designs in the browser and I find that webflow is great for getting things built Quickly without writing a line of code.

It's now time to have lunch today I'm gonna make a simple salad as I forgot to go shopping yesterday and this is the only food left in the fridge tonight I'm gonna go shopping and make sushi, so that would be more exciting meal Oh today i've decided to read this book called an everyday information architecture from lisa maria martin and as it says on the cover is all about information architecture, which is super important if you are a ux designer So yeah now i'm gonna read it All right, i'm back to work this afternoon i'm Attending a couple of sprint reviews where other teams are gonna show what they've been working on over the past two weeks my next End of sprint review is in three days So as soon as the last meeting is over i'm gonna jump straight into my design file and get ready for it Around 4 pm.

I check my inbox for the second time I like to keep soft tasks like answering email at the end of the day as my energy and Creativity are lower checking. My inbox only twice a day is another technique that I use to get things done more quickly All right. I think we can call it a day. I just wish I could spend more time designing rather than attending, uh stand-ups meetings reviews or whatever but a big part of my job as part of being a product designer So yeah now it's 5 30 and before I switch off my laptop.

I need to check my personal email Okay, I can see that a client has sent me the feedback So i'm gonna read through it and reply Or if it gets too late, I will schedule my reply for tomorrow morning. Hope you guys enjoyed watching my day I'll be super happy If you like this video share it with your friends and subscribe to this channel so you can get notified Every time a new video comes out So thank you for watching and i'll see you in the next video ciao.

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