7 REAL Ways to Earn Money by Answering Questions Online (Up to $7,000/MO)

Do you want to know how you can earn money by answering questions online,
then this video is for you. My name is Mikael and I have tested hundreds of different free
ways to make money online. And I have come across a lot
of different opportunities. And one of them is that there are actually
many different platforms that will allow you to answer all kinds
of different questions. And in this video, I will share seven
platforms that will allow you to do that. And there will be ways to earn, no matter your background, no matter your
interest, and no matter your skills. And some of these opportunities actually pays really well if you
put in a bit of effort. So let's just get right to it and start
going over these seven ways where you can earn and make some extra money
by answering questions online.

The first platform I want to share with you is called Just Answer,
and here you can see that you can earn an average of two thousand to seven
thousand dollars per month. Let's just make it clear that there's
no guarantee you will earn this much. But it's just to show you that this could actually be possible if you really put
in a lot of effort and if you have the knowledge to actually
answer a lot of questions here. And this is also the highest paying option
that I have here to share with you today. But it also requires you
to be a bit of a specialist. You can see the different categories here
that you need to know something about. And you are expected to be an expert and you are expected to put in quite a bit
of time to reply to these questions. But if you do that, you can also earn some
quite nice extra money. And you can join from more or less all
countries as you can see here. They do accept members from more
or less all countries. But again, you need to be specialized in certain topics and you need to be
able to give really good answers.

But if you do not think Just Answer
for you, if you do not have any knowledge about the topics, they are looking
for experts and then do not worry. There are plenty of other ways
I will show you in this video. So the next platform is quite different. It's called HelpOwl. And here you can answer questions
about a lot of different companies. You can see some of them here. The companies and people ask all
kinds of different questions. You can see some examples here. People need to know about certain
brands and certain companies. And if you have knowledge about this, you can actually sign up here and answer
and then you can earn points and you can then exchange those points
for different prizes.

The rewards here and the earnings here
are not as high as it was, for example on just Answer, but it's also a lot
easier to get started here. And the answers you give are not
expected to be quite as thorough. So it can be quite an easy way to start potentially earning some nice prizes
by just answering different questions. So the next option I want
to go over is paid surveys. And paid surveys is, in my opinion, a really great way to start
making some extra money online. And it's also one of the easiest ways to actually make a bit of extra
money online completely for free. And there are many survey sites and I'm just on one survey site now here
to show you some different examples. And if you choose wisely,
you can earn some nice extra money here and you can answer questions about
all kinds of relevant topics. And the great thing about paid surveys is
that your opinion is actually also heard.

This is used for market research. So they will actually take your
opinion into consideration. But one important thing to know about paid
surveys is that it really depends on the country you live in which
survey sites are good to join. And it's very important that you join the right sites for your country
and on my website I, actually have a list of the best sites in a lot
of different countries. And there are between 10 and 50 different
sites in the different countries. You can see there are quite a lot
of different countries and there's also a list of international surveys with
sites that you can join from any country. If you want to take paid surveys,
then make sure to check out that list to make sure that you will find
the right ones for your country.

And I will, of course, leave a link to that below here so
you can go there and check that out. The next platform is called AskWonder,
and here you can help doing research. Different companies would like you to do certain research tasks and you can
earn some quite nice money here. But it also does take
quite a bit of effort. And there's an application
process for each project. So it's not where you can just sign up
and necessarily start earning right away. It takes a little bit more effort. But if you put in a lot of effort
and you're really good at research, you can potentially earn up to 15
to 25 dollars per hour. Just be aware that there's also
often deadlines for the projects.

So you need to be able to do
the research quite fast. But if you are really good at researching and you like it, then this definitely
can be a platform worth checking out. So next we have SchoolSolver and this is
where you can become an online tutor and answer different questions for school
projects and school assignments. And you can just see some examples here
that there are different categories. And then there are some
different questions.

And you can see right away how much you
would get if you gave some good answers. And of course, the higher the pay, the more effort is also required from you,
because for example here someone need help to graduate, you would
get quite a lot for that. But it also will require you
to put in quite a lot of effort. But if you do like being a school mentor,
then this is definitely a platform where you can help some students and at the same
time earn some nice extra money. The next option I want to go over is user
testing sites because they are quite a lot of different user testing sites where you
can sign up and then you will be asked questions, for example,
about different apps or different websites that you test and then you give feedback about them often where you
actually record your voice while you are giving this feedback and they
often pay quite well. And personally,
I have for example experienced getting 75 dollars for doing
a test that took around 30 minutes. It is not often that you get that much.
Usually you, can maybe get 10 to 20 dollars for a test and often it takes
somewhere between 10 and 20 minutes.

But the exact pay and how often you can get these user
tests really depends on your country. I have a list on my website also of the nine best use of testing sites so
you can go there and see which ones are available and read more about
them and also see how to sign up. And I will, of course,
leave a link to that below here so you can easily find the list if you think user
testing is the right way for you. So the last platform I want
to show you is called Answeree. And here you can answer
really short questions.

In a way, it's kind of like
Quora or something like that. But here you can just get paid
for actually answering questions. You can see that you will earn 10 points when you answer any questions and 10are
points are then worth one cent. So it's not huge rewards, but the answers
are also not expected to be too long. Of course, they still have to be correct and you still need to know
what you're talking about. But of course, it will require quite a bit
of effort to actually earn a decent amount here, because with one cent per answer,
you can figure out that it will require you to answer 100 questions
to earn just one dollar. But you also do not need to earn
a lot before you can get paid. You can see here that the first time you
get paid, you only need to earn two US dollars to withdraw and after that,
then five US dollars. So it is still fairly easy
to reach the payout threshold so you can get paid
for answering questions here. So as you can see,
there are plenty of great and interesting ways to make money online
by answering questions.

And there are options no matter your background, no matter your interests,
no matter whether you want to put in some extra effort and potentially earn really
good money or you want to answer questions that more or less everyone can answer
and earn some fast money here. And I will, of course, leave links to the different platforms I
mentioned in this video below here so you can find more information and see how
to join the different opportunities. And if this video helped you,
then make sure to give it a like. And also, don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and hit the notification
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